SiGMA Match now open to delegates attending CIS & Balkans event in Cyprus

Katy Micallef 3 weeks ago
SiGMA Match now open to delegates attending CIS & Balkans event in Cyprus

Following its launch for SiGMA Asia’s debut event in Manila this July, SiGMA Match is now available to delegates attending this week’s summit in Cyprus.

The free tool, which is designed to help delegates navigate networking opportunities during its events, will open three days before each summit and close one week post event.

The networking web app will be fully accessible to all registered delegates, allowing them to connect to new business leads and chat with fellow affiliates, operators, and exhibitors from the moment they receive their ticket.

The tool also includes a smart matching feature, allowing users to select specific tags for more targeted matches.

SiGMA Match will be available this month to all attendees of SiGMA CIS & Balkans gaming and emerging tech event being held in Cyprus, from the 4th to 7th of July at the newly inaugurated Integrated Resort – City of Dreams Mediterranean. Last minute tickets for the expo are still available through the website.

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[WATCH] Event website becomes leading portal for news and events
SiGMA has been working hard during the pandemic to bring their audience a bigger and better website used to be just a website with information about the SiGMA show in Malta. Today the homepage not only gives access to their four main shows: SiGMA Europe, SiGMA Asia, SiGMA Americas, SiGMA Africa, but is also home to all the latest gaming news. (more…)
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Seminal speakers and pioneering panels at the SiGMA Eurasia Summit
The SiGMA Eurasia Summit in Dubai promises to be a truly unique event, packed from the top down with premium networking opportunities and access to some of the most inspirationally innovative, industry leaders. An invaluable experience that will afford attendees exposure to the latest tech endeavours, the indispensable knowledge of seminal decision makers and incredible insight into new and emerging markets. Before the electrifying atmosphere of this event graces the shores of the UAE, let's take a look at some of the pivotal industry pathfinders who will be attending and contributing to this dynamic and diverse event. Gary Vee Seminal keynote speaker: Gary VeeThe seriously remarkable path Gary Vaynerchuck has undertaken to achieve the great successes, not to mention the trailblazing thinking he has brought to the plethora of projects he has undertaken is nothing short of spectacular. As a serial entrepreneur and an incredibly successful investor, Gary's wealth of knowledge, garnered from all his experiences has meant in recent years, as one of the most influential speakers in the world, he has become a seminal figure in all walks of professional life. His keynote speech at the SiGMA Eurasia summit all but guarantees an unmissable experience. You can catch Gary at multiple occasions during the event, but he will take to the Main stage on day 1 of the Summit, March 14th, at 15:10. Jordan Belfort The wolf of wall street, Jordan BelfortNone other than the Wolf of Wall Street himself will be in Dubai, attending and participating in The CPA Club International forum's official meetup, in collaboration with SiGMA Group. Beginning at noon on the 12th of March, the meet up at the Grand Hyatt will also be featuring a glamorously ritzy afterparty at Sky2.0. Jordan Belfort's claim to fame is fittingly through his own autobiographic and biographic works, such as his memoir and subsequently lucrative and eagerly indulgent film of the same name. The former stockbroker turned motivational speaker is nothing short of a master in his field. His comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge contributions to the art of sales and marketing has left little doubt in anyone's mind as to why he such a sought-after speaker and advisor. David Meltzer Inspiration insights from David Meltzer.After taking a fascinating business detour in the form of a multimillion-dollar bankruptcy, David Meltzer is one of the most respected names in the business world. Having taken the time to codify what has made him so successful, a sensationally important step in his seminal journey, due in no small part to all his phenomenal successes and his spectacular setbacks. David has learnt to powerfully communicate his own knowledge and skills to mentor and greatly improve the potentials and abilities of a myriad of individuals, from college students to decisive C-suite executives. David Meltzer will be generously bringing his plethora of knowledge and expertise to the Main stage of the SiGMA Eurasia Summit on day 1, the 14th of March. Commencing his engrossing speech on blockchain and WEB3.0 at 12.35. Gaming and eSports discussion panel Along with these scintillatingly seminal key speakers, the SiGMA Eurasia Summit will also play host to several insightfully interesting discussion panels. One of these such panels will commence at 11.05, on the first day of the summit, March 14th. "The potential developments and advancements in the gaming and esports sector in the Middle East region” panel discussion will be held on the SiGMA / AGS Stage and will bring an on the pulse insight from not only innovative thinkers but true industry insiders, not only up to the minute knowledge but sector shaping ideas and conversation. The panel will feature founding member international relations director of the Center Blockchain of Catalonia, Vasilisa Marinchuk. An influential and productive proponent of the entrepreneurial space, particularly in the UAE, Lucy Chow. Along with the co-founder of BullPerks and GamesPad, Eran Elhanani, the founder of, Carl Runefelt and Darrach Campbell, management director of Esports Management Group (EMG). SiGMA Debate Aside from the diverse mix of impressively seminal speakers and the splendidly fascinating panels, day 2 of the SiGMA Eurasia Summit will play host to an intriguingly entertaining SiGMA debate. Billed as “The debate over ChatGPT: Is it an advancement in technology or a tool for cheating?” With all the buzz around the currently decisive market leader and the inevitable spawn of similar technology they will follow, it can be hard to not only come to grips with such revolutionary technology, but indeed to understand the ethical, physical and commercial implications of such pioneering and as of yet, unexplored technologies. To understand both sides of this industry shaping question, two industry professionals will participate in a highly informative and effectively disseminated debate. The two eager participants are assuredly well qualified to be speaking on behalf of both sides of this debate. On one side, Jayden Sage, both founder and CEO of Global Crypto Council (GCC). An accomplished Wall Street mathematician, working in the Blockchain space since 2011, Jayden is an active and dynamic proponent for humanity’s navigation through decentralization, Web 3, and Generative AI. He will be joined by Luca Tagliaferro, a well renowned, sought-after authority in SEO consulting. Having worked with several highly respected organisations on simple massive websites and brands, Luca has masterfully left his mark on the SEO and digital marketing community.

SiGMA Eurasia Summit, Dubai

With tantalisingly terrific variety of activities and opportunities at this eagerly anticipated Summit, including incredible entrepreneurial opportunities and unique openings for growth and expansion, the seminal SiGMA Eurasia Summit will be an unparalleled event.
Jake Graves 7 months ago
FunderPro and SiGMA Group to pioneer a new era in forex
The SiGMA Group has announced that it will partner with FunderPro, a leading proprietary trading innovator in the fintech industry. FunderPro brings its vast experience in FX brokerage and proprietary trading technology to support SiGMA in creating its first FX and proprietary trading event and broadening its reach to encompass the FXvertical. SiGMA FX will be further enriched by the expertise of brands such as Netrios (white label brokerage solutions), Zeply (crypto exchange), and CryptoChill (crypto gateway solutions). Proprietary trading firms are at the forefront of the financial industry, employing advanced technology which can be used both as an additional service offering and revenue stream to existing brokerages and to build standalone firms. For the first time, prop firms will have dedicated panels and spotlights at an FX event. Proprietary trading’s business model focuses on giving professional traders the tools and funds they need to trade to their fullest potential in exchange for a small percentage of the profits. This creates a win-win relationship because traders can capitalise on their skills, while the firm earns from every profitable trade. The collaboration between FunderPro and SiGMA Global represents a strategic alliance that capitalises on the unique strengths of each organisation. On the one hand, SiGMA's leading gaming events appeal to affiliates, traders, investors, and brokers for their capacity to enable key business connections. On the other hand, FunderPro, renowned for its innovative proprietary trading solutions and its role as a service and technology provider, aims to introduce prop trading to those same affiliates, traders, investors, and brokers and help them establish their proprietary trading firms with ease. This partnership is built on mutual synergies, aligning both companies' visions and growth strategies. Together, they are poised to advance sustainable, long-term fintech solutions and unlock new opportunities for beneficial collaborations. FunderPro eagerly anticipates the upcoming SiGMA expo, as for the first time at an FX event the focus will be on proprietary trading. This will be the perfect stage for FunderPro to showcase its distinctiveB2C and B2B offerings and show how its technological advancements are enabling traders to reach their objectives and entrepreneurs to easily enter the lucrative space of proprietary trading. Gary Mullen, CEO of FunderPro, said about the partnership: "This partnership is a transformative milestone for FunderPro and SiGMA alike. We see not only a remarkable opportunity to showcase the potential of proprietary trading in the innovative and dynamic environment facilitated by SiGMA, but also the opportunity to help more entrepreneurs and businesses harness the power and benefits of proprietary trading. It's an exciting time for FunderPro and for the industry as a whole." By bringing together the worlds of gaming and fintech, FunderPro and SiGMA Global promise to usher innovative solutions that will create new opportunities for traders, affiliates, businesses, and investors worldwide. SiGMA FX will take place in Limassol, Cyprus between 4th and 7th September. For any information regarding the event, please email FunderPro’s events coordinator, Carolina, at [email protected] or Emily, SiGMA's Event Director.
Katy Micallef 3 months ago
When east meets west
In Block issue 3, Eman Pulis Founder of SiGMA Group explains the company's expansion to Asia and the potential the country holds as a new frontier for emerging technologies 

As we ease into the fourth industrial revolution it has become clear that businesses looking to secure a leading role in an increasingly digital world need to seek synergy with emerging technologies.  The benefits of integrating our physical and digital worlds remain tremendous - we hope to leverage these advantages as we foray into Asia’s up-and-coming markets. 

Content Team 3 years ago
5 reasons why SiGMA Toronto is the gateway to the future of the iGaming industry
Beyond the fact that SiGMA’s network spans generations of passionate and seasoned long-term operators, the summit brings a number of important benefits to the table for any enterprising first-time delegate planning to join the broader SiGMA family

5.) The intersection between emerging tech and iGaming

While SiGMA focuses mainly on the iGaming and land based gambling sectors, the SiGMA expo happens in parallel to the two other verticals of the Group; the AIBC Summit and Affiliate Grand Slam. The first of these is a globally respected hub and nexus for technologists, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators within the emerging tech space. This means that the best and brightest within the Blockchain, NFT, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Crypto spaces will be front and present in Toronto. Its recent expansion into the Metaverse space has opened up a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity for operators seeking to augment their ventures in ways never before seen. Affiliate Grand Slam brings together the thought leaders and pioneers of the digital marketing space. From SEO gurus to leading conversion optimizers, the Summit’s plethora of influencers and affiliates has the potential to supercharge the profile of any gambling firm wanting to make its mark on the international stage. These three pillars of the SiGMA Group exhibit in parallel to each other, offering our delegates unparalleled opportunities for exposure and cross pollination with some of the most dynamic and powerful sectors of the modern and future economies. [caption id="attachment_538100" align="aligncenter" width="750"] SiGMA Dubai in March 2022, a massive success by all accounts.[/caption]

4.) Ontario: The right place, the right time

The summits could not have picked a better place nor a better time. Given the passing of Bill C-218, which will open the floodgates for an entire industry in the region, SiGMA America’s June inauguration will allow it to set the stage for this industry within a mere 90 days of regulated operations in Ontario. This means that the movers and shakers of a nascent regulated industry will be front and center at the expo, letting our more ambitious delegates invest early in an ever growing sector. At the heart of this growing network of innovators, Ontario stands as the pillar that will shape the industry to come. The province represents approximately 40 percent of the industry’s population and market with an estimated 40 companies already in the process of being licensed to operator-status in the Ontario market. This makes now the opportune time for any enterprising delegate to place themselves at the heart of the action. [caption id="attachment_538160" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Toronto iGathering A SiGMA Toronto iGathering, where some of the leading figures in the industry meet to discuss.[/caption]

3.) SiGMA Toronto: A place to raise and invest capital

Capital makes the world go round for both entrepreneurs who want to make their ambitious plans a reality as well as for investors who want to be part of the economy of the future. At the heart of the SiGMA Group as a whole is a deep love and appreciation for start-ups and investment, empowering visionaries with the fuel to make their mark on the world while also providing our broad network of investors a wide portfolio of potential unicorns to strengthen their financial future. SiGMA is the place to not only meet your business match but also participate in several opportunities for capital investment. The SiGMA-AGS Pitch lets a hundred start-ups compete for a chance to pitch their idea to a panel of investors with up to $500,000 of equity investment and a suite of other benefits being the take-home prize for our lucky winner. You can also meet representatives of several venture capital firms such as Ikigai Ventures, who specialize in frontier investments within gaming, esports, blockchain, fintech, psychedelics and much more. Beyond this, the sheer presence of investors and partners means that SiGMA Americas will be the place to be for selling your business or acquiring your next money maker!

2.) Meet the iGaming workforce of the future

Understanding the needs of a nascent industry, we know how meeting and hiring the right people could make or break a company. The global situation being what it is, we also understand that finding the right staff in difficult times is close to impossible, particularly in niche areas, such as design and development. Luckily enough, SiGMA Americas plans to make the impossible possible! While exhibitors will be boosting their HR presence on the floor, doors will open on the second day of the expo from 2pm to students and individuals seeking employment in the gaming and emerging tech sectors. Applicants may register their interest here. Our SiGMA Career Fair will provide firms small and large with the opportunity to recruit the best and brightest in the marketing, compliance, regulation, AML, KYC and sales sectors to supercharge their own growth. With the looming Great Resignation, there may be no better time to gain access to the best talent than now. If you don't, your competitors might!

1.) SiGMA Toronto: Elevating networking to an art form

Finally, SiGMA is known for being the place to not only meet the movers and shakers but to also have the time of your life doing it! From iGathering dinners and susnset cruises to networking drinks and gala awards, our delegates will have all the opportunities in the world to meet the operators, marketers, innovators and tech-gurus who can take their ventures to the moon and beyond. Excited to be part of the future of iGaming? Register now to get in on the action. Join us for SiGMA Americas – Toronto: Toronto is the perfect hub for SiGMA’s growth in North America, making it a nexus of networking and business development in the region with regards to land-based, iGaming, sports betting, and more. Playing host to a massive iGaming industry, Toronto will be the home for the SiGMA Group’s initiative to link the industry pioneers of the continent together for 3 days of networking, workshops, and awards. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie on [email protected].
Content Team 1 year ago
AGS Americas launches 100 Spartans Brazil campaign
Affiliate Grand Slam (AGS) is flying 100 top affiliates to the SiGMA Americas event, which, in association with the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS), is taking place in Sao Paulo this June 14-18, at the Transamerica Expo Centre.  The event will bring together 100 of the best affiliates from across a plethora of frontier industries, enabling them to forge solid relationships with key operators in the South American and LatAm markets.  The campaign will draw on the success of previous trips - including most recently - Malta and Dubai, offering affiliates a deluxe, all inclusive experience. Enjoying luxury accommodation and a no-expense-spared entertainment agenda - including VIP style dinners and drinks - affiliates can expect plenty of opportunities to build new relationships during their stay. This is a unique opportunity for operators and affiliates to forge connections in a relaxed, business-before-friends style atmosphere. The SiGMA Americas expo also promises top quality content, with a series of panels, keynotes and interactive workshops offering invaluable opportunities to stay ahead of upcoming trends, explore new markets and technologies, and brush up their skill set.  Brazil's gaming market stands out as the biggest in Latin America, and among the largest globally, offering entrepreneurs a prime opportunity to tap into the region's promising gaming industry. Boasting fast-growing, regulated markets, as well as emerging ones with significant growth potential, the region is an ideal destination for investors. Against this backdrop, SiGMA Americas' and BIS' upcoming event for the market comes at the right time to connect key players in the region with leading suppliers, affiliates, and operators from the West, leveraging its extensive network to drive the gaming industry forward. Interested in being one of the 100 Spartans? Register HERE.
Katy Micallef 6 months ago
Ikigai Ventures to present first year results during Brazil conference
Ikigai Ventures are confirmed to attend SiGMA Americas’ upcoming expo and conference in Sao Paulo. The 3-day summit takes place between the 14 and 18 June at the Transamerica Expo Centre.  Group Partner Eman Pulis and Investment Partner Vinicius Moraes de Carvalho - who joined Ikigai Ventures in February 2022 - will also deliver a keynote during the conference, where they will present the fund’s first year results following its launch in January 2022. The UK-based seed stage fund, which has a global mandate, will be in Brazil to meet with startups engaged in this fast, diverse, and emerging market.  A number of startups projects backed by Ikigai Ventures, including Racing Stars - a pools betting platform which won the SiGMA Startup Pitch back in 2022, Centurion FC, Quantum, IGA, Imprexis, iLotto Solutions, Fastex, and Dexsport are also confirmed to attend the event.  [caption id="attachment_788368" align="alignleft" width="225"]eman pulis-sigma play GP Eman Pulis.[/caption] In the words of GP Eman Pulis, “We’ve been seeing some very interesting projects coming out of LatAm, particularly around sports. With SiGMA Group’s backing I’m positive we can be a supporting shoulder for a tech startup seeking international expansion” Brazil’s corporate venture sector has grown significantly over the last few years, with the country opening its doors to international startups as it seeks to invest in cutting edge innovation.  Investments in startups increased eight times in 2021 when compared to 2018, and Brazil started 2022 off with 21 unicorns, 1/3 of which achieved the USD 1 billion valuation in 2021. According to a recent report from the Brazilian Startups Association (ABStartups), 46% of the Brazilian startups were founded after 2020, and 52% are now in the traction or scalability phase (24.5% are in the ideation or validation phase). Anyone who would like to connect with any of the startups Ikigai Ventures is investing in can reach out directly to Eman and Vinicius About Ikigai Ventures Ikigai Ventures is a UK-based, seed-stage, venture capital firm committed to supporting bright ideas worldwide and supporting the next generation of founders focused on frontier technologies.  Ikigai Ventures assists in the identification of promising new businesses and provides funding, technical skills and mentorship. Currently the company is focusing its efforts on investments in verticals such as esports, blockchain, fintech, AI and other frontier tech. The limited partners are leading European tech founders and investors or collectives that have built and scaled some of Europe’s biggest companies in these verticals.  A team of global experienced capitalists and industry experts with multiple exits have been assigned to the same VC Fund.
Content Team 4 months ago
Malta Week 2021 kicks off a new Post-COVID age of innovation and commerce
During the span of a very exciting and surprisingly sunny November week, we managed to organize not one, not two but FOUR separate conferences with 13,500 delegates drawn from across the world. With the conferences for SiGMA, Affiliate Grand Slam, AIBC and Med-Tech World coming to a conclusive close, we can only thank the great minds and tireless hands of the many executives and speakers that made the event the success that it was. [caption id="attachment_469403" align="aligncenter" width="600"]europe gaming awards 2021 The Europe Gaming Awards of 2021[/caption] SiGMA World celebrated the iGaming industry’s resilience even in the most troubling of times. With this we also congratulate the efforts made to make the iGaming world ethical, fraud-free and lawful. Affiliate Grand Slam congratulated the brilliant marketers and influencers bringing much needed attention to a massive portfolio of industries and rejuvenating the economy one click at a time. AIBC brought together the pioneers of a bright new age of emerging technology ready, able and willing to be the vanguard of Tomorrow. Other than just the established names, we also hosted many an entrepreneur seeking to expand the frontiers of AI and the Blockchain ever forward.  Finally, Med-Tech World united the medical professionals of many disciplines to combine their keen minds and inexhaustible passion for a better tomorrow with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors who also dream of a world free from disease and cancer. The Week also saw many a networking dinner, speaking panel, drink gatherings and other opportunities for our hard-working delegates to unwind. A few highlights include the awards that congratulated those whose dedication, skill and acumen made them a leading figure in their industry as well as the fact that the conferences where graced by titans such as John Karony, Nolan Bushnell, Djibril Cissé, Akon and Mark Blandford who was awarded an Outstanding Contribution of the Year award for his pioneering work in the iGaming industry. We also had the pleasure of organizing an exciting e-sports tournament where a number of top-tier teams competed in a climactic game of CS:GO as well as a crypto-network boat tour amongst so much more!! [caption id="attachment_469413" align="aligncenter" width="600"]untitled 1 Scenes from the main expo[/caption] We also would like to highlight the resilience of the event which neither rain nor sleet (nor one pesky fire) managed to dent the resolve of the conference or that of the organizers behind it. Our refusal to cancel the Med-Tech Awards out of respect towards the doctors and entrepreneurs who went above and beyond in their duties towards the Medical World was a decision that we feel should be noted. A special thanks also goes out to the 400 speakers, 800 sponsors and exhibitors that formed the backbone of the events as well as the incredible support received from the government of Malta with the Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy personally visiting to endorse the conference due to the potential it presented both for the Isles of Malta and abroad. We also wanted to shed light on the many measures taken to make sure that the business leaders of tomorrow got their time in the limelight through start-up village and the many pitchfests dedicated to each vertical.   To conclude, we would like to thank you for being part of the journey and we are going to be more than glad to see that journey continue either in the lush greenery of Nairobi, near the gold-domed steeples of Kiev, the bright lights of a dusk Toronto skyline or anywhere else we sense potential. The future is bright and you won’t regret coming along for the ride.
Content Team 2 years ago
MioMedia, a new innovative affiliate program in the iGaming marketto attend SiGMA Europe event

Intelligence, context, body language, even humour, they can all be harder to get across digitally

You joined MioMedia in June this year, how did you find it starting with a new company during lockdown?
It’s been fantastic. I’m lucky enough to have lived in Malta for over seven years now so there were some familiar faces greeting me online from day one. As we’ve grown over these past few months and moved back towards a normal office life, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming others I know from the industry in the same way. As a team as well as a company, we put great emphasis on doing whatever social events the restrictions have allowed, to ensure we all feel like we’re part of something special here.

How are you settling into the role? What were your initial objectives? How are these working out?
I ’m lucky to work with similar mindsets at MioMedia, where everyone has a job to do, and as long as we’re all pulling in the same direction, we’re bound to go far. With the launch of Neon54, our strategy has been to establish this brand in the emerging markets across Europe, LatAm and beyond. I want to grow Neon54 so that it’s the market leader in these areas, using the USP of five different welcome offers and extraordinary avatars to capture the imagination of new players across the globe. I held this position with another operator prior to coming here, so this gave me a great platform to attack the role properly, and the launch couldn’t have gone better. We’re really pleased to see how this brand develops in the coming years, while preparation is already underway to launch new brands and verticals in the near future. The hard work never stops!

Now that we are returning to shows, what are you looking forward to most? With face-to-face meetings being impossible over the past 18 months, how important are they?
Having been in this industry for many years, these conferences are a great chance to catch up with not only new and existing partners, but also ex colleagues and friends that may have moved on from Malta but stayed within the industry. After a year that most of us spent sitting on a couch, I’m positive that there’s plenty who are glad to board a plane to sunny Malta. These shows are always great for business, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to say thank you to your favourite clients, maybe grab some dinner and plan out the next quarter’s campaigns. As much as a phone call is better than an email, a face-to-face blows them both out of the water. It helps you see each other in a more human way and makes working together much easier moving forward.

Malta Week – Save the dates:

For the first time ever SiGMA Group is bringing its 4 leading shows together for the mother of all conferences. From the 15th to 19th November, SiGMA, alongside AGS and AIBC will bring the best in the business to a first-class meeting point at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC). Malta Week is a chance for investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policymakers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry. Register now!

Content Team 54 years ago
AskGamblers raises €60,300 during its traditional charity night
Industry professionals gathered to raise money for a good cause as they bid to have their brand occupy one of the top promotional spots on the AskGamblers website A day before the AskGamblers Awards ceremony, AskGamblers held its traditional charity auction, gathering esteemed industry guests who flew in for the AskGamblers Awards. As is tradition, the AskGamblers Charity Night took place a day before the Awards ceremony. Industry professionals gathered to raise money for a good cause as they bid to have their brand occupy one of the top promotional spots on the AskGamblers website throughout September, our charity month. On behalf of their companies, several casino managers participated in the bidding, with the most persistent ones getting their hands on the top three positions they had bid for. The positions bought in the bid are as follows: SEARCH BAR PROMOTION • Position 1 = 7StarsPartners • Position 2 = BitStarz Casino • Position 3= Casino Rocket CASINO COLLECTION • Position 1= Mate Affiliates • Position 2 = 7StarsPartners • Position 3 = Son of Slots Casino TOP 10 LIST - RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS • Position 1 = Mate Affiliates • Position 2 = iWild Casino • Position 3 = Platin Casino Affiliates Altogether, the participants managed to raise an amazing €60,300. All proceeds from the auction will be diverted to help those in need. The guestlist included AskGamblers’ partners from the iGaming industry - online casinos, affiliate programs, and software providers - who flew to Belgrade from all around Europe and the world to attend the AskGamblers Awards ceremony that took place on Thursday, 16 June. On this occasion, Denis Ristic, General Manager of AskGamblers, shared his thoughts by saying: The opportunity to raise funds and provide support for those in need is a responsibility that we take seriously at AskGamblers. We hope this charity event not only makes an impact on our community but also resonates with others across the iGaming industry. About AskGamblers Awards AskGamblers Awards is a prestigious annual event within the iGaming industry, standing against other Awards of a similar type for including the players’ opinions in the process of choosing winners. AskGamblers Awards is organised and held by About AskGamblers AskGamblers, the winner of Best Casino Website 2019 at IGB Affiliate Awards, and Casino Affiliate of the Year Award at the SBC Awards 2020, is the source of unbiased and reliable online casino, slot, and bonus reviews and additional relevant iGaming information. AskGamblers features real player opinions along with the highly valuable ratings in the iGaming community. Our motto is: “Get the truth. Then play.” Thanks to its unique Casino Complaint Service, AskGamblers has returned $46.6 (and counting) to the players thus far. Join us in Belgrade, Serbia from the 22-25th August: Renowned for its beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and penchant for parties, the Balkans have been sought after by both tasteful tourists and entrepreneurs with an eye on the growing iGaming ecosystem calling the region home. As the home to the global Gambling community, the SiGMA Conference is known far and wide for its enlightening panels, inspiring speeches, ample opportunities to invest and network, and the ability to do it all while having the time of your life. Join us in Belgrade for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of worldwide gambling. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at [email protected].
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SiGMA Gaming Awards brings the gaming industry together for gala evening
The SiGMA Gaming Awards kickstarted Malta Week activities with lavish dinner and auction [caption id="attachment_453991" align="alignleft" width="200"]clemence CEO Woman of the Year – Clemence Dujardin.[/caption] It was a night of surprises for the SiGMA Gaming Awards last night. Taking place at the Hilton Malta in St. Julian’s, and powered by BetConstruct, the gala evening kicked off with a few glasses of champagne on the terrace before moving into the theatre for the main event. Starting out with a little lively banter, presenters Jon Thompson and SiGMA’s own, Lorraine Sammut warmed up the stage, noting that it was good to be back after two difficult years for the industry. And what a comeback, the buzz was palpable as winners started to make their way on stage.  Here are the night’s winners: iGaming Consultancy of the Year - iGaming Advisor Corporate Services Provider of the Year - CSB Online Gaming Media of the Year - iGaming Future Online Casino Provider of the Year - Soft2bet Live Casino Provider of the Year - Pragmatic Play Online Sportsbook Provider of the Year - Digitain Game Provider of the Year - Stakelogic Rising Star Table Game of the Year - Full Color Gaming Platform of the Year - BetConstruct Unique Selling Point of the Year - Evolution Online Slots & RNG Games of the Year - Push Gaming Rising Star Operator of the Year - Betiton Online Casino of the Year - VideoSlots Crypto Casino of the Year - TrueFlip Sportsbook Operator of the Year - William Hill Affiliate Program of the Year - 7StarsPartners Affiliate of the Year - Bluewindow Sportsbook Affiliate of the Year - Oddspedia Esport Product of the Year - Esport Technologies Responsible Gaming of the Year - Betsson Gaming Fund of the Year - Yolo Investments CEO Woman of the Year - Clemence Dujardin Workplace of the Year - Betsson CSR Contributor of the Year - BBIN Online Payment Solution of the Year - Trustly [caption id="attachment_453959" align="alignleft" width="200"]mark 2 Mark Blandford receiving Outsanding Contribution of the Year.[/caption] One standout moment was reserved for the Outstanding Contribution of the Year. This year’s winner, Mark Blandford, a pioneer in the gaming sector with a solid 25 years  of experience behind him, was clearly caught off guard by the unexpected accolade. Clearly moved, he had this to say: “I’ve been speechless a few times in my life, I had no idea this was happening. A number of great friends in the audience tonight have managed to keep things quiet. “I love this industry, I've been in it since the beginning, getting involved 25 years ago - seeing it develop and mature into a great industry makes an old bloke like me very proud. Thanks to everyone, including Eman Pulis and the SiGMA team for pulling off such a tremendous event. I wish each and all of you every success with your careers, companies and ongoing success.  There was also a guest appearance from French football legend Djibril Cisse, who turned up to introduce Betiton. “This is my first time to Malta, it’s a great country! I’ll be playing for you on Wednesday at SIGMA Night, so see you then!”  On behalf of SiGMA Foundation, Keith Marshall also gave a rousing speech, urging attendees to get involved, saying that this was their time to shine. “With you guys on board - the sky’s the limit. Don’t sit on the fence of indifference - this is your opp to shine.” [caption id="attachment_453969" align="alignright" width="300"]a7b07190 Keith Marshall speaking about the SiGMA Foundation.[/caption] The evening then moved on to the auction - a live bidding round where several art pieces were up under the hammer for charity - with proceeds going to the SiGMA Foundation. Things got off on a good note with the first piece - a twist on the traditional triple 7 jackpot in silver filigree by artist Kevin Attard, going for 3,000 EUR. This was then followed by a fierce bidding war, where a staggering 8,000 EUR was raised for Derek Mason’s King of Cards - a piece exploring the synergy between fiat and crypto. Lastly was a piece by well known international artist Reuven Shockner, known for using banknotes in his tactile artworks. His pieces ask poignant questions about the changing nature of money - providing a chance for us to reflect on the innovations turning traditional finance on its head. This three-piece set went for an incredible sum of 7,000 EUR. Malta Week is happening between the 16th and the 18th at the MFCC, Ta' Qali, Malta.
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SiGMA Americas confirms Canada for 2022 expo
The Toronto supershow will debut SiGMA’s affiliate, emerging tech, and gaming verticals SiGMA is excited to confirm Canada as the location for SiGMA Americas 2022. The multi-vertical expo SiGMA, which is to include SiGMA Group’s gaming vertical SiGMA, its affiliate arm AGS, and emerging tech brand AIBC, will mark its entry into the Canadian market when it opens its doors in Toronto this June, 2022.  SiGMA Americas 2022 was launched at SiGMA’s networking iGathering held in Las Vegas during the Global Gaming Expo earlier this month, where the announcement that SiGMA Group will add another key location to its event calendar for 2022 was well received. SiGMA Americas rounds off an international line up of key markets - including Africa, the GCC, and the CIS regions. [caption id="attachment_246476" align="alignleft" width="200"] Nicole Fields, VP for Growth and Strategy US at SiGMA Group.[/caption] “The Canadian gaming market is experiencing tremendous growth stemming from new regulations around iGaming and sports betting. These new regulations are making way for new sectors to emerge and new suppliers to enter the market.  “SiGMA’s role in all of this is to connect leading operators, suppliers, affiliates, policy makers, and thought leaders by building a first class business event with a forward thinking conference, an innovative and tech driven trade show floor and meaningful networking events and unique experiences attendees are used to experiencing at SiGMA events,” says Nicole Fields, VP for Growth and Strategy US at SiGMA Group. “Bravo SiGMA! A fabulous networking event. It was great to connect with so many innovators and entrepreneurs in the gaming and emerging technology space. Fantastic news that SiGMA will be launching a full conference and tradeshow next year in Toronto! said Terry Debono, Partner at the Debono Group - a consultancy focused on the Global Gaming, Broadcasting, Entertainment and Interactive Technology Sectors.” Why Canada? There's never been a better time. Following the landmark passing of Bill C-218 on the 27th of August 2021, Canada’s 10 provinces are now in a position to choose whether to independently regulate single-event wagering on pro-sports events. Additionally gambling legislation will now fall under individual provinces and will no longer be governed by Canada’s Criminal Code.  A decade in the making, the bill will allow for new regulatory oversight, player protection, a more level- playing field for industry players, and economic growth as Canadian provinces work to capture the grey market in their first initial steps towards Canada’s first regulated marketplace. This is the first expo for the SiGMA Americas brand, having held several successful virtual events over the last 2 years for the LatAm and North American markets, as well as several networking events across the US.

What to expect:

SiGMA Toronto, which takes place from 6-9 June, will focus on leveraging the natural synergy between the emerging tech and iGaming sectors, taking advantage of an industry enjoying rapid growth following recent iGaming reforms through the legalisation of single-game sports wagering in Canada and the launch of Ontario’s regulated iGaming market. In addition to a full agenda of expert-led panels and workshops, a high-energy expo floor offers a direct line to some of the top brands in the business – making it an ideal place for networking and brand exposure. Delegates can also expect plenty of networking occasions during the summit, with a number of dinners taking place in the evenings. The event will also host two award evenings, catering to the gaming, emerging tech, and marketing verticals. In addition to handing out accolades, the awards will host a charitable auction, the proceeds of which will be diverted to SiGMA Foundation – the company’s charitable arm. The summit will incorporate SiGMA Group’s emerging tech and affiliation brands; AIBC and AGS. This cross pollination between the verticals brings added value to delegates looking to explore new opportunities in complementary frontier sectors. On the second day of the expo SiGMA will host a career fair. From 14:00 doors will open to students and individuals looking for employment in the Gaming and Emerging tech sectors. This fast growing sector continues to demand talent, especially in creative niches such as development and design.
Save the dates for Malta Week: For the first time ever SiGMA Group is bringing its 4 leading shows together for the mother of all conferences. From the 15th to 19th November, SiGMA, alongside AGS and AIBC will bring the best in the business to a first-class meeting point at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC). Malta Week is a chance for investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policymakers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry. Register now!
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Top international speakers fly in for Malta Week conference
Our select group of experienced men and women across a broad spectrum of 4 verticals will provide you with the motivation you need to develop personal and business strategies that will give you a competitive advantage

With years of experience and leveraging industry relationships, our team is fully trained to seek out the best speakers to let you feel energised and inspired throughout the conference.  Our inspirational speakers have a history of eliciting strong emotions in our listeners and leaving them feeling motivated and inspiring peak performance. Below is a list of this year's Malta Week motivational event speakers who will be present during the show. 

SiGMA Speakers:

Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Kay Bushnell is an American businessman and electrical engineer. He established Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre chain. Bushnell has been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame and the Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame received the BAFTA Fellowship and the Nations Restaurant News "Innovator of the Year" award, and was named one of Newsweek's "50 Men Who Changed America." Bushnell has started more than twenty companies and is one of the founding fathers of the video game industry. He is on the board of Anti-Aging Games. In 2012 he founded an educational software company called Brainrush, that is using video game technology in educational software. Nolan is credited with Bushnell's Law, an aphorism about games that are "easy to learn and difficult to master" being rewarding. Nolan Bushnell is also a Strategic Advisor at Esports Technologies.

nolan bushnell, strategic advisor, esports technologies | SiGMA News

Ivan Montik

Entrepreneur in the sphere of information technology, founder of SoftSwiss, a pioneer in Bitcoin online casino solutions, and strongest supporter of cryptocurrency, currently running a number of successful projects in IT and iGaming. With a background in economics and management and a track record in journalism, he founded a custom software development company and further launched two products, online auction software under the brand Merkeleon and an online casino platform under the brand SoftSwiss. The company reached a top position in the iGaming industry and turned into the leading provider of turnkey white label solutions for online casino operators. With the profound knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Ivan managed to implement the technology in the online casino software and led his company to become a pioneer in the area of Bitcoin gaming.

ivan montik, ceo and founder, softswiss | SiGMA News

Paul Burns

Paul Burns was instrumental in establishing the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) in 2005, recognising the need for a unified voice for the gaming industry in Canada. Under his leadership as the CGA’s Vice President, the association grew to include the industry’s leading operators, manufacturers, and suppliers nationwide. Mr. Burns was appointed the CGA’s President & CEO in March 2018. He has been responsible for the development of industry-wide research and programs, including the release of the most comprehensive study on the economic impact of gaming in Canada, and the expansion of the industry’s national annual conference, the Canadian Gaming Summit.

paul burns, president & ceo, canadian gaming association | SiGMA News

Alexandre Tomic

Alexandre Tomic is co-founder of ALEA, the multi-award-winning creator of innovative gaming experiences. Tomic is well-known within the industry, having over ten years of experience in varying aspects ranging from affiliate network owner to casino operator. He and his partner at ALEA, Charles Gross, are familiar friendly faces at many conferences and shows. Their passion for the industry is matched by their drive for innovative products and ideas. Alexandre himself is a Biohacking and VR enthusiast and is committed to promoting social responsibility among operators and creating awareness about the societal impact of the gambling industry. Tomic is also the cover of BLOCK's latest issue as health wearables have been a bit of a passion project for the founder. In BLOCK’s latest issue he sits down with our editor to discuss why these devices are on track to change the face of healthcare.

alexandre tomic 0002 copy

Susan Breen

Susan Breen is a Partner in the firm's top-ranked Betting & Gaming Group in the Innovation Department. Susan's practice spans both corporate and M&A, as well as regulatory and commercial advice with over 20 years experience acting for gambling industry clients. A particular strength of Susan's practice is her ability to blend her corporate knowledge with regulatory, infrastructure, and compliance advice to many of the industry's leading operators, service providers, and business owners both in the UK and internationally.

susan breen, partner, mishcon de reya | SiGMA News 

AIBC Speakers:


Akon, a hip-hop superstar and one of Africa’s most renowned philanthropists, has accepted a speaker slot during AIBC in Malta, he will all give a performance at the official SiGMA night. He will be speaking about his Akoin token and how he hopes the blockchain-based cryptocurrency can empower young entrepreneurs in Africa to strengthen the continent’s rising economies and support the development of sustainable communities. The Senegalese-American hip-hop singer/songwriter/producer has been profiting from a range of business ventures this year. There's his Konvict Clothing, his Pepsi soccer ad campaign, and Kon Live, his Interscope-backed imprint that's home to Lady Gaga and others. Akoin, created by visionary global artist and change-maker himself Akon is a cryptocurrency, powered by a marketplace of tools and services to fuel the dreams of entrepreneurs, business owners, and social activists. Akoin helps them connect and engage across the rising economies of Africa and beyond. 

akon aibc | SiGMA News

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni 

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni is an internationally recognised blockchain technology advocate, keynote speaker, and strategic advisor. Dr. Alzarouni is the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), impact business, and a strategic partner to Dubai Future Foundation. The center was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum under the Area 2071 initiative in May 2018. It aims to create a fertile ground and a holistic ecosystem for blockchain companies and projects to thrive in. DBCC regularly hosts a number of blockchain startups within Area 2071 and also conducts educational classes and seminars around blockchain use cases in the government and private sector. Dr. Marwan is currently heading the Digital Asset Task Force (DATF), a research and advisory team that reports to the Dubai Future Council for Blockchain. The purpose of the task force is to conduct a comprehensive study to provide clear guidance on how digital assets can be encouraged and regulated. The council establishes Dubai as a global blockchain capital, offering a prominent platform for decision-makers from various local and international governments and private sector entities to explore futuristic, blockchain-based solutions.

dr marwan | SiGMA News

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor is the Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a publicly-traded business intelligence firm that he founded in 1989. He is also the founder of (ALRM), named inventor on 40+ patents, & author of the book “The Mobile Wave”. He founded & serves as a trustee for the Saylor Academy (, a non-profit organization that has provided free education to 800,000+ students. He is an advocate for the Bitcoin Standard ( He has dual degrees from MIT in Aerospace Engineering & History of Science. 

michael saylor chairman & ceo of microstrategy | SiGMA News

John Karony

John Karony, the CEO of Safemoon has been nominated for the ‘Crypto Influencer of the Year’ Award 2021. John Karony’s token is trending because of the unprecedented price increase. In the last month, this novel token has grown up to 6000%, leaving the whole crypto industry speechless. Karony, is a former analyst for the United States Department of Defense. After its launch, SafeMoon quickly gained over one million holders of the cryptocurrency.

john karony, ceo, safemoon  | SiGMA News

Mark Blandford

Mark is a founding partner of Burlywood Capital LLP, a new digital Pay2Play investor, and advisor. Burlywood invests in companies in the digital Pay2Play entertainment industry; the fastest-growing segment in the $0.8 trillion global media and entertainment industry. Highly driven serial entrepreneur. Moved into an investment, specialising in development capital.

mark blandford, chairman, burlywood capital  | SiGMA News

AGS Speakers:

Dave Crane

Dave Crane is the host of the award-winning weekly web TV show ‘Turbo-Charge Your Brand TV’ the motivational personal branding show watched by thousands of industry experts, thought leaders, and high achievers in 84 countries worldwide. This former BBC journalist is one of the freshest and highly requested speaker/trainers and motivational entertainers in the market, having worked in the USA, UK, Spain, South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, the Caribbean, Italy, and Monaco. One motivational session in Greece led to one Global company recording a 49% growth in sales within their next 12 months period and they attributed much of it to his work.

dave crane, ceo dave crane | SiGMA News

Jonas Cederholm

Jonas Cederholm is the founder and Group CEO of Game Lounge. He has a great understanding and passion for Search Engine Optimization and online marketing. Jonas has a typical entrepreneur’s leadership. He sees opportunities rather than problems and believes in decentralization by empowering employees to make their own decisions.

 jonas cederholm, ceofounder, game lounge group | SiGMA News

Fabio de Sio

Award-winning public speaker, and LGBTQ business coach, Fabio De Sio offers bespoke individualised coaching sessions. With a renowned focus on developing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, Fabio works with all levels of management and staff, to increase trust and thereby improve efficiency and productivity, within the workplace.

fabio de sio, public speaker & lgbtq business coach  | SiGMA News

Robert Andersson

Robert Andersson is a Computer Science graduate from Stockholm University and Griffith University. He has long experience in creating shareholder value and developing growth companies in iGaming and the media industry. Before joining Acroud, Robert was CEO of Enlabs and Catena Media, which he built up and developed, turning them from small companies with a few employees into large established listed companies. Robert joined Acroud in February 2020.

robert andersson, ceo acroud | SiGMA  News

Mike Prasad

Mike is the Founder & CEO of Tinysponsor, the world’s first programmatically addressable and inventory-driven marketplace for influencer and content sponsorships. Mike brings his diverse experience as an entrepreneur, VC, and digital strategist to focus on building a platform that can help creators and businesses collaborate and thrive together. Prior to Tinysponsor, Mike co-founded VentureLab, a cross-market early-stage VC and incubator, and before that he worked with startups from Y Combinator, Idealab, 500 Startups, Yetizen, Supermassive, HAXLR8R, SOSventures, and more. In 2008, as the digital strategist and co-founder at Kogi BBQ, he started the worldwide twittering food truck trend that is now a billion-dollar industry. Prior to his work in startups, Mike delivered digital strategy and implementation for companies large and small, from local businesses to Fortune 500's, including Microsoft, Amadeus, Nolet's Gin, Fatburger, Burger King, Fedex, Outrigger Hotels, Wynn Hotels, Tasting Panel Magazine, NVIDIA, Toynami, and others.

mike prasad, founder & ceo, tinysponsor | SiGMA News

Med-Tech Speakers:

Thomas Balkizas

Thomas Balkizas has extensive leadership and consulting expertise in the global healthcare, life sciences, and technology industries. He has enjoyed guiding the strategic direction of firms such as IBM Watson Health, Toshiba Medical Systems, Henry Schein, and IQVIA. He was educated at Imperial College London, NTUA, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is the creator of Alpha Tech Capital, a private equity advising business that connects high-growth technology companies with investors. Thomas presently manages Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare and Life Sciences sector in EMEA. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform.

thomas balkizas med tech world | SiGMA News

Ardy Ariandpour

Ardy Arianpour is the CEO and Co-Founder of Seqster, an award-winning SaaS healthcare platform that uses complete medical records (EHR), individual genetic profiles (DNA), and personal health device data to help enterprises drive effective healthcare. Ardy pioneered various clinical and consumer-based genetic tests as CCO of Pathway Genomics and SVP of Ambry Genetics, which was acquired by Konica in 2017 for $1 billion. Ardy got a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of California Irvine and an MBA from the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. She was named a 2019 Top 40 Healthcare Transformer and a San Diego Business Journal 40 under 40.

ardy ariandpour med tech world | SiGMA News

Ruthy Kaidar

Ruthy is in charge of Microsoft’s Health Industry division in Central and Eastern Europe. She has worked with Microsoft for almost 7 years, most recently as Microsoft’s Chief Startups Lead and Software Partners Tech Lead in Central and Eastern Europe, and previously as Microsoft Israel’s Vice President for Startups and Developer Relations. Ruthy Kaidar is a medical device, digital health, telecommunications, and venture capital industry executive with over 20 years of expertise. She worked as a Software and Firmware Engineer in the Telecomm business at Geotek and Qualcomm as a Computer Science Engineer.

ruthy kaidar med tech world | SiGMA News

Nathan Berkley

Experienced CEO of Muhdo with a track record of success in the sports, health, and media industries, as well as multiple start-ups. On a worldwide scale, he has a strong history in expanding firms through new content solutions and data-driven tactics. Muhdo recognizes that we all have a set of genetic predispositions, but that these predispositions are either diluted or intensified depending on our lifestyles and situations.

Muhdo makes the concept of epigenetics, which is the junction of genetics, nutrition, and environment, and how diet, micronutrients, exercise, and sleep can all affect the expression of our genes, more understandable. Epigenetics recognises that the mind and body are in a constant state of interaction, with one always affecting the other.

nathan berkley med tech world | SiGMA News

João Bocas

João Bocas is a worldwide acclaimed business thought leader, coach, counsellor, and entrepreneur who specialises in wearable technologies. João has worked in Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Sporting, and Third and Public Sector companies with over 25 years of hands-on experience in Professional Sport and Corporate contexts, working with top management, Boards, and executive teams.

While studying sport for eight years, he has collected an impressive collection of 17 formal professional certifications. He is a worldwide adviser and board member of various internet firms, as well as a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards 2015 and a Top 100 Global Digital Health Influencer.

joão bocas | SiGMA News


Malta Week – Save the dates:

For the first time ever SiGMA Group is bringing its 4 leading shows together for the mother of all conferences. From the 15th to 19th November, SiGMA, alongside AGS and AIBC will bring the best in the business to a first-class meeting point at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC). Malta Week is a chance for investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policymakers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry. Register now!

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SiGMA Foundation goes green along with Internet Vikings!
The SiGMA Foundation, together with Internet Vikings, organised a trek and bouldering session last weekend, with a shore clean-up thrown in the mix for good measure (more…)
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SiGMA Toronto opens online registration with early bird tickets
The tickets include full access to the expo, as well as an invitation to network and enjoy a few drinks at the official welcome reception Following the launch of SiGMA Americas’ inaugural Toronto summit, SIGMA has officially opened online registration for the event. Delegates who take advantage of early registration will benefit from advantageously priced early bird tickets - which are available on the website for a limited period of time.  The tickets, which are on offer for just $49, include full access to the expo, as well as an invitation to network and enjoy a few drinks at the official welcome reception. The tickets run until 15th April, after which standard prices open at $99, and eventually a series of last minute tickets at $149 for last-minute buyers.

SiGMA Toronto

[caption id="attachment_519565" align="alignleft" width="300"]igathering-canada The SiGMA iGathering in Toronto '22.[/caption] SiGMA Toronto, which takes place from 6-9 June, will focus on leveraging the natural synergy between the emerging tech and iGaming sectors, taking advantage of an industry enjoying rapid growth following recent iGaming reforms through the legalisation of single-game sports wagering in Canada and the launch of Ontario’s regulated iGaming market. In addition to a full agenda of expert-led panels and workshops, a high-energy expo floor offers a direct line to some of the top brands in the business - making it an ideal place for networking and brand exposure. Delegates can also expect plenty of networking occasions during the summit, with a number of dinners taking place in the evenings.  The event will also host three award evenings, catering to the gaming, emerging tech, and marketing verticals. In addition to handing out accolades, the awards will also host a charitable auction, the proceeds of which will be diverted to SiGMA Foundation - the company’s charitable arm. The summit will incorporate SiGMA Group’s emerging tech and affiliation brands; AIBC and AGS. This cross pollination between the verticals brings added value to delegates looking to explore new opportunities in complementary frontier sectors.    Asia Awards 2022: The Asia Awards will be held during the first edition of SiGMA Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural debut. Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the industry. You can join us and witness the most intriguing and creative projects changing the face of the sphere. Book a seat at the Asia Awards by sending your request here.
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SiGMA iGathering brings premier networking to 3 continents
The iGathering networking dinners will take place across Europe, the USA, and Asia In the run up to the upcoming SiGMA Europe show during Malta Week, SiGMA is taking its renowned series of iGathering events across three continents.  [caption id="attachment_122945" align="alignleft" width="263"]SiGMA news Tziganos, SIGMA iGathering - London 2021.[/caption] Successful dinners were held this summer in several European locations, including Kiev, Marbella, and most recently, London - and for many guests marked the first iGaming networking events since the health crisis prompted a series of nationwide shutdowns. A dinner in Florida in the beginning of June kicked off the first iGathering to be held in the USA, paving the way for an event this Autumn on the 3rd of October, which debuts in Las Vegas with an elegant dinner set up at the Wynn Resort.  [caption id="attachment_122956" align="alignright" width="243"]SiGMA News SiGMA iGathering - Marbella, 2021.[/caption] Next up on SiGMA’s calendar of events however, is a dinner in Latvia’s capital - Riga - lined up for the 26th of August at the Royal Casino, it will also welcome guests from neighbouring regions, such as Estonia and Lithuania. This will be followed by a second European location, set in the heart of the Balkans - Belgrade. Planned for the 14th of September, the exclusive dinner will be held at the Azzaro Green Club.  [caption id="attachment_123186" align="alignleft" width="229"] The Manila Padel Club.[/caption] SiGMA’s roadtrip through Europe continues with a next stop in Limassol just two days later, and then on to Amsterdam on the 29th of September, before concluding with a last stop in Sofia on the 27th of October. Then it’s over to the Philippines for a dinner at the popular Manila Padel Club on the 22nd of October.     SiGMA iGatherings  With no-expense-spared, these lavish events offer a plethora of premier opportunities to network. Dress for dinner at luxury restaurants, take in the sights on a sunset cruise or make the most of long, hot summer days at our pool parties. With hotspot locations such as Manila, Amsterdam, and Las Vegas already highlighting the year’s iGaming calendar, we’ve got you covered when it comes to meeting the right people in the right place. [caption id="attachment_122976" align="alignleft" width="300"] Fort Lauderdale, Florida.[/caption] The guest list is strictly limited to 200 prestigious c-levels, ensuring intimacy and exclusivity, with attendance only secured through invitation. These events present the ideal opportunity to network and strike connections in a cordial environment where attendees can relax and forge synergies, and since our dinners are fully sponsored and completely free of charge for the dinner delegates, invitees only have to arrive and let us take care of the rest!   To sponsor a dinner please reach out to Emily on [email protected] or visit our website for more information on how you can apply. [embed][/embed]
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Obey the law, be transparent, be competent – PAGCOR
There is no place for bad decision making and bad actions to be taken, says Andrea Domingo in keynote speech at SiGMA In her opening keynote on the first day of SiGMA-ICE Asia digital, PAGCOR chairperson and CEO, Andrea Domingo, expressed her admiration, and appreciation of the determination, the will, and commitment of SiGMA to its goals. (more…)
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Credexon emerge victorious at the SiGMA Asia Pitch Competition
Credexon was the deserved victor of the much anticipated Pitch Competition at the inaugural SiGMA Asia Summit embraced by the Philippine capital of Manila. Held on day 1, the 20th of July at Manila’s largest convention centre the SMX, a panel of highly respected industry-leading professionals deemed Credexon the most uniquely impressive concept in attendance. Credexon outshone the 5 other competing start-ups, which had been chosen meticulously from the 100 enterprises lining the prestigious SiGMA Asia expo floor. The SiGMA Asia Summit is a globally acclaimed platform that supports and recognises the success of all the participants on the expo floor and gives particularly coveted traction to the start-ups that have proven innovative enough to compete in the Pitch Competition. The winner graciously accepted the award expressing delight at victory and gratitude towards SiGMA’s well-cultivated platform: “Start-ups need events like this to be able to express themselves.” Credexon The fantasy gaming platform offers innovative game modes for the globally acclaimed sports of cricket and football. Credexon fuses innovative stock market ideas with the blood-pulsing world of fantasy sports, hoping to break down the barriers hindering the popularity of traditional fantasy offerings such as contests and prize pools. The Indian start-up currently employs 5 individuals however there are plans to expand into the United Kingdom, perhaps sooner rather than later in lieu of this inspired achievement. Speaking on their product's unique nature Credexon had this to say: “It was really nice for SiGMA to recognise us and to be able to bring something different while still being acknowledged by the market.” [caption id="attachment_41642" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Credexon emerge victorious at the SiGMA Asia Pitch Competition. Credexon, SiGMA Asia Pitch winners.[/caption] Do you have what it takes to win our next Pitch competition? The Pitch Competition will return in September for the SiGMA Balkans/CIS  Summit to be held in Limassol, Cyprus. Offering participating start-ups unparalleled networking prospects and heightened visibility among prominent investors and venture capitalists in the region. You too can be a winner. Apply now for SiGMA Balkans/CIS!
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Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort to headline Dubai event
CPA Club Connect, in partnership with SiGMA Group, has announced that the CPA Club International forum’s official meetup will be held this March 12th in Dubai. Meet the Wolf of Wall Street The event, which will take place in the run-up to the SiGMA Eurasia Dubai expo, will feature Jordan Belfort - an influential speaker best known in financial circles as the legendary Wolf of Wall Street. The event aims to connect industry experts, foster new business relationships, and provide an opportunity for participants to discover new marketing trends and boost their skill set.  Featuring on the agenda will be topics that seek to guide investors and entrepreneurs on best practices for improving business performance, and in building the right sales strategy. Q&A sessions will then follow, opening the floor up to the audience.  Bringing things to a close, a ritzy afterparty, featuring a world-class DJ and a thrilling dance show, will take place at the legendary Sky2.0 nightclub.  Jordan Belfort is an influential former stockbroker and motivational speaker who rose to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s - chronicled in his memoir "The Wolf of Wall Street," which was later adapted into a film of the same name. With his profound knowledge of the evolution of sales technology, and his expert grasp of classic and cutting-edge marketing techniques, Belfort has become a sought-after speaker and advisor. Belfort founded Stratton Oakmont, a company that traded cheap stocks over the phone. The firm's financial turnover reached a billion dollars. The SiGMA Eurasia expo, held in Dubai from the 13th to 16th of March at the InterContinental Dubai Festival Arena, provides invaluable opportunities for delegates from the digital marketing, gaming, and emerging tech sectors to network with industry professionals, enjoy exposure to the latest innovations in the sector, meet key decision makers, and gain insight into new markets.  The event brings operators, affiliates, high-ranking government officials, and influencers together for 2 days of expert-led conferences, a buzzing expo floor - including a Startup Village, world-class gala awards, a competitive startup pitch event, and nightly networking dinners. Enjoy 10% off by registering using the discount code: SiGMA23.
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Bizin Africa joins SiGMA as brand ambassador for 2023 Nairobi Summit
Bizin Africa has played a significant role in the expansion of the gambling industry in the continent by closely collaborating with all stakeholders in the market ensuring the success of their enterprises SiGMA has welcomed Bizin Africa Group as their brand ambassador for SiGMA Africa's upcoming summit that is set to take place from the 16th to 19th of January 2023. Bizin Africa Group is an investment management firm with roots in Nairobi, Kenya. The company has played a significant role in the expansion of the gambling industry in Africa, with a focus on East Africa by collaborating closely with all stakeholders in the market to ensure the success of their enterprises. Jeremiah Maangi, Founder and Managing Director, Bizin Africa Group said; "This is a great opportunity for anyone working or targeting the industry to learn more from specialists in the igaming space in Africa. Additionally, it presents a significant opportunity for businesses looking to market their product offers to industry operators. It is astounding that SiGMA chose Nairobi for this event." [caption id="attachment_728242" align="alignright" width="390"] Eman Pulis (left), Jeremiah Maangi (right).[/caption] The worldwide gambling sector, which boasts more than 6000 operators and 4000 providers, believes that many of them will participate during the three-day summit in Nairobi. This is a lifetime opportunity for you as a player in the betting world. Eman Pulis, Founder, SiGMA stated; “Kenya is a great choice for the launch of our first edition of SiGMA Africa. The country offers tremendous potential for growth. From a youthful population to fast adoption of tech - Kenya is a rising star amongst gaming hubs in the region. We hope to help galvanise this exciting era of prosperity by providing a unique platform for bright ideas and minds to come together." Africa is a force to reckon within the iGaming sphere globally. It's home to some of the fastest-growing markets and has a massive population that operators are not even halfway to satisfying. The Nairobi expo sees SiGMA host operators, suppliers, affiliates, payment providers, legal entities and regulators, media outlets, and investors. Being the first time SiGMA will be hosted in Kenya, the experience is expected to be life-changing for all those in attendance. For operators, suppliers, and financial service providers in Africa seeking an exhibition space in the event, book your space through [email protected] Join us: 14 – 18 November for SiGMA Europe Being one of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future, SiGMA’s Malta Week event will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the sector.
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Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming celebrated for contribution at SiGMA Awards 
The first edition of the SiGMA Americas Awards kicked off on the 15th of June at the Casa Bisutti in São Paulo, Brazil, to the sounds of samba, surprise wins, and enthusiastic bidding on a charitable auction held on behalf of the SiGMA Foundation. The extravagant SiGMA Awards Gala [caption id="attachment_859044" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR), winners of the Outstanding Contribution to Responsible Gaming award.[/caption] Generously sponsored by Smartsoft Gaming, and with entertainment from an electrifying group of samba and mirror dancers, the evening was hosted by SiGMA’s own Elisa Martinotti and Mark Borg. SiGMA Foundation ambassador Rick Goddard led a rousing auction towards the end of the night. In addition to the main categories, a special accolade was awarded to the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR) for their Outstanding Contribution to Responsible Gaming. This win comes as Brazil navigates its way to a new regulatory landscape for online gaming - marking a significant moment for the future of the LatAm gaming and sports betting industry.

Here are the remaining 25 winners of the night:


SiGMA Foundation auction raises €11,400 for charity

[caption id="attachment_859024" align="alignleft" width="200"]SiGMA Awards Art Auction presented by Rick Goddard. SiGMA Foundation Ambassador Rick Goddard.[/caption] Several bidding wars and a couple of heart-warming speeches later, the SiGMA Foundation raised a total of €11,400 for its charitable projects during the traditional SiGMA Awards Art Auction. First on the block was a pop art work on canvas depicting football legend Pele. The painting, by Tommy Zegan, which went for €2100. Next up was Ronaldhino, also by Tommy Zegan, which sold for €800. His third painting, MMA fight champion Amanda Lourenco Nunes and the lion, brought in €600. Zegan’s last piece in the auction - a 1963 Baja guitar went for €1400. Next up were pieces from Derek Mason, a British artist based in Malta who regularly contributes to the SiGMA Foundation’s charitable auctions. Essence of blockchain went for €850, Neymar Jr for €2000, Parallel Beginnings for €650 and Dramatic Pause for €600. Another piece depicting Neymar at the World Cup by Bordinassi went for €700, while Pelé the king also sold for €700.  Last up was a coveted Centurion boxing glove which, after some spirited bidding, went for €1000. [caption id="attachment_859034" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Pelé the King, sold for €700 during the SiGMA Awards Art Auction. Pelé the King, sold for €700.[/caption] Still haven't gotten your tickets to our inaugural summit in Brazil? Don't worry, there's still time! Visit any of our convenient registration points or purchase them online.
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[WATCH] – Andrea Domingo expresses full appreciation for SiGMA’s commitment to Asia
Only a committed, dedicated and really serious agency would resort to a digital summit - Andrea Domingo PAGCOR’S Chairperson and CEO Andrea Domingo has expressed extreme gratitude towards the ever-growing company for the commitment and dedication shown through such tough times. Finding new means and alternatives to a planned summit surely wasn’t easy but SiGMA knows that it is now more vital than ever to stay informed and connected. The digital conference will embrace the difficulties faced at a time when working together has never been more important. (more…)
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Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Megan Sagriff

Megan Sagriff, VP of Sales at YTZ, gives an exclusive interview to SiGMA News as part of our latest series on affiliates

How did you first get into the affiliate space, and were you always focused on the iGaming sector?

I had zero experience with affiliate marketing when I stumbled into the space. I was fresh out of university with two degrees and no real job prospects. I ended up taking a position as an executive assistant to the then CEO of YTZ. There weren’t enough administrative tasks to keep me busy so I started helping out in different departments of the company, learning the ropes. Within a year I joined the marketing team. Fast forward 10 years; I’m now the VP of Sales. Throughout my tenure we’ve operated in a lot of different verticals but we only got serious about iGaming a few years ago. With the affiliate business constantly changing we felt like we needed to refocus our efforts on a vertical that could bring more long lasting stability. (more…)
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SiGMA Foundation inaugurates 3-in-1 school in Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia
The SiGMA Foundation has kicked off 2023 with the inauguration of a massive, 3-in-1 school in Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia, securing food and education for a thousand Ethiopian children. Comprising a kindergarten, primary, and junior secondary, the three-year-long project was supported by €300,000 donated in funds raised by previous Camino expeditions. The inauguration featured several speeches, given by the bishop and cardinal Markos Ghebremedhin, local clergymen, and government officials. Alongside them were Chief Philanthropy Officer Keith Marshall and the Maltese group from the SiGMA Foundation, along with the staff, parents, students, and many helpers of the school. Words by Matthew Calleja The Bishop's speech Bishop Markos Ghebremedhin started the official ceremony with a speech remarking on the positive impact of the school. “You have been committed to this project for several years. Now, with this school, we will build the future generation.” Congratulating the SiGMA Foundation for its hard work and commitment to the end, the bishop likened Keith Marshall to the late Dun George Grima, a celebrated Maltese priest, and philanthropist. “Keith Marshall is our brother, just like Dun George Grima was our father.” [caption id="attachment_768317" align="aligncenter" width="524"] “Education is the best weapon against poverty.”[/caption] Address by CPO Keith Marshall and Austin Cachia The SiGMA Foundation's Chief Philanthropy Officer Keith Marshall has led the Foundation through thick and thin since its inception. Keith spoke of Ubuntu, a South African concept encapsulating the human virtues of compassion and humanity. “I have been to many countries, but if there is one which holds Ubuntu close to its heart, it is Ethiopia and its people.” There are many difficulties and pitfalls on the road to charity. In a heartfelt call to action, Keith remarked “Fundraising is never easy. You can find a hundred problems every day. We must find the one reason to keep on going. The children in front of us are that reason today.” “We gathered here today to inaugurate the school that will bring hope and change in Bonga,” said Austin Cachia, the Foundation’s treasurer, and Keith’s right-hand man. “This is the result of hard work and dedication of countless people who have come together to make a change in this world.” Austin also highlighted the collaboration and commitment to charity of Browns Pharmacy and Missio. Inauguration The School’s three namesakes Jonathan Chetcuti - Playgrounds Speaking on behalf of Jonathan Chetcuti, the namesake for the playgrounds in the school, Jonathan Dalli remarked on Chetcuti’s mantra for life centred on sports. “Jonathan believed that sports was the foundation for life, or in his words “the university of my life”. The principles he learned from sports - dedication, determination, discipline, respect, teamwork, and above all, the importance of having fun - guided him throughout his life.” Karl Pace - Kindergarten “The joy of living is something which Karl Pace embraced in his way of life,” Jonathan Galea opened his speech in reference to his late cousin. “Karl’s dream was to empower children through education. Thank you to all who’ve helped to make this dream come true today.” Rebecca ‘Becs’ Zammit Lupi - Junior Secondary School Darrin Zammit Lupi spoke on behalf of his daughter, Becs, who two years ago lost her life at the age of 15 after a long illness. “Becs believed in access to education. When she was sick in hospital, she became very frustrated that her education came to a sudden halt, and campaigned for the introduction of online education for teenagers in hospital” he remarked.  “She will live on through this school and the children here will now be part of her extended family.” WATCH what went down this morning:

About SiGMA Foundation:

SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world through fund-raising activities, charity, education, and crucial skills to enable self-confidence and personal empowerment. The organisation operates with a focus on transparency and all accounts are available on request.
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South Korea: Kangwon Land announces further suspensions
Kangwon Land will remain closed until 11 May due to the Covid-19 pandemic Kangwon Land, a state-owned resort in Gangwon, is located in a remote upland area 90 miles from the capital and is the only casino in South Korea that allows locals to gamble. (more…)
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PAGCOR’s Alejandro Tengco confirmed to headline SiGMA Asia summit
Regulatory and industry leaders come together to shape the future of gaming in South East Asia SiGMA Group is pleased to announce that PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco will be delivering the opening keynote address at the upcoming SiGMA Asia conference in Manila taking place from the 19th to the 22nd of July. [caption id="attachment_813300" align="alignleft" width="225"]PAGCOR SiGMA Asia SiGMA Managing Director for the Asian Region Neil Shih, together with PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco.[/caption] Tengco, who only recently took over the reins of the Philippines’ gaming regulatory body from Chairwoman Andrea Domingo, will join a prestigious lineup of experts and thought leaders in gaming and the emerging tech industry. SiGMA Asia's conference will provide an opportunity for professionals in their respective fields to come together, share ideas, learn about the latest trends and innovations, and network with one another. Neil Shih, SiGMA Managing Director for the Asian Region commented on this saying "We are thrilled to have Chairman Tengco join us as the opening keynote speaker for SiGMA Asia. His participation is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier events in the gaming industry. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, we are confident that Chairman Tengco's insights will contribute significantly to the success of the conference. We look forward to delivering what's in store for our delegates for SiGMA Asia and to making this a truly memorable experience for everyone involved." Apart from being a clear stamp of approval from PAGCOR, Alejandro H. Tengco's involvement in SiGMA Group's conference is a testament to his dedication to the growth and success of the gaming industry in the region. This is a significant development for SiGMA and marks a major milestone in the Group's efforts to establish itself as a leading provider of top-tier events in the region. With Chairman Tengco's participation, SiGMA Asia is poised to deliver even more value to attendees. His keynote address aims to spark important discussions about the future of the gaming industry in South East Asia. Tengco's considerable knowledge, experience, and hard work in the industry will provide invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that are facing the gaming industry in the region. SiGMA Asia's registration is booming and with a packed floor plan, this summit has quickly become one of the premier events for the gaming industry in the region. With a number of key speakers already on board, interest is fast growing. We look forward to welcoming Chairman Tengco and all of our delegates to SiGMA Asia. To find out more details about the agenda and speakers or to register click here.
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SiGMA Match now open to delegates attending CIS & Balkans event in Cyprus

Following its launch for SiGMA Asia’s debut event in Manila this July, SiGMA Match is now available to delegates attending this week’s summit in Cyprus.

The free tool, which is designed to help delegates navigate networking opportunities during its events, will open three days before each summit and close one week post event.

The networking web app will be fully accessible to all registered delegates, allowing them to connect to new business leads and chat with fellow affiliates, operators, and exhibitors from the moment they receive their ticket.

The tool also includes a smart matching feature, allowing users to select specific tags for more targeted matches.

SiGMA Match will be available this month to all attendees of SiGMA CIS & Balkans gaming and emerging tech event being held in Cyprus, from the 4th to 7th of July at the newly inaugurated Integrated Resort - City of Dreams Mediterranean. Last minute tickets for the expo are still available through the website.
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The Cruise and Airplane Industries Return to Business, While Finland Introduces Changes to Land-Based and Online Casinos
Industries hit hard by coronavirus have lately been emerging from under the lockdown. Losses of many sectors are already so large that staying longer in quarantine would render their recovery impossible. Hence, they have slowly been returning to life, despite rising death rates in the USA, Brazil, Russia, and elsewhere. The airline industry that is estimated to lose $113 billion due to the quarantine inaction is beginning its recovery process, as countries let their airlines partially resume flying. The cruise industry will soon return its ships to service, judging by the new Sail Safe program recently announced by Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise sector was not only badly hit financially, with Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corp., and Norwegian Cruise Line sinking by more than 50 percent, but it also experienced difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic that other industries did not encounter. In March, at least seven cruise ships were in limbo, because their passengers had Covid-19 and were not accepted by any country. (more…)
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[WATCH] Digital Quill: Content marketing with Isabella Banda at SiGMA 2021

Veteran content creator and CEO of the WRITERS Group, Isabella Banda spoke to Charity Ovbiagele about the digitalization of the market and how written content is a pillar of any marketing approach

Elaborating on her background, Isabella’s content has toured the world beginning from her home of Australia where she helped tech businesses such as DocuSign develop a more human approach in their marketing. She would then move to the UK which allowed her to branch into the global fashion industry and get her first taste of social media marketing before she finally reached Malta, stepping into the iGaming world through her work with LeoVegas. Noticing the gap in the market for high quality content that converted into sales, she founded the WRITERS Group to fill it.
So we started in 2019. I was actually in Greece when I set up my first project. My first project was actually for a Norwegian affiliate company and we were requested to do over three and a half million words in about four months, which was a big task for one of your first projects but we actually really had a great experience and it really shaped our understanding on what foundation is needed for this type of work so it was definitely a great one to start off with.
Charity then asked if she could elaborate on the multidisciplinary approach that the Group had and how it could create content for industries as varied as Blockchain, eCommerce and Gaming.
We actually focus on a number of different industries. iGaming and affiliates are our main kind of area. However we have a pool of over 35 plus writers all scattered across the world and they are all very niche and specific to different industries. So we have everything from cryptocurrency, FinTech, we've got health and wellness, we've got fashion and lifestyle, eCommerce. The list is never ending. However, we started off and have more primarily focused on iGaming and affiliates.
Charity then moved towards the effect COVID was having on the industry. With the economy digitizing more than it ever has before, online marketing has become an even more vital part of the new economic model.
I definitely see a shift. Obviously we started off as an online provider and everything we do is done remotely. This year has really been shaped by COVID-19. So we really saw a lot of brands needing to start focusing on their online presence, a lot more coming out with a little bit more of a refined tone of voice that's more nurturing, inspiring and informative rather than being really heavily focused around sales. The end client is spending so much more time online. So I think that the need for good content is prime at the moment. So we really, although we struggled with not being able to interact with people face-to-face and having those kinds of meetings, we did see a positive increase in business because everyone is just so focused on needing it online.
Describing their services, Isabella spoke about how the Group offered content writing, translation, localization, SEO, link-building, social media, marketing and management.
SEO, as we know, it's so crucial for any businesses growth. It is just becoming more and more important. People are becoming impatient and they tend to go onto Google and click the first couple of links that they come across. And that's why it's so important to have high quality content and SEO. That really helps you rank because people aren't going to sit there and scroll for ages, trying to find which company is actually the best.
Finishing her point on content creation, she stated that Content was still king and everyone knows it.
It's how businesses speak to their audience. It's how they entice them into taking an action and if you're not actually communicating with that audience in a way that suits your brand, you're really missing out on so much value and growth for your business.
She concluded by sharing how happy she was to be at the expo after the long COVID drought and how it was lovely getting the chance to network again. SiGMA 2022: After the exciting set of conferences that was Malta Week 2021, the SiGMA Group plans to take the world by storm with the golden steeples of Kiev and the snowy city of Toronto being hubs to draw the best and brightest of the iGaming world together. Our next expo takes us to cutting-edge metropoli of the United Arab Emirates for three days of networking, panel discussions and festivities. Stay up to date with the latest and greatest through SiGMA News.
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SiGMA Virtual Roadshow launches: First stop Ukraine
SIGMA Virtual Roadshow will start the first leg of its tour in Ukraine on March 3rd The SiGMA Roadshow is back. After a successful string of shows in Hong Kong, Estonia and Argentina, SiGMA Group is excited to announce its latest venture – the SiGMA Virtual Roadshow. The Roadshow kicks off its inaugural launch in Ukraine, 3rd of March, 2021 - running from 13:00 to 15:00 CET. The SiGMA Roadshow has now moved into the virtual world, with a journey entailing several virtual shows across five major regions, specifically, the CIS region, Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa. Every month SiGMA will host a show on an interactive platform consisting of 2 hour mini conferences, which will focus on five key areas. These areas are, but not limited to, regulation, tax and niche market opportunities and challenges, all related to the specific chosen region. These hot topics will be tabled by leading academics, policy makers, and thought leaders, bringing industry experience to the debate - amongst them Artem Kuzmenko  and Andrey Astapov, partners at Eterna Law, Boris Baum, an advisor to the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, and Anton Kuchukhidze, a political consultant. (more…)
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The 6th AskGamblers Awards Launch Today launched the 6th edition of AskGamblers Awards, one of the most sought-after accolades in the iGaming industry. As in the previous years, the process is put into motion with the launch of the first stage, the nominations. During the nominations stage, which will run until 4 May, registered AskGamblers players will have a unique opportunity to help narrow down the nominee shortlists in the following categories: Best Casino, Best New Casino, and Best New Slot. The winners in the above categories will be decided by combining player votes and AskGamblers experts' opinions. Finally, the Players' Choice Award will be decided solely by players, relying on their nominations and votes in the Best Casino and Best New Casino categories. Online casinos and slots eligible for nomination in the Best New Casino and Best New Slot categories will include only casinos and games published on AskGamblers from 1 March 2022 to 1 March 2023. Denis Ristić, AskGamblers General Manager, said: AskGamblers Awards season is a season of celebration—the celebration of the iGaming industry as a whole and our faithful players. The Awards season is when we really get to put our money where our mouth is and listen carefully to our players' insights. We're following the same tradition this year and couldn't be more excited about the whole process, said Ristić. The winners of the 6th AskGamblers Awards will be announced in a gala ceremony in June. About AskGamblers AskGamblers, officially acclaimed as the best casino website, provides unbiased online casino, slot, and bonus reviews coupled with real player opinions and ratings. Owing to its player-first approach and unique Casino Complaint Service, AskGamblers has returned over $50 million in unfairly confiscated funds to players so far. The company's guiding philosophy is contained in its motto: Get the truth. Then play.
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SiGMA announces July iGathering dinner in Marbella
The networking event will be the first event for Spain’s gaming crowd following the lifting of Covid restrictions SiGMA Group will hold an iGathering dinner in Marbella, Spain, on the 8th of July, 2021. The networking event for top-tier execs will take place at D.O. Mar, a new, ocean-themed restaurant boasting enviable views of the Mediterranean sea. (more…)
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WeAreGame is Heading to SiGMA Americas in São Paulo, Brazil
WeAreGame is excited to announce its participation at the upcoming SiGMA Americas in partnership with the Brazilian iGaming Summit. The event will be held at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo from June 14th to 17th, and WeAreGame will be located at Stand E121 alongside other industry giants.  Brazil is quickly becoming a hub for iGaming businesses, and WeAreGame has had a busy year launching multiple brands in the country, including FazOBetAí, FazOBetAí Fantasy,, PixJogos, PixBet Fantasy 5, brbet, Greenbets, and F12 Mania. With more exciting Brazilian announcements on the horizon, WeAreGame is well-positioned to become the go-to choice for operators looking to enter or expand in the Brazilian market.   WeAreGame's expertise in the Brazilian market is exceptional, with a deep understanding of regional differences and the ability to tailor content accordingly. The platform specialises in Brazilian sports content and leagues, including specials and boost, MMA, and local proposition markets such as elections.   SiGMA Americas BiS will bring together thousands of attendees from across the iGaming sector, including casino operators, developers, bettors, and more. Nearly half of the attending businesses will be represented by C-level executives, making it the perfect place to build on existing collaborations and forge new ones.   WeAreGame is thrilled to participate in SiGMA Americas BiS and continue its journey in Brazil. The company will also be attending SiGMA Asia in Manila from July 19th to 22nd and SiGMA Europe in Malta from November 13th to 17th. For more information on how WeAreGame can help start your iGaming business in Brazil, LatAm, or any other market, please email at [email protected]. 
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In a first for SiGMA, Americas opens its doors to thousands in Toronto
Expect the following days to be filled to the brim with spectacular events aiming to connect the most outstanding Canadian industry leaders in Toronto In a first for SiGMA Group, the SiGMA Toronto expo has just opened its doors to the eagerly awaiting delegates. After months of intense expectation and preparation the day of the premiere in Toronto, Canada's capital of innovation, is finally here. Expect these days to be filled to the brim with spectacular events aiming to connect the most outstanding industry leaders under one roof. What went down yesterday: Events started yesterday with a Beer Tour around Toronto where guests were offered Tasting Flights and Samples during their three brewery visits. Expert beer guides were present along the way educating them the whole process. Other events also included a competitive-friendly poker tournament, global gaming women networking drinks reception as well as dinner and welcome drinks. Experts exchanging opinions on stage: With the Summit taking center stage in Toronto, expect today's conference to be graced with a hand-picked selection of global experts in the affiliation and gaming scene taking the limelight in discussions related to all industry-related things. Our panels are divided into two different topics. The first cohort between 9 am and 13:00pm will focus on the Sports Betting and esports scene. This will include insights into sports wagering in Ontario, payments for regulated iGaming and Sports betting, and fair peer-to-peer skill-based play. SiGMA Americas Pre RegDay one will also host the first SiGMA Americas Pitch competition in Toronto – always a crowd favorite the SiGMA Pitch draws crowds as ten exceptional business startups take to the stage to battle it out for a prize pool that includes mentorship, and media exposure, and investment opportunities. Therefore at 1 pm, we invite our conference audience present to witness potential unicorn companies taking the SiGMA / AGS stage for a heated competition that could launch one start-up dream into reality. One exceptional start-up could be a chance to take 500,000 in an equity investment fund. As soon as the start-up pitch comes to a close the stage will get transferred back to a conference stage. Interested in online affiliation and digital marketing? Today is your day. From culture, content, cross-border affiliation, and NFTs, we invite all our delegates to engage in our panel discussions. While the conference discussions are taking place on stage, Workshops will also be occurring at the same time. Here delegates can engage in intensive discussion and activities on a particular subject such as masterclasses, investor workshops, and introductions to the GameFi and Metaverse ecosystem. Want to check out the agenda and see what you want to tune in for? Click here. Striking connections: After a long day on the expo floor and conference discussions from the industry's best and brightest, our lucky delegates will be treated to two very exciting ways to celebrate the night away. All SiGMA expo pass holders have free entry to the networking drinks taking place at the Lobby Westin Harbour Castle. Here delegates can mingle, enjoy drinks, and exchange business cards. This will be taking place from 18:00 to 20:00 pm. This is the best place to be for a well-spent evening of connection-making. To conclude the first day, an exclusive iGathering dinner at Against the Grain will also be meant to facilitate networking among the delegates present. If you need any help at any time, visit the Registration Helpdesk, staff and conference helpers will be on hand at the start of each session to provide any further clarification you might need. We hope you have a good first day at the conference. You can follow along on our social media platforms, and websites, or watch live from our YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss the action. Join us in Belgrade, Serbia from the 22-25th August: Renowned for its beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and penchant for parties, the Balkans have been sought after by both tasteful tourists and entrepreneurs with an eye on the growing iGaming ecosystem calling the region home. As the home to the global Gambling community, the SiGMA Conference is known far and wide for its enlightening panels, inspiring speeches, ample opportunities to invest and network, and the ability to do it all while having the time of your life. Join us in Belgrade for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of worldwide gambling. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at [email protected].
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SiGMA launches childcare plan for summit delegates

With business-family life balance at the top of the SiGMA agenda, a childcare plan is available to all those attending the expo during Malta Week this November.

SiGMA, in collaboration with partner hotel, The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta, will offer professional childcare to attendees of any of its 4 summits during Malta Week. With family-friendly business policies at the heart of its commitment to empowering working parents, SiGMA will open a number of nursery rooms at the Westin to cater to visiting speakers, exhibitors, suppliers, and delegates attending Malta Week expos from the 16th to 19th of November. The creche is in line with Malta’s reputation as a family-friendly destination and recognizes the increasing call for places of business to cater to the needs of a growing and diverse workforce by making childcare plan readily available to their employees. The initiative also acknowledges that high-powered business executives, like other working parents, may also have families and that managing high-pressure jobs in addition to their children’s needs can be difficult. SiGMA hopes to enable guests at its events to make the most out of all opportunities during Malta Week without having to compromise on their plans. 'At The Westin Dragonara Resort, we create an inclusive environment that supports the recruitment, retention, and advancement of all employees. We actively engage in efforts to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce, encouraging the representation of females in managerial as well as senior leadership roles.  Our offer of childcare services to our associates is one of our key initiatives to support working parents.  This is alongside other family-friendly measures in place such as flexible working hours and reduced working hours. We also embrace the diversity of ages, having associates from various generations working with us as well the diversity of nationalities, currently employing 27 different nationalities,' said a spokesperson for the resort. A leading hub for digital innovation and business, the island of Malta has a long-standing reputation for pulling off excellent networking events. For the first time ever SiGMA Group is bringing its four leading shows together for the mother of all conferences. From the 16th to the 19th of November, SiGMA, alongside AGS and AIBC will bring the best in the business to a first-class meeting point. The conference is now complete, with a full-scale childcare plan included for an absolutely carefree experience. The week will also host the second edition of Med-Tech World, a digital health conference. The alignment of our super-shows allows investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policymakers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry. Malta Week is your chance to tap into the synergy between the emerging tech, digital marketing, and gaming sectors while making the most of what the islands have to offer. (more…)
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