Meet the SiGMA Eurasia 2024 Startup Pitch competitors

Katy Micallef 1 month ago
Meet the SiGMA Eurasia 2024 Startup Pitch competitors

The SiGMA Startup Pitch competition is set to return as an integral part of the SiGMA Eurasia summit. Taking place at the Festival Arena – Festival City Dubai, the SiGMA Pitch serves as a valuable platform for startups, facilitating connections with investors and bringing bright ideas to a global audience. Hand-picked by a team of judges, 6 innovation-driven startups have been shortlisted to present their projects to a panel of judges and 30+ VCs during the event. The live pitch will take over the SiGMA stage on the 27th between 13:55 and 15.05. Catch up SiGMA Europe startup pitch winners in SiGMA Magazine’s latest issue.

Rox Chat

Country: Brazil

Rox Chat is a customer communication platform that aggregates inquiries from different channels:chat on websites, chatbots, messengers, social media accounts, chat in mobile apps, and integrates with CRM and HelpDesk systems. They allow their partners to send emails and messages to your customers.

Rox Chat flexibly establishes an easy communication process in all common channels: 50+ integrations – Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber. Chat-bot Integration. Ready to work as a cloud and local based solution.

Country: Portugal

Pixpel is a platform that started from a Rug-pull in 2021 where game developers took 75M USD from gamers when they disappeared. They started with the insurance policy idea but after realizing there was no place to implement it, decided to create a space for it. Pixpel continues to see new growth – and after talking with different game developers, created an NFT launchpad to help them raise funds. DEX, and Wallet allow them to control the finances of the game and reduce the onboarding process.

Pixel offer a total solution for games and developers with NFT insurance.


Country: Poland

AIstats is a mobile app empowering football fans with predictive analytics. +150M football fans use live scores mobile apps, but they don’t cover users’ needs. That’s why they’ve created an ecosystem of new advanced metrics that will help users to analyze matches better and help to make good bets.

Real-time Power (rtP) consolidates various match metrics into a single value (ranging from 0 to 100) to gauge a team’s real-time strength during a football match. It is a live metric that is calculated for every match.

Real-time Advantage (rtA) is a difference between rtP and bookmaker odds. It allows the team to assess the team’s real-time advantage over bookies’ expectations. This metric helps them to signal users about the most prospective bets live.

A new ecosystem of football metrics will replace hundreds of useless stats metrics. By working at the intersection of livescore and advanced stats fields they are not relying on outside data but doing proper R&D and making advanced metrics available to end-users. This approach is groundbreaking for current livescore apps that monetize from bookies’ ads and may contradict their business model. 


Country: Ukraine

Vireye develops and scales mobile crypto games very quickly. Their Stellar Sports project offers short, action-packed matches playable on mobile phones,where gaming enthusiasts can savor the experience.

Stellar Sports is more than just a game. It’s an entire gaming ecosystem, where players are able to own and manage teams of crypto athletes (1/1, 2/2, 3/3 matches), train and develop them, compete in tournaments, and even monetize their achievements.

Stellar Sports is a futuristic cyber sports world where players score goals while engaged in a hyperdynamic cyber jet battle. The action is intense, and the stakes are high. Victory goes to the team outscoring their opponents by hitting their gates the most. Chances for winning are fair–even for first-time players–and do not depend on gaming experience!

Impressive results from the alpha testing phase show a highly positive player experience. The game’s clear objectives and intuitive design received an outstanding 87% approval rating. Additionally, 78% of testers praised the captivating graphics and visual design. Notably, 58% of players scored the overall fun factor as “Extremely good.”


Country: India

Adzpressway stand as pioneers in the art of managing your brand across a multitude of channels. Their core ethos revolves around building a robust communication bridge that seamlessly connects advertisers, customers, and publishers. In the realm of branding and promotion they’re more than just experts, they’re visionaries with an approach driven by a single, resounding motto: UNDERSTANDING, EMPOWERING, AND ELEVATING.”


Country: Estonia

@whale is the world’s first Telegram Casino and Sportsbook. They have built a community first approach that lives up to degen standards.

Watch the SiGMA Eurasia 2023 Startup Pitch

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