Centurion FC: Reigniting the Flames of MMA Glory in Dubai and Beyond

Jake Graves 1 year ago
Centurion FC: Reigniting the Flames of MMA Glory in Dubai and Beyond

On the 14th of March, Roberto Gallo and Johnny Walker sat with Mark Borg for a fireside chat at the SiGMA Eurasia Summit, Dubai.

The SiGMA / AGS conference kicked off on a high note with a remarkable pre-registration turnout at the Intercontinental Hotel, Festival City, Dubai on March 13th. Upon arrival, delegates were greeted with a vibrant expo floor that set the tone for the event. To kickstart the conference proceedings, a fireside chat was held with two esteemed guests – legendary MMA fighter Johnny Walker and Roberto Gallo, the innovative CEO and Founder of Centurion FC.

Johnny Walker and Roberto Gallo: Unveiling the Secrets of MMA Success

To achieve greatness in this game, there’s no substitute for hard work, day in and day out. Consistency is the key. There are no shortcuts to success, only the grind. You must remain adaptable, stay nimble, and be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. Personally, I’ve been sharpening my boxing defence of late, because I know that in this sport, there’s always room for improvement. It’s all about putting in the work, respecting the process, and staying humble along the way

Commenting on his career, 95% finish rate and recent 2-win streak, Johnny Walker shared his insight on the key to success in MMA.

The conversation then shifted gears to Roberto Gallo’s ground-breaking efforts to merge the worlds of MMA and iGaming, leveraging the tremendous potential of both industries to create new and exciting opportunities for fans and players alike. Describing himself as “just a smart guy with an ambitious plan,” he remarked on his ongoing collaboration with SiGMA to reach this end.

Johnny Walker speaking on his preparations.

“We are happy to be collaborating with SiGMA when it comes to our vision of linking iGaming to MMA Fighting. The iGaming industry is booming with action, and MMA has everything other entertainment venues have to offer to the industry.”

Fielding questions from an engaged audience, Gallo shared his thoughts on the formidable challenges of navigating the regulatory landscape while striving to change the MMA game. Despite the obstacles, Roberto Gallo remains undaunted in his pursuit of pushing the boundaries and elevating the sport to new heights.

Centurion FC

Centurion FC, a premier MMA organisation, prides itself on delivering a captivating show for its audience. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities, the company is currently embarking on a significant rebranding effort to enhance its appeal and reach.

Central to this effort is a strategic focus on South America, where the company recognizes the importance of a nuanced approach and a deep understanding of the market. By prioritising their due diligence and ensuring they know the game, Centurion FC aims to deliver an unforgettable experience to fans, cementing its position as a dominant force in the MMA world.

Catch Centurion FC’s MMA Fight: Rex Deserti 2023 – 15th March at 19:30

Get ready, fight fans! Centurion FC is roaring back into the fray, and Dubai is their battleground. Brace yourselves for an epic clash between titans of the ring in a no-holds-barred showdown that will leave you breathless.

Presenting elite fighters who have trained relentlessly, honing their skills and thirsting for glory. On March 15th, 2023, they’ll step into the arena and leave it all on the line, battling with every ounce of pride and passion in their hearts. Don’t miss a minute of the electrifying action as Centurion FC once again redefines the limits of MMA excellence.

Grab your tickets here!

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