“The biggest challenge working in markets such as Iran is filtering” – Leylaj

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“The biggest challenge working in markets such as Iran is filtering” – Leylaj

The founder of the first Persian Gambling and Betting Magazine, Leylaj, joins the latest series of affiliate interviews on Affiliate Grand Slam

Leylaj is a content-based project, centered on the Persian-language. The founder speaks about filtering which is the biggest challenge in the Iranian market; visitors need to pass through filtering using VPN and proxy software – follow his story below.

How did you first get into the affiliate space and from where did you start your affiliate business and how?

The Leylaj.com is a content-based project was released on February 6th 2019, with a focus on Persian-speaking countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc.

The aim is to introduce the gambling and betting world in two forms: gaming for players and business opportunity for investors.

Although the form of this project is that of a magazine, there is opportunity for collaboration with affiliates especially by local online casino operators, niche Iran.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when starting out?

I wish I had more knowledge in writing optimised SEO-friendly content, and this is because search engines follow their own terms and it’s very important to provide quality content to attract their algorithm’s attention.

Also, there is the content writing experience that copywriters need to earn when it comes to languages like Persian.

What were your biggest challenges when first starting? What’s been your biggest nightmare to date?

The biggest challenge working in markets such as Iran is filtering. There are difficulties to analyse and stay connected with visitors since they should pass through filtering using VPN and proxy software.

The filtering is not just about the website, social media channels are also under pressure with general filtering terms.

Therefore, in this aspect and right now, I can say that filtering is one of the most important and annoying issues.

Tell us a bit more about your business model, concept, and culture.

Indeed, in this step and in Leylaj Magazine, I start by focusing on many clarifications, since a long-term gambling ban, in some ways, has turned these forms of entertainment into a cultural taboo.

The idea here is to create a space where we provide quality/educational content which brings awareness, then there are opportunities to promote into the market.

I believe that content should be professional and honest; this is how we can earn trust. Moreover, the age of writing bored/formal content is finished. Nowadays, in each post, we need more Rock ‘N’ Roll style media which brings up a mixture of text, video, and social activity.

Which markets do you focus on and do you see any potential in the emerging markets?

The project, as I explained, is dedicated to Persian-speakers. I can say that this market is a good opportunity (especially Iran). Networking and localisation are the main requirements to enter this market.

In my opinion, there is still potential that has not even been activated yet; potential that requires studying the market and bringing solutions to achieve progress.

What can you tell us about privacy in the countries that you operate?

That’s one of the most important parts, considering the rules; privacy is a serious challenge for everyone including players, affiliates, and operators.

Any process from money transaction should be done carefully in a way to respect the player’s privacy.

What motivates you to promote more, and what helps you boost your motivation?

I should answer shortly: interest.

How can affiliates be more unique in their approach?

In my experience working on unique local markets is valuable. Being in a new movement, always has its advantages since it gives you the upper hand in experience. Of course, there are always new challenges in new niches but that’s the time you can appear and play your own game.

How do you choose your operators and how do you manage relationships with multiple operators?

My priority is working with localised operators since the terms are more close to what’s going on into the market. There are specialties, such as language support on the casino website, that will boost conversion rate. Recently, Crypto Casinos are in line and could be the trend in the next years.

I also have some direct collaboration regarding content marketing and localisation with some leading brands into the market.

Have you ever been to SiGMA? SiGMA Europe, Africa, Asia, or Americas – which of these four expo shows would you likely book on your diary for 2021, COVID-19 permitting?

I have never been to any SiGMA event. Of course, I would like to join if I find any possibility, who doesn’t want? I mean, in my opinion SiGMA is the most functional event in gaming.

It would be great if one day we could have SiGMA in Iran too!

Tell us a bit about yourself — after all, business is done with people, not just companies! Your hobbies, favourite book, favourite quote, whether you are into Gaming yourself, etc.

I like gym sports and swimming, these are my favorite activities. My favorite quote is from Bertrand Russell which says: “Love is wise, hatred is foolish”.

While ago, I used to play gambling games before even starting this project, I can say I was successful! I stopped playing that much nowadays and sometimes, I just play online poker for fun.

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