Internet Vikings supports SiGMA Foundation’s plogging initiative

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Internet Vikings supports SiGMA Foundation’s plogging initiative

Join the fun and get fit while saving the planet with SiGMA Foundation

SiGMA Foundation TrekSiGMA, as part of their CSR activities, will be embarking on a new green initiative, organising treks during the weekend for the island’s iGaming community. Tackling a section of Malta’s shoreline every time, SiGMA Foundation aims to protect green spaces with clean-up efforts.

Internet Vikings were first to donate a number of back packs to support this green initiative. These bags will make it easier for volunteers to collect bullet casings, plastic bottles and other items whilst trekking. Last Sunday the team gathered in Comino. Next week, Sunday 28th at 10am, the SiGMA Foundation is heading to Xaghra in Gozo.

Keith Marshall, CPO of SiGMA Foundation, expressed what he aims to achieve with this project : ‘It’s quite uplifting, almost inspiring to see people from all walks of life coming together in the great outdoors. The fact that we could be contributory to helping others improve on self worth and self esteem makes the sacrifice absolutely worth it. Trekking round the rim on Comino is always magical, last Sunday was no exception.

Many of the participants will be engaged in one of the challenges falling under our patronage, be it Mount Toubkal in Morroco, the Camino de Santiago or even Kilimanjaro. It’s where adventure meets Philanthropy and we love what we do.’

The aim of these treks is to get the gaming crowd out of the Sliema bubble and immerse them in the most remote and beautiful locations around Malta. SiGMA Foundation believes that if one wants to be inspired to protect natural resources and keep the environment clean, the most crucial initial step is to fall in love with nature.

After living in Malta for 53 years, SiGMA Foundation has started showing me places that I’ve never been to before. I found my way back on track from everything that was going on throughout my life and feel motivated both mentally and physically. I will keep recommending this beautiful foundation to people who have experienced issues in their walks of life so they can come and explore what this alluring life has to offer. – Andrew

The difficulty would be something between entry level and intermediate and would last around 3 hours.

Everything happens for a reason and joining this foundation gives me this feeling that life is not just about myself. I feel that I am part of something bigger and helping others makes me feel happy. -Zach 

TREKING COMINO-SIGMA foundation SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world through fund-raising activities, charity, education, and crucial skills to enable self-confidence and personal empowerment.

Another of SiGMA Foundation’s projects involves the SiGMA College: a diploma in iGaming is currently being produced and is expected to be released in 2022. The aim is to offer this diploma at no cost to anyone in emerging markets. Demand for talent will go up eventually, as more gaming companies set up offices in such regions.

Support SiGMA’s Green initiative and join the fun! Touch base with any squad member today.

The SiGMA Roadshow

The SiGMA Roadshow is stepping up its game; now virtual, the webinar will take on a new jurisdiction every month, targeting a global agenda of gritty conference topics and a small, yet buzzing expo floor. Hosted on an interactive platform, the 2 hours mini conference will delve into 5 key areas of debate, bringing key themes specific to the region – such as regulation, tax and compliance, and emerging tech, to a table of thought leaders and academics at the top of their game. The SiGMA Virtual Roadshow will reflect SiGMA’s global events opening in 5 major regions over the next few years, specifically Europe, the CIS region, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. The monthly event, which launches with a worldwide tour of 14 countries, starts off with the recently legislated Ukraine, and will be published via podcast.

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