Sportsbook: Betsson expands premium brands in Denmark

Lea Hogg 9 months ago
Sportsbook: Betsson expands premium brands in Denmark

Betsson will increase its sportsbook presence in the Danish jurisdiction to two premium brands, further solidifying the company’s commitment to global expansion.

NordicBet Liga’s deal

Betsson is steadily making its mark in Denmark. The company’s newly launched sportsbook joins the well-established NordicBet offering in Denmark. The company, originating in Stockholm Sweden where it is also publicly listed, is focussed on rapid strategic expanision.

NordicBet, a part of the Betsson Group, has already solidified its position in the Danish market through various initiatives, including a sponsorship agreement with the first division, known as the ‘NordicBet Liga’ under a two-year deal.

Ronni Hartvig, Chief Commercial Officer of Betsson Group, expressed the significance of this development, stating, “Denmark has always been an important market for us. By consolidating our operations under the unified Betsson brand, we aim to harness the power of consistency, scalability, and synergy.”

He continued, “This rebranding approach empowers us to further optimize resources, cultivate a cohesive brand identity, and extend our positive impact through diverse marketing initiatives and global partnerships.”

Dutch Gambling Authority upscales audit of illegal operators

Betsson’s expansion into the Danish market comes at an opportune moment. Coinciding with this development, the Dutch Gambling Authority has announced a significant policy shift and will be conducting biannual audits for online gambling websites. This proactive regulatory approach has already led to the shutdown of 49 gaming sites this month.

Betsson is well-poised to benefit from these regulatory changes. With the Dutch Gambling Authority’s intensified efforts to ensure compliance and clamp down on illegal operators, Betsson’s trajectory is expected to benefit from the Authority’s lastest policy change.

As the Dutch online gambling landscape undergoes a transformation with stricter regulations, Betsson’s commitment to responsible gaming and adherence to regulatory standards positions it as a trusted and compliant operator, likely to thrive in this evolving environment.

Betsson’s global expansion strategy

Betsson’s presence in Denmark has already yielded promising results, as evidenced by its H1 2023 results. The company reported record-breaking revenue from both betting and casino operations during the first half of the year, highlighting the market’s potential.

Nonetheless, Betsson’s sights are firmly set on global growth. The company is actively exploring new market entry opportunities, with Denmark being the latest addition to its portfolio. Betsson has also rolled out an expansive marketing campaign to showcase its brand worldwide.

Betsson’s latest commercial, “A bet makes the difference,” highlights the entertainment aspect of betting and how it enhances the sports viewing experience.

Betsson is also increasing its presence through strategic sports sponsorships, including NordicBet’s collaboration with the Danish top-flight football division. Partnerships with StarCasino Sport and Napoli in Italy, as well as affiliations with the WRC Rally Acropolis and the Super League 2 in Greece, underline Betsson’s commitment to expanding its reach and influence on a global scale.

Requirements for gaming operators

In Denmark, illegal gambling encompasses any betting or gaming activities offered without a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority. This applies to both domestic and foreign operators targeting the Danish market. A game is considered to be aimed at Danish citizens if it features elements such as the Danish language, currency, exclusive payment methods for Denmark, Danish customer support, or inclusion on a multi-game digital distribution platform like Steam Connectivity Platform. Offering bets on lower-tier sporting events to Danish players can also fall under this category. It is also against the Danish Gambling Act to promote unlicensed gambling operators. Licensed operators must visibly display the Danish Gambling Authority’s label on their websites and promotional materials for easy player verification.

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