How in-game modifiers have enhanced the Hold and Win experience

Katy Micallef 1 year ago
How in-game modifiers have enhanced the Hold and Win experience

3 Oaks Gaming is continuing to distribute high-quality Hold and Win slots with unique features and subtle twists on every game. The company’s latest title, Yo-Ho Gold!, is the latest example of this approach, introducing a multitude of in-game modifiers to bolster the overall experience.

SiGMA caught up with 3 Oaks Gaming’s Managing Director, Sebastian Damian, to discuss the nuances of the iGaming distributor’s latest title, and the advantages these Hold and Win games have in terms of player acquisition and retention.

Yo-Ho Gold! went live earlier this month, the latest in the series of your Hold and Win slots. Why was there a focus on making in-game modifiers the focal point of this particular slot?

Pirate-themed slots always prove extremely popular on the market, and Yo-Ho Gold! is no different. The theme is familiar and the aesthetics have a captivating feel to them. With every Hold and Win title that we distribute, we want to ensure that the feature itself has subtle differences to offer a fresh and appealing experience for players. Changing minor parts of the Bonus game has been rewarding for us, but our path has changed slightly and adding a variety of in-game modifiers to this slot, such as the Extender mechanic, makes us confident that users will immerse themselves fully when they play Yo-Ho Gold!

You mention the Extender mechanic as a new addition to this game? Could you tell us more about what this does and how the other in-game modifiers on Yo-Ho Gold! can also make an impact?

The Extender mechanic is arguably the boldest change made to a Hold and Win slot that we have distributed. During the Bonus Game with respins, the Extender symbol has the power to give users greater win potential, adding three extra rows to expand the grid. Other Booster symbols include the Payer symbol, which adds its own value to all symbols in play and the Collector which hoovers up all Multipliers on the reels and adds them on to its own total reward.

There are also Permanent Payer and Permanent Collector symbols whilst the Bonus game is deployed. Again, the changes here, albeit minor, make a huge difference in terms of win potential. These stick on the reels and add a plethora of wins at a rapid rate, ensuring users can make the most of this enchanting game.

With Yo-Ho Gold! expected to be a success thanks to the introduction of in-game modifiers, will these now be staple part of the Hold and Win series moving forward?

It is an interesting question! A lot of these in-game modifiers are making their debuts within our portfolio and we are pleased that players will be able to see the impact that these will have. Once new variations are added on this series of slots, we will always have the opportunity to use these further down the line in any Hold and Win game. Now that these are available on the market, we can choose to use them altogether again, or, decide to split them up accordingly. Who knows! For now, the enjoyment of Yo-Ho Gold! is paramount and we expect positive feedback about this game.

Hold and Win games are a big part of 3 Oaks’ portfolio. Having made numerous twists to each and every Hold and Win slot that is launched, what are other avenues that could be explored to ensure these games remain fresh?

The Hold and Win series is an absolute classic within the industry. Keeping the core values of the Hold and Win mechanic is a must but adding or modifying anything that doesn’t diminish from the overall design is what we want to achieve. Introducing modifiers and making the slightest of changes to the Bonus game will continue to be a huge success now, and in the future. Is there anything else that can be monitored? That is something that will continue to be researched to ensure the Hold and Win slots continue to move in the right direction and remain of great interest for users.

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