Revolutionizing the gambling industry with blockchain technology

Lea Hogg 1 month ago
Revolutionizing the gambling industry with blockchain technology

CoinGames has emerged as a game-changer in the iGaming industry. The company has launched a decentralized gambling platform that leverages the power of blockchain and smart contract technology. This innovative approach has allowed CoinGames to create a Web3 casino that offers instant withdrawals, access to daily promotions, 24/7 live support, and a staggering array of over 10,000 games.

The CoinGames platform addresses what it identifies as the “largest challenge” in the online gambling industry: conversion rates. Traditional online casinos require users to deposit funds upfront, creating a barrier to entry for many potential players. CoinGames eliminates this hurdle by operating as a Web3 casino, where all gaming transactions are facilitated through smart contracts. This streamlines the process, enhances accessibility, and has led to a reported 380 percent improvement in conversion rates and a 200 percent increase in customer Lifetime Value. User-Centric Approach CoinGames has prioritized the user experience, ensuring that players enjoy shorter wait times for registration and deposit. The company has eliminated the need for third parties that often complicate and slow down processes.

As a result, players maintain full autonomy over their funds, with no restrictions on when or how much they can withdraw using their non-custodial wallets. All transactions are recorded on the CoinGames framework, which is built upon the Binance Chain and Polygon Chain, with plans to soon incorporate Solana and Ethereum. The implementation of these decentralized technologies contributes to a user experience that is both fully secure and streamlined. Setting a New Industry Standard Edoardo Narduzzi, President of CoinGames, has expressed his excitement about the launch of the platform. He believes that CoinGames, as the world’s first fully decentralized gambling platform, marks a pivotal moment not just for the company, but for the entire online gaming ecosystem.

User-centric approach

By integrating blockchain and smart contract technology, CoinGames is setting a new industry standard for transparency and user control. CoinGames, which already boasts a user base of 20,000 individuals, has ambitious plans to expand its reach to one million users by the end of the year. The platform operates under a specialized gambling license, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and bolstering user trust and security. In addition to its current offerings, CoinGames is set to introduce its native token, the CoinGames Token.

This will be done through private investor rounds followed by pre-sale and public sale phases. This move is expected to further enhance the platform’s offerings and solidify its position as a leader in the online gambling industry.

CoinGames is one of the leaders in the charge in revolutionizing the online gambling industry. By leveraging blockchain technology and prioritizing user experience, the company is setting a new standard for online casinos and paving the way for the future of gaming.

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