South Korea reveals North Korea’s involvement in cyber gambling crime

Jenny Ortiz 2 months ago
South Korea reveals North Korea’s involvement in cyber gambling crime

North Korea is involved in the production and selling of gambling websites that come pre-infected with malware, according to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS).

According to the NIS, the agency identified South Korea cyber crime organizations as buyers of the sites.

The NIS alleged that the North Korea faction responsible for this scheme is believed to be an IT organization associated with the secretive Office 39, known as “Gyeongheung.”
Office 39 operates within North Korea’s ruling Workers Party and is widely regarded, including by the US Department of Treasury, as a key revenue generator for the country’s leadership through both legal and illicit means.

Billion-dollar illegal operations

The NIS said the organization has made billions of dollars in profit.

Based on the report, the websites are leased for approximately $5,000 (€4,600) per month, with North Korea offering technical support for an additional $3,000 (€2,700) monthly fee.
According to a local media report, an extra $2,000 to $5,000 (€1,800 to €4,600) may be awarded if the website successfully acquires significant banking information from Chinese nationals’ PayPal accounts.

Websites contain malicious code

Additionally, the NIS revealed that the websites contained malicious code allowing for automatic betting, through which personal data of gamblers, including approximately 1,100 pieces of information concerning South Korean citizens, was compromised.

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