Pakistani esports player, Atif Butt qualifies for World Esports Championship

Posted: Mar 14, 2023 16:07 Category: Asia , Esports , Online , Posted by Jake Graves

Pakistani Esports play Atif Butt has defeated Lahore’s Heera, with victory reserving a place at the World Esports Championship. Butt beat Heera in the Tekken 7 championship as a part of the National Esports competition which was hosted both on and offline.

Atif Butt was overjoyed at the triumphant win which was evident in his announcement tweet. This victory and subsequent qualification means he will have the distinct opportunity to represent his country of Pakistan on a global stage.

He expressed his excitement at the challenge of competing against the best players in the world and to bring his undoubtedly esteemed skill to an audience on a far larger scale at the competition that will be held in Romania.

Esports in Pakistan

Pakistani esports players are benefiting from a thriving esports scene.

The competition Butt sensationally beat Heera for the coveted spot in, received a staggering 1,500 participants from all around Pakistan. Taking part in its qualifying phase consisting of the six games Dota 2, CS Go, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend Bang Bang, Tekken 7, and e-Football.

The offline portion of contest took place at the Peshawar Sports Complex with the champions of the other qualifying tournaments contesting for the rest of the places in a competition held in Beirut, Lebanon.

It is not insignificant to note that this is a great success for the truly thriving Pakistani Esports scene. Heavily backed by the government of Pakistan, ranking 11th in the world when regarding esports. The Esport scene in Pakistan is heavily influenced by Streamers and popular players, and crucially supported by start-ups such as “The Manifest” platform which is aiding both developers and potential players.

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