SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator: Benefits and expansion strategies

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SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator: Benefits and expansion strategies

In this exclusive interview, SiGMA News sits down with Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, to discuss the benefits of the platform for clients globally.

Penkov shares insights on the company’s expansion strategy in LatAm and Asia, the value of participating in iGaming exhibitions, and his predictions for the future of iGaming in various regions.

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is a well-established provider of cutting-edge iGaming software, making strides globally. Having gained a strong foothold in Europe, the company is entering Latin America and Asia, expanding the network of its regional representatives and building partnerships to provide an unparalleled gaming experience to clients in different markets.

Last year the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator was twice recognised as the Best Game Aggregation Platform by the international jury. What makes your product unique, and what advantages set you apart from your competitors?

The previous year was productive for us. In addition to the awards, we signed several major clients. In 2022, our GGR increased 40% year-on-year, and the average bet sum soared 250%.

Standing out in the iGaming market means focusing on innovation and developing reliable solutions that complement each other. Among other things, our advantages include the level and speed of client service: we respond no later than 1 hour after a client request and resolve it within 15 hours afterward. According to a recent survey, 86% of SOFTSWISS clients expressed high satisfaction with our service.

I also would note the efficiency and stability of the product, as well as the quantity and quality of content available through our aggregator. The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator ensures players are not distracted by the technical aspects on their gaming journey but enjoy the process. Our game portfolio includes over 16,000 games from recognised providers, including slots, lotteries, live games, Black Jack, Roulette, arcades, and many others.

Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator
Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator.

Considering your strengthening position in LatAm, what are your plans for this market, and what special offers do you prepare for clients in this region?

LatAm is one of the key destinations for us. Therefore, we’ve prepared to enter the market not only from the technical perspective by placing servers in the region but in business terms too. We have integrated many game providers popular in LatAm and are ready to make custom-branded slots in our game studios. Judging by our experience in Brazil, this strategy pays off through player loyalty and helps keep games at the top.

Furthermore, we are actively integrating today’s popular fish games. They are gaining momentum in LatAm with their easy-to-play mechanics and understandable gameplay, big wins and catching storylines. According to the information provided by our partner KA Gaming, the average number of ‘fish’ spins per month is more than 8.5 million in Argentina alone. That’s why I highly recommend that LatAm operators add these games. The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator can offer multiple providers popular in this region.

SOFTSWISS has several regional representatives in LatAm who have solid experience and are well-known in the iGaming industry. How have you developed your local sales team and optimised their work in this region?

When we decided to enter the LatAm market, we started looking for local business development managers to invite them to our team. We understand that it is much easier for them to find common grounds with local clients. The local managers’ task scope is pretty much the same as that of the European team, but they have the advantage of being in the same time zone with our potential clients. Besides, they know the market.

We selected our representatives based on their industry experience, advanced soft skills, and regional expertise. Speaking about their responsibilities, they have to find and contact potential clients in the region, establish productive communication with them, and convey the experience and knowledge of the company and the exclusivity of SOFTSWISS solutions. At the same time, LatAm managers participate in the company life, work in the CRM system and closely cooperate with other teams.

Regional business development managers also actively participate in LatAm exhibitions as delegates and panellists, sharing their expertise. With their help, SOFTSWISS is growing its brand awareness in the region.

You are working with several Asian clients and gradually entering this market. Can you highlight the aspects that aggregation platforms must consider while planning their work in this region?

Entering the Asian market, you must deeply understand and respect cultural differences in business practices as failing to account for them can get you in trouble. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct your research and work closely with local partners to ensure that you can navigate these differences effectively.
It is important for game aggregators to consider local preferences, know the types and genres of games popular with Asian players, and look up to local studios as they know the audience better. By partnering with local developers, aggregation platforms will be able to offer content that resonates with local players and drives engagement and revenue.
Finally, from a technical perspective, it is critical to place the server infrastructure locally when entering the Asian market. This is necessary to ensure your product remains stable and reliable and provides your clients with quick, smooth and high-quality service.

What predictions can you make for the iGaming industry in LatAm and Asian regions in the coming years, particularly regarding the relationship between aggregation platforms and game studios?

I believe that the iGaming market will be more globalised. As we can see, now there is a trend when large game providers buy out smaller local studios. I expect this trend to continue in the coming years, particularly in the LatAm and Asian regions, where many smaller local studios can offer valuable insights and expertise. Large game aggregators are doing the same with local aggregation platforms.

How can your recently launched Tournament Tool surprise operators and game providers, and what updates of this tool should we expect in the future?

Tournaments are one of the most effective tools for retaining and attracting players, so launching our own was a matter of time. The Tournament Tool by SOFTSWISS offers numerous advantages to online casino operators. With the ability to customise tournaments, casino operators can easily create and manage engaging campaigns tailored to their specific audience. This level of flexibility enables operators to attract new players and retain existing ones by offering unique gaming experiences.

Moreover, the Tournament Tool creates a sense of community and competition among players. This, in turn, increases their engagement. With this new tool, casino operators can stay ahead of their competitors and grow their business by offering an exciting gaming adventure that players won’t find elsewhere.

SOFTSWISS has been actively participating in iGaming exhibitions lately, both global and regional. Additionally, your presence is usually supported by strong promotional campaigns. How successfully have you implemented your strategic plans and goals during these events? Could you also share your personal impressions of the shows?

Exhibitions are essential to our business and require hard and long-term preparation. It’s also a great opportunity to meet friends, partners, and potential clients in person, expand our contact base, and broaden our horizons and knowledge. We can share our expertise and learn from the experiences of others.
As for our plans and goals, we are definitely good at implementing them. Thanks to our business development managers, potential clients approach us after exhibitions with their requests, and SOFTSWISS is always there to offer innovative solutions. Regional shows like those in LatAm or Asia, offer opportunities to delve deeper into the culture and learn more about local market specifics. This subsequently helps us build the right strategy for working with local clients or those who want to enter these markets.

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