Profit of Japan’s Okura Holdings up in 2H of 2023 

Jenny Ortiz 1 month ago
Profit of Japan’s Okura Holdings up in 2H of 2023 

 Japan’s Okura Holdings, a prominent operator in the pachinko industry, has announced a surge in profit before income tax, marking a substantial increase of approximately JPY929 million (€5.61 million) during the second half of 2023.  

This reflects a rise of 569.9 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.  

The company attributes this growth to gains made on lease modifications, showcasing strategic adjustments aligned with market dynamics. 

Okura Holdings is operating under various trade names such as “Big Apple,” “K’s Plaza,” and “SENKURA.”  

The company also oversees the management of 10 pachinko and pachislot halls across different regions in Japan such as Kyushu, Kanto, Kansai, and Chugoku. 

Easing of Covid-19 restrictions helps 

In its annual report for the fiscal year 2023, the company acknowledged the Japanese government’s gradual easing of certain COVID-19 restrictions as part of initiatives to reinvigorate social and economic activities.  

In its report, Okura said it observed a resurgence in customer traffic at most of its establishments during the second half of 2023. 

It added that the resurgence was fuelled by the introduction of new gambling machine models, notably the 6.5 Model Pachislot Machines, Smart Slot Machines, and Smart Pachinko Machines, which resonated well with patrons. 

Revenue up for the whole 2023 

For its financial performance, Okura reported a notable 12.5 percent increase in gross pay-ins, amounting to approximately JPY16.37 billion (€100.2 million) compared to the previous fiscal year.  

The company’s revenue also saw an uptick of around 2.7 percent, totalling approximately JPY3.19 billion (€19.5 million) for the period. 

Okura closes pachinko operations in Nagasaki City 

In a strategic move, Okura Holdings announced the closure of one of its pachinko and pachislot halls, K’s Plaza Ohato, situated in Nagasaki City effective from January 14t.  

Okura explained this decision is aimed at consolidating resources and focusing on enhancing customer experience at other high-performing locations while minimizing losses from underperforming operations. 

Pachinko in Japan 

According to data from Statista, there are 7.2 million pachinko players in Japan. 

Statista also shows that net sales generated by pachink industry amounts to JPY14.6 trillion (€90 billion). 

The website also noted that next to sports betting, pachinko is one of the few gambling activities which are officially tolerated in Japanese society.   

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