Is Detroit Becoming the New Home of Gambling in the USA?

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Is Detroit Becoming the New Home of Gambling in the USA?

Everyone knows that Detroit historically is the home of the automotive industry in the USA. In fact, it has been branded the home of the motor industry world and was undoubtedly the birthplace of the mass manufacture of autos. However, the heyday of car making has long passed, and Detroit fell into hard times. Not only did automotive manufacturing move away, but the decline in all heavy manufacturing badly affected the economy.

Self-Preservation is in the Soul

The city that brought us cars and some of the most incredible music ever written was not just going to roll over and take it. Detroit has a soul forged in hard work and invention. Those cars didn’t build themselves, nor did the endless stream of hits produced on the Tamla Motown record label in the 1960s and 1970s. Instead, soul superstars like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, and Aretha Franklin had their foundations in the city.

Diversification and Change

What is driving Detroit’s success these days has somewhat changed. Just as now the city’s most famous recent musical export, The White Stripes, are a far cry from the sweet harmonies of earlier decades, so too are Detroit’s current economic successes. Detroit is about evolution rather than total reinvention. The automobile industry is still an incredibly important part of its output. However, the cars have changed, and the parts that the city makes have as well.

Dancing in the Streets

Detroit has always had a vibrant night economy. This isn’t surprising, given the sheer volume of musical talent available. However, it’s not only music that creates thriving nightlife. At the end of the 1990s, legislation was introduced which allowed the wolverine state to open land-based casinos. Rather than look at the glittering towers in Toronto across the water, Detroit chose to bring gambling on land.

Bringing Gambling into the Light

While Detroit has never positioned itself as a rival to Las Vegas, it has seen the benefit of operating regulated and safely controlled casinos. The city has three commercial operators and another twenty-three tribal casinos across Michigan. When the initial plans were approved, there was much skepticism as to whether a city built on steel and rivets could be revived with chance and luck. However, the city’s first commercial casino was built on a fifty-seven-acre site next to General Motors Corp, so there have always been parallels.

Pennsylvania Brings in the Most Pennies

Since then, Pennsylvania has become the financial giant in the commercial casino world. When we think of gambling, we might conjure up Vegas images; however, Pennsylvania produces the lion’s share of the gambling purse in terms of tax receipts.
In 2021, Pennsylvania’s national tax revenue from gambling was over $2,016.1 million compared to Nevada’s $1023.2 million. New York is the second-highest contributor to the country’s taxes, and Detroit is in seventh place at $607.61 million.

Michigan Has its Own Firsts

However, although Detroit lags a long way behind Pennsylvania and doesn’t have the glamour or temptation of Las Vegas, it does have its own accolades. While Michigan was one of the first states to allow land-based casinos, it was a much later adopter of online casinos. Therefore, it could be argued that it has some catching up to do. Nevertheless, many believe it is a state to keep an eye on.

Catching Up Online

Michigan didn’t pass the legislation to allow online casinos until December 2019. There are now fifteen online casinos in the state, and it’s one of only six US states that have legal, regulated online casino games. Even Vegas doesn’t have online casino games available for residents to play. This means that in terms of gambling legislation, Detroit is one of the states that is most friendly for people who enjoy a flutter.

Big Names Succeeding in Michigan

Michigan is home to the big names in commercial gambling. According to independent experts, the best Michigan online casino is DraftKings. It scores 93/100 across a wide range of criteria. The casino is licensed outside the Bay Mills Resort and Casino in Brimley. While Brimley isn’t in Detroit, the beauty of online casino gambling is that players don’t need to go to a physical location to play at the tables or slots. Anyone resident of or visiting Detroit aged over twenty-one can play their choice of games.

Sports Betting is Starting to Fly

Gambling in Detroit isn’t just about casino games. When online casinos were legalized in 2019, so too was sports betting at online sportsbooks. Sports betting didn’t get up and running until January 2021, and it got off to a flying start. Sports betting is incredibly popular online but has also been a significant draw for brick-and-mortar casinos.
Three casinos in the city have a retail sportsbook. The MGM Grand Detroit, The Greektown Casino, and The MotorCity Casino are attracting people keen to bet on their favorite sports. In October 2021, the three casinos between them took £34.2 million in retail sports bets.

It is too early to say if Detroit will become the new home of gambling in the USA, but it could be worth taking a punt on it.

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