SiGMA Podcast 03 – Continent 8 on cybersecurity in iGaming

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Welcome to the SiGMA Podcast, where we speak to all the biggest players about the biggest issues in the gaming industry. In this third episode, Wesley Ellul connects with Chad Ives, Brian Borysewich and Anthony Gaud to talk the talk about cybersecurity in a volatile sports-betting growth market.

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Technological demands following major industry growth

Opening up the discussion on the unprecedent growth expected to hit the iGaming industry in the next few years, the topic revolved around major cybersecurity concerns this regulatory development entails. Chad Ives gave his insights on what to expect.

In the past several years, the real growth in the industry has really emerged from the United States market. 30 plus States are regulated, with Continent 8 in 25 of them. Following regulation as we do, growth isn’t just about geography. It’s actually about layering in services that keep our customers safe.

With massive industry growth come several concerns, primarily around security, Ives continued. Major demand on this end revolves around hosting, network security, and other services that Continent 8 have been delivering to customers for the better part of 20 years.

Cybersecurity necessary countermeasure to bad actors

Brian Borysewich gave his fair share on the need for Cybersecurity, in consideration of growth attracting bad actors. Hackers, be they private or state-sponsored attackers, find the prospect of attacking iGaming sites quite enticing.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are used in two separate ways against gaming companies. A DDoS attack can be part of a ransomware attack, where the hacker inside your network exploits all of your data. The second caveat is using DDoS as the attack vector, using pressure to force companies into paying up.

Brian remarked on the edge hackers will always have over good actors in electronic warfare. It’s a pitched battle, with hackers waging war 24/7. As markets continue to globalise, hackers continue to follow the money. It comes down to regulatory bodies to enforce adherence to cybersecurity measures upon companies.

Who’s who?

Speaking on the podcast are Chad Ives, Sales Director at C8 Secure, Brian Borysewich, Chief Information Security Officer at Continent 8 and Anthony Guad, Founder and CEO of Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group. Together, the triad share a wealth of information on diverse aspects of the gaming world.

Continent 8 seamlessly integrates global internet hubs with offshore and regulated jurisdictions. They create a unique footprint for data and communications excellence. Continent 8 has been a recognized leader in the managed hosting space for connectivity, cloud and security services for over 20 years.

Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group is a full-service esports, gaming and entertainment agency. Their mission is to develop the next era of gaming and esports gambling through innovative and entertaining content.

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