“We’ve got everything we need” – V. Darechkin, Media 24 Holding

Darlene Zammit 1 year ago
“We’ve got everything we need” – V. Darechkin, Media 24 Holding

Valentin Darechkin, CCO of Media 24 Holding, joins the latest series of affiliate interviews on Affiliate Grand Slam

Valentin Darechkin speaks about Media 24 Holding, an SEO company that develops its own affiliate websites and monetizes them – follow his story below

How did you first get into the affiliate space?

I started my journey in the affiliate industry over 6 years ago and it was in the native advertising network. During these years, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience and found a lot of reliable partners and friends. I can definitely say that this business will be a significant part of my life for many years to come.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your affiliate marketing experience?

I started as a marketing manager and then I dived deeper into product management and business development. Currently, I’m the Chief Commercial Officer at Media 24.

What is Media 24?

Media 24 is an SEO company based in Riga. We develop our own websites and monetize them through the affiliate model. The company was launched in 2018 and since that time it has worked in the betting industry in various ways, mainly through monetizing the sports news content and finally focusing only on the affiliate model. This is an experienced team with huge ambitions!

How many affiliate websites fall under your portfolio? Could you mention the top 3?

At this time, we’ve got 50+ affiliate websites under our portfolio. In 2023, we’re going to expand our website portfolio and enter several new markets. We’ve got everything we need: a strong team, ambitious plans, and many connections in this market. To be honest, I can’t mention websites here, feel free to contact us.


First of all, it means that we always try to find a win-win combination for each part of the business partnership. Actually, every company has certain goals (brand awareness, players, etc.). Therefore, every affiliate manager has his own KPIs and goals based on it. And of course, on the other side, we’ve got our goals (and our managers have it as well). The main challenge is to find the synergy between all these parts and build long-term partnerships with advertisers. This is the only way to provide your company strong positions on this market and sustainable growth for both sides. So, in brief, we help iGaming brands reach new horizons in partnership with us!

What sets Media 24 apart from other affiliate companies? What makes you unique?

I believe that our team is very experienced and talented. Every member of our team has vast experience in the affiliate marketing industry. This is what helps us grow fast and ride the waves of change. Moreover, we have to remember that this market is quite competitive, and every day you compete with the best of the best.

Do you think that competition in affiliation is important? Why?

Sure! Competition is what drives every market forward. Therefore, I have a positive attitude towards competition and am always glad to see new companies appear on the market.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering the affiliate space now?

If we talk about the SEO niche or other traffic sources, where you’re going to earn money, my main advice would be to find a strong team. At first, look for experience not for position or high salary. It isn’t time for single specialists.

How was the 300 Spartans’ experience for Media 24?

At that time, I wasn’t yet an employee of the company; however, my colleagues spoke positively about this event! However, I did attend SiGMA and had a wonderful experience networking with industry leaders and sponsors of the event! Thank you, SiGMA!

Are you a regular attendee at the SiGMA events? SiGMA Africa, Americas, Asia, Balkans/CIS, Eurasia, Europe – which of these expo shows would you likely book on your diary for 2023?

Yes, I can say that I’m a regular attendee at the SiGMA events. Last year I attended SiGMA Balkans, SiGMA Europe (Malta), and the unforgettable SiGMA party at the company’s Cyprus office! This year, we’re going to attend SiGMA Eurasia, Asia, Balkans/CIS, and Europe.

Tell us a bit about yourself – after all, business is done with people, not just companies! Your hobbies, favourite book, favourite quote, whether you are into Gaming yourself, etc.

My main hobby is my profession. I continue to explore things that interest me, from management, to product development, marketing, and sales. I read many interesting books about these topics and will gladly do recommendations to those interested in my experience and knowledge! Feel free to add me on LinkedIn.

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