KSA fines LCS Limited €2.1 million

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KSA fines LCS Limited €2.1 million

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has fined LCS Limited the sum of €2.1 million for operating in the Netherlands without a licence.

Players in the Netherlands were previously allowed access to the LCS website, www.sonofslots.com. After being warned about this infraction LCS then proceeded to make no attempt to take down access which inevitably led to regulatory action.

The Dutch gambling licence

Under the Gambling Act effective in the Netherlands, it is stated that a website must have the necessary licence to offer games of chance to players within the territory.

This licence is known to be quite stringent, enforcing rules and regulations that ensure safe and legal games are offered to players within the KSA’s jurisdiction. 

Key components in the activities of licensees include fair game play which is supported by responsible gaming messaging.

Penalty fines

René Jansen, KSA Chairman of the Board, has claimed that fines are usually a successful method when enforcing the Gaming Act stating:

“A burden under penalty is an often very effective method to stop illegal supply immediately.”

However, Jansen has stressed that despite operators going black by paying a fine or obtaining a licence to operate legally previously committed offences may still be punished.

What’s more is that these regulatory fines may be cumulative, making any kind of tertiary offence eligible for an increased penalty or fine. 

Jansen also added: 

“We will continue to carry out rechecks to check whether the supply has actually ceased and will continue to exist.”

LCS Limited

Initially, a penalty fine of €165,000 was ordered to be paid back by LCS in August 2022 subsequent to an investigation instigated in March of the same year.

LCS was not deterred by this fine, however, the fine in question was subsequently administered, calculated at 8 percent of the KSA’s estimated turnover for LCS.

This was deemed to be €25.9m in total making the €2.1m appropriate in the eyes of the KSA.

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