“Trust and dedication” – V. Omelianiuk, Leadsdoit

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“Trust and dedication” – V. Omelianiuk, Leadsdoit

Vladyslav Omelianiuk, CEO of Leadsdoit, joins the latest series of affiliate interviews on Affiliate Grand Slam.

Vladyslav Omelianiuk speaks about building a cohesive and productive team, analysing and optimising traffic to maximise ROI, effective PPC campaigns, effective strategies to identify new markets and GEOs, and others – follow his story below

At what point in your career did you begin to view affiliate marketing as a potential career path, and what factors influenced your decision to pursue this field?

I got into affiliate marketing from an advertising agency. By that time, I already had experience working with many traffic sources such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter Ads. In my agency, I had experience organising web and mobile app development for clients. Therefore, when I joined Leadsdoit, I understood that I can lead the company in this direction.

What are some effective strategies for building a cohesive and productive team?

I am convinced that the basis of an effective team is trust and dedication. Thus, I always engage people who are not only experts in their field but who are also fully devoted, cheering for the results of their work and the whole team. It’s easier to rely on such people because they care about the business no less than I do.

What are the key considerations to keep in mind when developing apps that are designed to attract and convert traffic, and what strategies can be used to ensure that these apps are user-friendly, engaging, and effective at driving conversions?

There are several important things to consider when developing apps to attract traffic. I would divide them into internal and external factors.


  • A bright design that encourages the user to install the application. Even before the installation of the app, the user already gets an emotion that is brought by the design itself.
  • Weight of the application. It is significant that weight is optimal. If your application is, for example, 500 MB, it is unlikely that you can achieve success with it.


  • The application’s speed. It should work very quickly and reliably. You have to keep track of system bugs, user feedback, etc., all the time. This especially applies to Android applications because there are a lot of devices on this OS.
  • Push notifications. A wisely constructed process of user retention with the help of push notifications allows to increase the LTV and allow users to benefit from bonuses and loyalty program of the product.

How can you analyse and optimise traffic to maximise ROI and drive sustainable growth over time, and what metrics should you be tracking to measure the success of your affiliate marketing efforts?

We track several dozens of indicators to analyse the traffic, conversions and stability of our partners’ products. But the main indicator for us is EPI (Earn Per Install) – a lot of analytical data is built on it. If we see that EPI is dropping, the system notifies us and our partners about it. There were many instances when we were warned about an issue at the stage of its appearance.

To maximise our financial indicators, we apply a target price per conversion to any traffic source. This allows us to train the system to understand at what price we want to buy the target user.

What are some best practices for creating effective PPC campaigns that deliver results?

From our experience, I can share the following tips:

  • Always invest in experiments. We had a case when we launched advertising campaigns for requests about a match between two football teams and were amazed by the results of how quickly users, after receiving information about the match, wanted to bet on their favourite team. It was a desperate test that no one had hoped for, but that shot worked.
  • Optimise your ads for conversion. The search engine is very good at processing data if you provide it.
  • Strive for high-quality indicators in your ads. It is not so easy to do, but if you devote time to it, you will see the effect of this work.
  • Don’t shy away from support. Search engines are a very large technical product that has many shortcomings. If something seems strange or unclear in your campaigns, always write to support.
  • Add extensions and images to your search snippet. This greatly increases CTR and reduces the cost of traffic.

Leadsdoit is a performance marketing team. Can you tell us more about your company?

The agency’s model is aimed at effective marketing with the client’s budget and an additional percentage for the agency’s services. Our work is mainly expressed in producing results that make our partners happy. In our viewpoint, this is the meaning of performance marketing.

We have been working on improving our approaches for 5 years. During this time, we have attracted more than 140 people to the company and more than 70 partners around the world. We build all this on our values:

Honesty – We always express our opinion directly and openly.

Partnership and synergy – We understand the importance of reciprocity and try to form ecological relationships based on trust and support.

Enthusiasm – We burn with ideas and do not lose the excitement. We strive to understand the essence of any issue, get involved in its solution and become the best of the best!

Performance – Performance is our best friend. We know how to achieve the goal and confidently walk the path of winners.

Love of numbers – We argue our decisions based on real numbers. We conduct an analysis and digitise the results.

How does your company differentiate itself from competitors in the market, and what strategies do you use to maintain a competitive edge?

The market is quite large. We have competitors, but, at the same time, players have their own attributes which are difficult to reproduce. We also have our know-how.

In terms of partnership relations, we are transparent about the traffic sources that we work with. We are always in favour of exchanging data and launching joint projects. In synergy with partners, we develop special projects that give results of different quality levels. This is one of our biggest advantages: we offer such ideas and conditions for impressive results.

What are some legal and ethical considerations for affiliate marketers promoting gambling and betting platforms, and how can they balance the potential for profit with responsible advertising practices? Can you provide us with specific examples related to Leadsdoit?

We can only use those legal and ethical terms that are issued in the legislation of the countries where we operate and the systems that allow us to attract users.

From our end, we have developed a mechanism for receiving feedback from users we have acquired for our partners. If we receive any complaint, we will take the necessary measures.

What are some effective strategies that an affiliate company can use to identify new markets and GEOs for its products and services, and how can it evaluate the potential of these markets before entering them? Can you provide us with specific examples related to Leadsdoit?

Many factors influence whether a new market entry will be successful. To do this, we involve several teams that do a cumulative analysis to look at:

  • Market volume
  • Availability of a competitive environment among potential partners (monopoly markets are immediately cut off)
  • Number of possible partners
  • Regulations at the state level
  • Country-specific regulations of traffic sources
  • The ratio of the cost acquisition to the market payment conditions
  • Behavioral factors of the population regarding the gambling industry

Having made such an analysis, we choose our next step.

How can affiliate companies adapt their existing products and services to meet the unique needs and preferences of customers in new markets and GEOs, and what steps can they take to establish themselves as trusted and reliable partners in these markets? Can you provide us with specific examples related to Leadsdoit?

I can say that a lot depends on whether there are local representatives in the new market you are about to enter. At least one side of the team must include people from the country where the operation is planned. From our general experience where local representatives are involved, success is ten times greater than without them.

How can a company design and implement effective work processes that streamline operations, improve productivity, and ensure high-quality output, and what are some best practices for measuring and optimising these processes over time? Can you provide us with specific examples related to Leadsdoit?

This is a broad question. To improve processes and increase productivity, we use different methods and formulas. Moreover, each team has its standards because it is impossible to apply the best practices of the mobile application development team to the media buying team. A specific example I would like to share is that we started conducting strategic sessions once every 3-4 months for the top management team. This gives a very large synergistic effect. Now we use this tool systemically.

How does Leadsdoit approach working with clients to develop customised performance marketing solutions that align with their unique business objectives and target audience, and what metrics does the team use to measure success and track progress over time?

There is a common approach to all our clients that is in line with our values, which I mentioned earlier.

If we talk about individual marketing solutions, then this is always our initiative; which the client’s team may or may not support and invest in. Often something non-standard and individual, bold and much more effective, can be done with fresh products that have not yet become overgrown with bureaucratic decision-making processes. However, there are also exceptional cases of cooperation with big market players.

In terms of metrics, we always ask clients to share with us data on the performance of the players we’ve recruited and user payback predictions. The main metrics are cost per FTD, RD, DAU, MAU, ROI 1-4week; 1-12 months, active days, gross revenue player, net revenue player, deposits, bets, and wagers.

Share a glimpse into your side — after all, business is built on connections between individuals, not just organisations! Feel free to mention your hobbies, favorite book, cherished quote, and whether you have an interest in gaming.

I can say that I am a very open and communicative person. I like surfing and football. My work is intertwined with my hobby; when I watch my favourite teams, I make bets to fuel the excitement. I like the emotions of healthy excitement both in business and in life.

In the past, I played Dota 2 so I am quite actively watching the development of cyber sports; I find it very interesting.

My favorite book is The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

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