“User experience shapes potential profit” – M. Channa, Kingbet Media

Darlene Zammit 9 months ago
“User experience shapes potential profit” – M. Channa, Kingbet Media

Markos Channa, Affiliate Manager at Kingbet Media, joins the latest series of affiliate interviews on Affiliate Grand Slam.

Markos Channa speaks about infotainment, the importance of the human factor, the ratio between profit and user experience, etc. – follow his story below

At what point in your career did you begin to view affiliate marketing as a potential career path, and what factors influenced your decision to pursue this field?

I started my journey in iGaming in 2012. I have been working as an Affiliate Manager for the past couple of years. I believe that the daily challenges and constant “race” for new goals and new heights is the main reason I have chosen this path. Moreover, I love the excitement of communicating and interacting with talented people throughout the globe and also exchanging knowledge and experience under a common cause.

Tell us a bit more about Kingbet Media’s business model, concept, and culture.

Kingbet Media was founded in 2008. It started as a traditional media which used to publish a betting newspaper. However, pretty quickly it became clear that the sky was the limit. Today, Kingbet Media is one of the top gaming affiliate networks in Greece, with an umbrella of sites and millions of traffic per month.

Someone may assume that this transformed Kingbet Media into a strict company, a brand name. At Kingbet Media, we still seek excellence, new challenges, and we set new goals every day; however, we have never lost our souls. We love what we do, and most of all, we love being part of Kingbet Media, not only because it is an efficient network, but, most of all, because of the incomparable working environment. We are more of a family than a business and this is not just a marketing cliché! That’s what makes Kingbet Media’s culture unique.

What makes your traffic sites unique?

First of all, our main target is to provide the user with not only data but also the fun of gaming: Infotainment! That is the word that describes our work better. Of course, as far as data analysis is concerned, we provide the user with the most accurate and compact statistics, all in a way that will not tire the eye but make it more of a fun procedure.

In addition to that, the human factor is the one that makes our sites unique. Nowadays, content is considered as the “king of marketing”, and we thrive in this. Kingbet Media has the best and most well-known betting analysts in Greece, experts with decades of experience in the field. Today, our team has more than 100 journalists, analysts, bloggers, and content creators!

Moreover, on our sites you will also find video content that is produced in our state-of-the-art studios. In Greece, we are probably one of the few networks – if not the only one – that can produce video content, podcasts, and radio content.

In brief, when users visit Kingbet Media’s sites, they will be experiencing an informative and entertaining journey all along. Moreover, investing in quality and unique content helps in creating quality audiences. This also reflects the operators who are provided with quality players on their platforms.

What do you consider success and how do you measure it at Kingbet Media?

There are several KPIs that cannot be briefly described. We can, of course, mention financial success, registrations, FTDs, and clicks. However, our success is measured by the messages we receive from our audience. When users send a message saying that something they read or saw made them smile or play and have fun (or both), then this day is considered a successful one.

Which markets do you focus on, and do you see any potential in the emerging markets?

Our main market is Greece. However, in the past few years we have expanded to European and LatAm markets. Today, I believe that LatAm has some potential; however, I believe that in the next few years, Africa is going to provide good marketing opportunities.

What strategies do you recommend for affiliates to effectively optimise their campaigns and maximise their earnings while maintaining a positive user experience?

Balance. Every affiliate needs to find the golden ratio between maximising the profit and keeping a positive user experience. A bad user experience will definitely reflect on the earnings. The point is that one bad users’ experience is enough to erase a hundred past positive experiences.

In brief, whenever setting up campaigns, the focus should lie on engaging users and on their positive experience. This is a prerequisite, as user experience shapes potential profit.

How do you approach maintaining a cohesive online presence while catering to the unique preferences of your audience across various content formats?

We are witnessing the explosion of content formats and styles. Nowadays, everything can be produced and presented via a mobile phone.

Our main goal is not to confuse and be confused, using all different types of content formats. As mentioned earlier, through our content, we aim to achieve infotainment. Of course, the user will receive all necessary data and reports, however, we present the aspects in a pleasing way.

We do not exploit, i.e., creating content for clicks and views, that is not the purpose, and believe me, users realise when you try to force a click or a view. So, when we need to visualise info we create video content, when we want to communicate something, we create a podcast, and when we need to say something imminently, we go live on Instagram.

How can ChatGPT automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in affiliate marketing? How will it influence SEO? What are the worst- and best-case scenarios?

Allow me to say that in the last two decades, there were a lot of changes which are considered mind-blowing. At one point, there was rumor that the human factor would be extinct. And here we are in 2023, exploring a new option.

Most of the affiliates’ tasks need to be done by communicating and collaborating with colleagues and partners. Of course, aspects such as statistical issues may be answered by ChatGPT, however, there is always going to be human communication and ideas exchange in the heart of affiliation marketing.

Do you think that competition in affiliation is important? Why?

Of course, it is. It is vital. Competition always helps you evolve. The evolution of mankind is based on competition. In our business, we always try to reach new levels and surpass competition. On the other hand, competition does the same, until someone reaches the top. And then, a new pick will occur.

Without competition the evolution of our industry would have been extremely slow and boring! But now, everything is more challenging and entertaining!

Are you a regular attendee at the SiGMA events? SiGMA Americas, Asia, Balkans/CIS, Europe – which of these expos shows would you likely book on your diary for 2023/4?

I am trying to attend as many events as possible. SiGMA is one of the most prestigious and well-organised events in the business, so it is always a pleasure to be around. I attended SiGMA Europe last year and this year, I will attend SiGMA Balkans/CIS in Limassol. For now, at least.

Share with us some details about yourself, as conducting business involves dealing with individuals and not just organisations. This could include your hobbies, preferred books, go-to quotes, and whether or not you have an interest in gaming.

You cannot be part of this business and not be interested in gaming. Not only because of the job description itself, but also because gaming is a misunderstood entertaining world. It is not the daemon in the room, and it is wrong to be placed on the same shelf as alcohol or even drugs.

Of course, it may become an addiction, but in our business, we always promote Responsible Gaming, and we mean it. It will be a dream come true to convince users that they should play for fun, this is the main goal. The excitement of being part of the game.

Mentioning hobbies, as a journalist and analyst in the first years of my career, writing and broadcasting is now more of a hobby for me. Finally, I try to travel as much as I can, meeting as many cultures and visiting as many places as possible.

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