Mastering SEO: An executive interview with KOL Kyle Roof

Matthew Calleja 1 year ago
Mastering SEO: An executive interview with KOL Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof is a co-founder of SEO agency High Voltage SEO, PageOptimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold, communities that study and test Google’s algorithm. He speaks to Matthew Calleja about pursuing a creative approach when it comes to SEO.

Tailored for success: SEO expert shares his insights

How do you tailor your SEO strategies to fit the specific needs of each business type?

It’s crucial to understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. Everything changes keyword-to-keyword, niche-to-niche. Our focus is to out-research the competition. Often, it comes down to getting the right content to attract the right type of traffic.

On the one hand, this seems quite simple. Of course, you need to put content on a website, but it shouldn’t be content for the sake of content. It has to target the right audience, anticipate what Google is looking for, and build target pages to compete for high-volume terms. But there’s also a whole layer of content you’ll put on the site to compete for lower-level terms that support those target pages and bring in great traffic.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. Everything changes keyword-to-keyword, niche-to-niche. Our focus is to out-research the competition.

What is the best approach for businesses to take when it comes to SEO?

The one thing you can entirely control is your own website and what you put on it. We’ve found that it’s best to dial in your OnPage SEO or technical SEO as much as possible. The more you get that right, the less reliant you are on anything outside of your site, such as backlinks or any external signals. The right approach is to make sure that you’ve done everything on your site that you can before you go outside the site.

This approach will help you in the long run by creating more evergreen pages and making you less susceptible to Google. Anytime Google makes an update, they usually target those external signals. By building sites that are less reliant on those signals, you’ll be less susceptible to all those updates and have a much better strategy overall in the long run.

In addition to pure SEO strategies and tactics, IMG offers “offbeat” courses that teach even more creative ways to earn money through SEO. Can you give us an example of an “offbeat” SEO tactic that you’ve seen work particularly well?

One of my favourite examples comes from our work with a small online bank. Despite going up against major US banks like Wells Fargo, Citibank, PNC, and Bank of America, we identified a gap in the market that gave us an edge.

We realised that traditional banks don’t optimise their sites to help customers with their problems. For instance, when a customer is charged a fee, they will often search for more information about it. So, we created pages that captured those types of searches and targeted people who were upset with their banks and looking for alternatives.

Instead of disparaging the banks, we provided information on their fees, how much they cost, and then presented an alternative. We highlighted that our bank didn’t charge such fees. Within a month, we were getting 3,000 to 5,000 clicks per day on these pages. This approach was highly successful and somewhat offbeat, but it proved that focusing on a niche and filling the gap can lead to exceptional results.

As the SEO industry constantly evolves, what changes or trends do you see emerging in the future?

SEO has been dead my entire career, yet somehow not only does it seem to thrive, it also seems to grow at exponential rates. So, regardless of any new thing that comes along, there can be changes that will happen – not only will they modify things, but provide opportunity and a way for growth.

The SEO industry is poised for significant disruption due to the rise of AI. Two things are bound to change: how content is produced and SERP results.

SEO has been dead my entire career, yet somehow not only does it seem to thrive, it also seems to grow at exponential rates.

How do you ensure that your approach stays ahead of the curve in light of these changes?

The key is to get in the game and start using what new tools are made available to you. This will allow you to filter out good advice from bad advice based on your experience with these tools, rather than relying solely on reading about them.

There’s often a disparity in how people view AI – some see it as a replacement for human effort, while others view it as a tool. However, it’s important to understand that AI is essentially a language. The AI that we’re currently using is not a search engine; it gives a best guess as to the words associated with the question, and as a result, its answers can often be wrong – and confidently wrong, at that.

Moreover, AI can’t give source attribution because it’s not capable of “looking.” If the information it presents is biased in any way, then no one is going to like that result. An AI bot setup, on the other hand, will provide enhanced information to people, which leads to better search results. But this creates an opportunity: how can we make the bot like us so that we show up in that enhanced search area?

So seize the day. With AI bringing the most disruption to the industry, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your approach to optimise for AI-powered search results.

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