iTech Labs scores high on quality of service, technical expertise and pricing

Posted: May 25, 2022 10:09 Posted by Katy
Category: Casino, Deep Tech, Online,
Posted: May 25, 2022 10:09 Category: Casino, Deep Tech, Online, Posted by Katy

iTech Labs identifies four main areas that they’ve found are important to customers in a test lab provider: Quality of Service, Technical Expertise, Ability to Meet Deadlines, and Pricing.

Independent testing by an accredited testing lab is a prerequisite to releasing online games in many jurisdictions around the world. That doesn’t mean it’s a straightforward or enjoyable experience every time. For many operators, what is already a slightly inconvenient necessary step in their game development/release process, can become a budget-busting, delay-causing, confusing nuisance.

Many times, when new customers come to leading iGaming test lab, iTech Labs for the first time, they complain of previous experiences with other test labs, involving unfriendly staff, long delays, unfair pricing and inaccurate results. Often, they are introduced to iTech Labs by their customers, affiliates or other industry connections, based off recommendations of positive experiences with iTech Labs.

Since its inception in 2004, iTech Labs has been fine-tuning and perfecting its service each and every year, listening closely to what its customers want and need – what works for them and what doesn’t. It’s through this openness to feedback and dedication to growth, that iTech Labs has been able to grow into the industry leading test lab that it now is, within the iGaming industry.

According to the leading test lab, iTech Labs identifies four main areas that they’ve found are important to customers in a test lab provider: Quality of Service, Technical Expertise, Ability to Meet Deadlines, and Pricing.

Recently, as they do each year, iTech Labs conducted a large-scale customer survey on a mix of both long-term and new customers, including some leaders in the iGaming industry. Customers were asked how iTech Labs scored in these four main areas of test lab service: Quality of Service, Technical Expertise, Ability to Meet Deadlines, and Pricing. In the first three areas, iTech Labs scored an average of over 9 out of 10, and for pricing, they scored an average of over 8 out of 10.

When looking for an iGaming test lab, or if unsatisfied with your current provider, these same four areas can act as a guideline by which to compare providers:

Quality of service

In terms of the service provided to customers, friendly, available and knowledgeable staff make all the difference. Business stakeholders often require a high level of communication from a testing laboratory throughout the certification process. One of iTech Labs’ customers who completed the recent survey, commented that “iTech Labs provides friendly service with patience and is always available for questions”.

Technical expertise

Considering that the role of a test laboratory for iGaming is essentially a technical service, the technical expertise of the staff is a crucial aspect of the service offered. Another iTech Labs customer commented the following in her survey response: “A fantastic organisation! Great technical expertise from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend (iTech Labs’) service unreservedly”.

Ability to meet deadlines

Delays and broken deadlines can set off a domino-effect of problems for businesses, so iTech Labs puts a lot of emphasis and effort into making sure that their agreed deadlines with customers are met. This is evident in what customers said about this aspect of iTech Labs’ service in the recent survey, with one customer labelling working with iTech Labs an “efficient process”.

Fair pricing

Pricing of any service at any time should be fair. In the case of iGaming testing, the pricing should be reflective of the quality and level of service offered. In iTech Labs’ recent survey, customers provided the feedback that iTech Labs’ pricing is “competitive”, compared to other options, especially considering the quality of the service they were receiving. In addition to fair pricing, customers also deserve a service that meets their business needs and exceeds their expectations in friendliness, knowledge and communication. iTech Labs ensures that the quality of their service is never sacrificed just for the sake of being the most ‘dirt cheap’ option around.

Which leads on to the consideration of a bonus area…

Industry reputation 

In an industry as insular as iGaming, a service provider’s reputation should precede them. Particularly that of an independent testing lab, who will be conducting important and sensitive analyses on private intellectual property, like game software and data. Knowing something about the experiences that other companies have with a test lab prior to engaging in their service is a great way to ensure you are choosing the best lab for your needs. Each of the above aspects must be weighed up and balanced in light of your company’s needs, along with the flexibility of the lab to meet those individual needs.

With the right test lab, chosen carefully, the compliance testing process can be smooth and easy, and something that won’t break the bank. Games can be released (and subsequently audited) on time, with sound assurance that they are stable and compliant.

If you are in need of independent testing by an accredited and highly regarded testing lab, please visit iTech Labs’ website to submit an enquiry.


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