Ikigai Ventures to present first year results during Brazil conference

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Ikigai Ventures to present first year results during Brazil conference

Ikigai Ventures are confirmed to attend SiGMA Americas’ upcoming expo and conference in Sao Paulo. The 3-day summit takes place between the 14 and 18 June at the Transamerica Expo Centre. 

Group Partner Eman Pulis and Investment Partner Vinicius Moraes de Carvalho – who joined Ikigai Ventures in February 2022 will also deliver a keynote during the conference, where they will present the fund’s first year results following its launch in January 2022.

The UK-based seed stage fund, which has a global mandate, will be in Brazil to meet with startups engaged in this fast, diverse, and emerging market. 

A number of startups projects backed by Ikigai Ventures, including Racing Stars – a pools betting platform which won the SiGMA Startup Pitch back in 2022, Centurion FC, Quantum, IGA, Imprexis, iLotto Solutions, Fastex, and Dexsport are also confirmed to attend the event. 

eman pulis-sigma play
GP Eman Pulis.

In the words of GP Eman Pulis, “We’ve been seeing some very interesting projects coming out of LatAm, particularly around sports. With SiGMA Group’s backing I’m positive we can be a supporting shoulder for a tech startup seeking international expansion”

Brazil’s corporate venture sector has grown significantly over the last few years, with the country opening its doors to international startups as it seeks to invest in cutting edge innovation. 

Investments in startups increased eight times in 2021 when compared to 2018, and Brazil started 2022 off with 21 unicorns, 1/3 of which achieved the USD 1 billion valuation in 2021. According to a recent report from the Brazilian Startups Association (ABStartups), 46% of the Brazilian startups were founded after 2020, and 52% are now in the traction or scalability phase (24.5% are in the ideation or validation phase).

Anyone who would like to connect with any of the startups Ikigai Ventures is investing in can reach out directly to Eman and Vinicius

About Ikigai Ventures

Ikigai Ventures is a UK-based, seed-stage, venture capital firm committed to supporting bright ideas worldwide and supporting the next generation of founders focused on frontier technologies. 

Ikigai Ventures assists in the identification of promising new businesses and provides funding, technical skills and mentorship. Currently the company is focusing its efforts on investments in verticals such as esports, blockchain, fintech, AI and other frontier tech.

The limited partners are leading European tech founders and investors or collectives that have built and scaled some of Europe’s biggest companies in these verticals.  A team of global experienced capitalists and industry experts with multiple exits have been assigned to the same VC Fund.

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