SiGMA documentary celebrates milestone anniversary

Katy Micallef 1 month ago
SiGMA documentary celebrates milestone anniversary

On the cusp of its first decade, the SiGMA Group has released a special documentary to mark its 10 year anniversary celebrations. 

Charting SiGMA’s monumental journey, from humble beginnings in 2014 to an events calendar boasting no less than 6 events held across 5 continents, the documentary explores the keystone moments shaping its growth trajectory. Familiar industry faces also feature, including Emirati ambassador Sara Al Madani, Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot, Sophia, and serial entrepreneur and marketing maverick Gary Vee.

As SiGMA Group Founder, Eman Pulis remarks, “The mantra of our company is to go global but always act local.” 

Watch the documentary in full:

A trusted authority in the industry, and a bridge between international markets, the SiGMA Group is a global events and media organisation focusing on the gambling, affiliation, and emerging technology sectors. Its unified platform blends education, regulation, innovation, and entertainment – empowering businesses for sustainable growth and providing opportunities for players, operators, and regulators to converge. 

Following the roll out of a global roadmap, SiGMA has become a catalyst for change by strategically organising summits and conferences across diverse markets. This influence extends beyond the event itself, paving the way for collaborative efforts that lead to meaningful regulatory advancements in the regions SiGMA operates in.

“You don’t get that kind of exposure at other events, the calibre of people that are involved in these events, ” confirms Emirati entrepreneur, Dr Sara Al Madani.

More than just a conference

The addition of licences throughout the USA and a series of freshly inked partnerships have defined a new era for the company. The acquisition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BIS) marked an inaugural foray into Brazil with SiGMA Americas, while a strategic investment in Affiliate World has opened doors for SiGMA’s gaming community – bringing them closer to some of the world’s top affiliates. A recent partnership with iGaming Academy will focus on developing SiGMA’s educational arm.

A cornerstone of SiGMA’s growth strategy also encompasses the Group’s charitable arm, the SiGMA Foundation, emerging tech brand AIBC, B2C brand SiGMA Play, and Ikigai Ventures, a UK-based VC fund.

Commenting on the importance of incorporating philanthropy into the way SiGMA operates, Emily Micallef, CEO for SiGMA Group, says, “To tie it [the Foundation] to our events the way we do – we have the charity auction during the awards dinners – is a brilliant thing, because we’re encouraging our clients to give back at the same time.”

Join the SiGMA World Tour 2024

The SiGMA Group 2024 lineup includes global locations such as the UAE (Dubai), Africa (Cape Town), the Americas (São Paulo), Asia (Manila), Eastern Europe (Budapest), and Europe (Malta). SiGMA currently operates with offices in five countries: Malta, Cyprus, Serbia, Brazil, and the Philippines. 

Here’s to a decade of growth and new beginnings – visit to see where we’re heading next.

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