Impact of proposed white paper on greyhound racing

Lea Hogg 1 year ago
Impact of proposed white paper on greyhound racing

The white paper proposing gambling reforms in the UK may experience further delays due to the recent reshuffle in the Cabinet. Many industry insiders now say that they will only believe the publication of the white paper when they see it.

Lord Lipsey, former Chairman of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain discussed the commercial landscape of greyhound racing in relation to the forthcoming white paper. He explained that greyhound racing accounted for a significant amount of sports turnover in the UK. In an interview with SBC News he addressed the proposed reforms with more intrusive affordability checks expected in the white paper and that they would be “a severe blow to greyhound racing.” If betting turnover goes down, then “so will the revenue from the voluntary levy on greyhound betting, most of which goes into the welfare of our dogs,” he adds.

Lord Lipsey also discussed the impact of the gambling act review on the relationship of customers with betting companies. He believes that the UK Government focused heavily on anti-gambling lobby and did not pay enough attention to those who tried to flag the negative aspects to the tough affordability checks which he described as ‘absurd’. “The enhanced affordability checks would be mildly damaging and disastrous on greyhound racing.” he said.

Labour Party is opposed to a ban on greyhound racing

When asked about the successive changes in the UK Government during 2022 and the outcome of having three prime ministers in one year, Lord Lipsey was very diplomatic and praised the former gambling minister Paul Scully MP.  He described Scully as  “pragmatic and on top of his subject.” He also said that the Labour Party, currently in opposition, made it publicly “clear that it is opposed to a ban on greyhound racing”.

Lord Lipsey champions greyhound racing and he said that he will carry on promoting the sport to get successful coverage of the sector.

Greyhound welfare has been transformed recently and 94% of dogs are now rehomed compared to previous years.

Lord Lipsey

Lord Lipsey is the former president of the British Harness Racing Club and his special sporting interest is harness racing and British greyhound racing.  He is an active member of the House of Lords.

Lord Lipsey is a former British journalist and Labour Party politician. He read politics, philosophy and economics at Magdalen College Oxford and won the Gibbs Prize in Politics during his career.  He was political advisor at 10 Downing Street between 1970 to 1983 and also worked for the Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Economist.  He was awarded the Orwell Prize in 1997.

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