How the Swedish gambling regulation affects the industry

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How the Swedish gambling regulation affects the industry

Gambling has taken place in Sweden for many years, and over the years the rules pertaining to the gambling industry have altered

Gambling is a fun pass time for people who want to take a chance on winning some cash prizes by playing classic or new casino games. However, because gambling does come with a risk, there are usually laws and regulations surrounding the gambling industry. In Sweden, a new gambling regulation came into effect in 2019, which made a few impactful changes.

Lately, as of 2019, a new gambling regulation went into effect in Sweden, stating that a gambling corporation can only operate if all rules are followed, which includes the gambling corporation having a license. In addition, clauses against money laundering and match-fixing were also put in place by gaming regulators.

Any new rule in any industry will undoubtedly have an impact on the industry the legislation affects, and it goes without saying that this new regulation from 2019 has had an effect on how both older and manage their corporations and manage their operations.

The effects on the industry

Swedish CasinosIn short, the results that the new 2019 Swedish regulation has created are many. Even though the regulations might have made it more challenging for newer gambling corporations to emerge, for the consumer, it should become safer to gamble as result of the regulations, knowing that Swedish gambling businesses and casinos have to follow the law and rules in place.

As a result of the gaming act, the government has assumed total control of gambling in Sweden. This means that only gambling enterprises that are owned by the state can allow gamblers to actually play games for money. By extension, the country has since received millions of dollars in taxes both from the gambling businesses and from gamblers.

Changes in marketing

There can be advantages and disadvantages to the government getting more involved in the gambling industry. While the industry initially might see it as losing control over their own market, the clear rules and regulations also make it simpler. Since gambling does come with certain ethical questions and risks on an individual level, clear rules can potentially create a safer gambling culture.

But other than changes in how the gambling industry is structured, along with the 2019 gambling regulation, there also comes an expectation in regard to how gambling advertisement is delivered. For example, when it comes to selling, there is a demand that general marketing and any advertisement in Sweden live up to a certain degree of modernism. This is a general demand, which might be enhanced in 2022 as advertising and marketing are increasingly required to use a certain level of modernism in their communication.

Does not hold casinos back

With a new regulation in place, one might think that fewer casinos and gambling corporations will emerge as a result of new rules. But in fact, many new casinos have emerged in Sweden. The likes of online casinos like Chanz, Lillo, and Dunder as well as many others have made their way into the Swedish Gambling market.

So, from one point of view, the regulation can seem a bit restrictive, but from another point of view, it only allows corporations who follow the rules and live up to the requirements to operate and manage a gambling business. All in all, this creates the opportunity for a better gambling environment in the industry, where rules are clear and simple.

Not without risk

Even though there are rules and regulations in place that, among other things, make it harder to launder money and for match-fixing, gambling, in general, does come with a certain risk on an individual level. As the word alludes to, gambling entails taking a risk, which can either pan out in favor of the player or turn out to be an unfortunate loss. Since gambling does not come without its risks, a player should always play wisely to avoid finding her- or himself in an unfortunate situation.

Gambling can be a fun pass time, as long it is not taken to the extreme and as long as there are rules and regulations surrounding the gambling industry. The Swedish regulation from 2019 has the intention to make the gambling industry a safer place for everybody involved, especially the players. The players are more protected as gambling corporations for example are required to have a license and live up to the stated regulations.

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