[WATCH] “Apart from being a regular affiliate company, we’re also a production company”, Clas Dahlén for SiGMA Pitch

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[WATCH] “Apart from being a regular affiliate company, we’re also a production company”, Clas Dahlén for SiGMA Pitch

CEO and Founder of Casino Hacks Clas Dahlén joins us this week on Startup Spotlight to explain how he went from Marketing Director for big-name record companies like Sony and Universal Music, to creating the “MTV News of casino”

SiGMA’s Yanni Collins got together with Clas Dahlén, CEO and founder of Casino Hacks, to spotlight the second of the SiGMA Pitch Startups which will be coming out periodically on SiGMA News. SiGMA Pitch is an event by SiGMA which showcases over a hundred different startups and enables them to take the red seat and present their product to an environment surrounded by top investors and mentors helping them to create a good strong network.

Casino Hacks Worldwide is the first broadcasting platform created by industry veterans, using their knowledge about entertainment and applying it to a new concept within the industry, as Dahlén himself said

I want to do something where you have different game shows for different operators, and stream it live.”

Watch Clan Dahlén’s interview on SiGMA Pitch Startups below: 

Dahlén explained his business experiences seeing as they were a big reason that triggered the idea for Casino Hacks Worldwide, saying how he was the marketing director of EMI, SONY, and Universal Music, and so he worked a lot with MTv back when it was central in the music industry. His experience there sparked this interest in the way they catered for their audiences, having news within the channel itself and so on, leading him to go and start Metal Casino which was essentially a casino that targeted metal lovers and metal-heads, along with a broader audience as well.

About a year ago, he then decided to leave the company and start Casino Hacks Worldwide, working within the affiliate industry but creating a live stream mixed with the idea of the MTv-style era. That way Casino Hacks started doing gameshows, different ones for different operators, that are created and streamed live, broadcasted by themselves and secure. With this then they developed several business models to cater for the variety of services they were offering.

About SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of their November event, SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo. The online event, which runs from the 24th to 25th, will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace.

For more information about how to sponsor this event please contact Hamza and to explore speaking opportunities get in touch with Jeremy. To register for the expo click here.

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