How to find the best bets in CS:GO Esports

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How to find the best bets in CS:GO Esports

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an unprecedented surge in CS:GO player numbers as well as esports betting activity

As the game with the largest Steam player base, CS:GO is also one of the best esports in the betting market. With an established global competitive scene and top-tier teams around the world, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive appeals to the average bettor like no other game. It also helps that it is one of the easiest games to follow and start today.

Best Returns in CS:GO Esports Betting

Here are a few tips on how to approach betting in CS:GO esports and how to maximise profits and returns with the best bets.

Read the Odds

Money lines are some of the most common bets in CS:GO. Despite their popularity, ML bets are not always the most lucrative choice. They often carry higher risks with much lower reward options.

Before placing a bet, it is important that a bettor compares the bookmaker’s odds against the real odds. If the bookmaker’s odds provide a greater return, then it makes a more compelling bet choice. Betting in CS:GO is all about your understanding of the game, the match, and the esports teams. If you have a better understanding of the actual chances of winning a bet, you will end up with a large profit in the long run.

CS:GO esports bettors should learn to read the odds and compare bookmaker odds with their own thoughts for the best betting returns.

Watch Games for Handicap Bets

sports bettingCS:GO pistol rounds are important in esports betting. Players can stay up to date about teams’ pistol round performances through watching CS:GO tournament streams.

How do you compare bookmakers’ odds to the real odds? What are real odds anyways? Real odds refer to a user’s understanding of the possibility of a bet going in any direction. This is where a bettor’s understanding of the game, the two teams, and their form comes into play.

To make the best bets, CS:GO bettors should consider investing time to watch esports games. Watching a game improves a user’s understanding of the match. Very often, a team could be excellent in pistol rounds but might not convert early rounds into map victories. However, if you know how a team plays on certain maps or rounds, you can profit based on your information and knowledge.

Similarly, a team can be extremely strong on the Vertigo or Train maps, but with a smaller map pool, a team’s chances of winning a Bo3 series might be very small. Watching matches and using your knowledge of CS:GO stats can help in choosing the right bet.

Find Value in CS:GO Bets

esports bets HLTV provides great stats to know the best bets for CS:GO esports betting. Websites like provide useful statistics that can help a user in choosing the right bet for CS:GO matches. Screengrab via HLTV.
Is it worth it to bet on a particular match? Does a minuscule return on a safe match sound better than a higher return on a slightly riskier bet? A bettor who plays it too safe will not make much money and one single upset might be all that’s needed to wipe out previous gains. CS:GO bettors should find the right balance between risk and capital investment. Investing $100 on a bet that returns $20 but is slightly risky might be worth more than investing the amount to earn a meager $5 on a sure bet.

Bettors often take big risks but these should be based on data and calculations. HLTV is the go-to place for CS:GO statistics. Other sites such as Leetify also provide CS:GO statistics that should help bettors analyze the betting risks and find the best esports bets.

CS:GO esports betting can be lucrative especially with the variety of options available to bettors. From pistol round wins to map-specific handicaps, the title has a lot of options to profit. Patience and information are the key elements to success in CS:GO betting.

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