NagaCorp Ltd announces $350m development

Aleksandar Simonovic 3 years ago
NagaCorp Ltd announces $350m development

The $350m development will see NagaCorp Ltd promote NagaCorp and Angkor Wat as ‘the twin tourism icons of Cambodia’

NagaCorp Ltd, the Hong Kong-listed Group, who are also the owners of NagaWorld in Phnom Penh, has announced plans to develop a $350 million non-gaming resort in Siem Reap for the year of 2025, according to a voluntary announcement published on their website.

The same announcement states that the non-gaming integrated resort will include a 50-year lease on 185 acres of land near the restricted zone of Angkor Wat, the biggest religious monument in the world, in Siem Reap. This will see the planned development be strategically built near Cambodia’s most recognised tourist attraction. 

The first phase of development will see the resort slowly take shape with two hotels, a water theme park, water cruise attractions and space for meetings, conferences and exhibitions as well as food streets all designed by Steelman Partners and Gensler – a US based company. 

In a statement NagaCorp said that the development is a strategic plan which will see the Group work hand in hand with NagaCorp Ltdonline and physical travel agents in China and around the area of the proposed resort such as those facilities situated in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. NagaCorp has also drawn plans to incorporate a road in the plans “to promote the concept of NagaWorld and Angkor Wat as the twin tourism icons of Cambodia.” 

The Group thinks that the integrated gaming resorts as well as the non-gaming resorts will be able to benefit from each other and won’t be detrimental to each of their generated revenue. Once the Group proves that this is the case then they will explore the possibility of developing the Sihanoukville areasNagaCorp believes that, as of now, they have “already gained a foothold as a strategic, sizable and comprehensive world-class integrated resort developer to help promote tourism in the Kingdom of Cambodia.” 

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