Seminal speakers and pioneering panels at the SiGMA Eurasia Summit

Jake Graves 1 year ago
Seminal speakers and pioneering panels at the SiGMA Eurasia Summit

The SiGMA Eurasia Summit in Dubai promises to be a truly unique event, packed from the top down with premium networking opportunities and access to some of the most inspirationally innovative, industry leaders. An invaluable experience that will afford attendees exposure to the latest tech endeavours, the indispensable knowledge of seminal decision makers and incredible insight into new and emerging markets.

Before the electrifying atmosphere of this event graces the shores of the UAE, let’s take a look at some of the pivotal industry pathfinders who will be attending and contributing to this dynamic and diverse event.

Gary Vee

Seminal keynote speaker: Gary VeeThe seriously remarkable path Gary Vaynerchuck has undertaken to achieve the great successes, not to mention the trailblazing thinking he has brought to the plethora of projects he has undertaken is nothing short of spectacular.

As a serial entrepreneur and an incredibly successful investor, Gary’s wealth of knowledge, garnered from all his experiences has meant in recent years, as one of the most influential speakers in the world, he has become a seminal figure in all walks of professional life.

His keynote speech at the SiGMA Eurasia summit all but guarantees an unmissable experience. You can catch Gary at multiple occasions during the event, but he will take to the Main stage on day 1 of the Summit, March 14th, at 15:10.

Jordan Belfort

The wolf of wall street, Jordan BelfortNone other than the Wolf of Wall Street himself will be in Dubai, attending and participating in The CPA Club International forum’s official meetup, in collaboration with SiGMA Group. Beginning at noon on the 12th of March, the meet up at the Grand Hyatt will also be featuring a glamorously ritzy afterparty at Sky2.0.

Jordan Belfort’s claim to fame is fittingly through his own autobiographic and biographic works, such as his memoir and subsequently lucrative and eagerly indulgent film of the same name. The former stockbroker turned motivational speaker is nothing short of a master in his field. His comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge contributions to the art of sales and marketing has left little doubt in anyone’s mind as to why he such a sought-after speaker and advisor.

David Meltzer

Inspiration insights from David Meltzer.After taking a fascinating business detour in the form of a multimillion-dollar bankruptcy, David Meltzer is one of the most respected names in the business world.

Having taken the time to codify what has made him so successful, a sensationally important step in his seminal journey, due in no small part to all his phenomenal successes and his spectacular setbacks. David has learnt to powerfully communicate his own knowledge and skills to mentor and greatly improve the potentials and abilities of a myriad of individuals, from college students to decisive C-suite executives.

David Meltzer will be generously bringing his plethora of knowledge and expertise to the Main stage of the SiGMA Eurasia Summit on day 1, the 14th of March. Commencing his engrossing speech on blockchain and WEB3.0 at 12.35.

Gaming and eSports discussion panel

Along with these scintillatingly seminal key speakers, the SiGMA Eurasia Summit will also play host to several insightfully interesting discussion panels. One of these such panels will commence at 11.05, on the first day of the summit, March 14th. “The potential developments and advancements in the gaming and esports sector in the Middle East region” panel discussion will be held on the SiGMA / AGS Stage and will bring an on the pulse insight from not only innovative thinkers but true industry insiders, not only up to the minute knowledge but sector shaping ideas and conversation.

The panel will feature founding member international relations director of the Center Blockchain of Catalonia, Vasilisa Marinchuk. An influential and productive proponent of the entrepreneurial space, particularly in the UAE, Lucy Chow. Along with the co-founder of BullPerks and GamesPad, Eran Elhanani, the founder of, Carl Runefelt and Darrach Campbell, management director of Esports Management Group (EMG).

SiGMA Debate

Aside from the diverse mix of impressively seminal speakers and the splendidly fascinating panels, day 2 of the SiGMA Eurasia Summit will play host to an intriguingly entertaining SiGMA debate. Billed as “The debate over ChatGPT: Is it an advancement in technology or a tool for cheating?” With all the buzz around the currently decisive market leader and the inevitable spawn of similar technology they will follow, it can be hard to not only come to grips with such revolutionary technology, but indeed to understand the ethical, physical and commercial implications of such pioneering and as of yet, unexplored technologies.

To understand both sides of this industry shaping question, two industry professionals will participate in a highly informative and effectively disseminated debate. The two eager participants are assuredly well qualified to be speaking on behalf of both sides of this debate.

On one side, Jayden Sage, both founder and CEO of Global Crypto Council (GCC). An accomplished Wall Street mathematician, working in the Blockchain space since 2011, Jayden is an active and dynamic proponent for humanity’s navigation through decentralization, Web 3, and Generative AI.

He will be joined by Luca Tagliaferro, a well renowned, sought-after authority in SEO consulting. Having worked with several highly respected organisations on simple massive websites and brands, Luca has masterfully left his mark on the SEO and digital marketing community.

SiGMA Eurasia Summit, Dubai

With tantalisingly terrific variety of activities and opportunities at this eagerly anticipated Summit, including incredible entrepreneurial opportunities and unique openings for growth and expansion, the seminal SiGMA Eurasia Summit will be an unparalleled event.

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