Ontario casinos return to full capacity

Posted:: Oct 26, 2021 16:28 Category: Americas , Bingo , Casino , Land-Based ,

Taking effect on Oct 26, the Canadian government has lifted capacity limits for gaming establishments requiring proof of vaccination in Ontario

The most populous province of Canada allows casinos, bingo halls, and another gambling establishments to return to full capacity if requiring proof of full vaccination, starting Oct 25. Covid restrictions nationwide are being gradually lifted as the vaccinated population percentage rises and hospitalization of Covid patients plummets. Ontarian indoor venues requiring the jab are now almost all back at pre-pandemic normality. The lifts also remove social distancing requirements.

Capacity limits are the first measures to go on the road to post-Covid life. Ontario Premier Doug Ford believes in a slow and cautious approach to lift all remaining safety measures over a time span covering half a year. With a harsh winter on the doorstep, Ford is seeking to avoid another lockdown and set the goal for total recovery to be March 2022.

Up next after casinos and co will be night clubs. The long-awaited reopening of nightlife bunkers is set for Nov 15. That is of course under the condition that key indicators do not show any pejoration of the situation.

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