Study finds MyAffiliates as most used affiliate marketing software

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Study finds MyAffiliates as most used affiliate marketing software

According to a recent study, MyAffiliates is the most used affiliate marketing software used in the gaming industry.

The exercise was conducted on a sample of 1,100 affiliate programmes with data provided by Statsdrone revealing that MyAffiliates is used by almost 16% of gaming operators, followed by Affilka (11.8%), Income Access (10.5%) and NetRefer (7.8%).

MyAffiliates pie chart

The findings of the recent exercise, based on a sample of 1,100 affiliate programmes, affirm MyAffiliates’ position as the preferred choice among gaming operators. With nearly 16% of operators utilizing their software, MyAffiliates Team commented, “We are honoured to be entrusted with facilitating their affiliate marketing efforts.”

“While we celebrate this achievement, we also recognise the evolving landscape of the industry. The fact that 17% of gaming operators still rely on proprietary software presents significant opportunities for ready-built solutions like MyAffiliates to further expand our market share and empower more operators to optimize their affiliate marketing strategies.”

MyAffiliates recognise the role that the trust and support shown by their clients and partners played in reaching this significant milestone. This achievement underscores not only the effectiveness of the MyAffiliates platform but also the dedication of the team to continually innovate and provide unparalleled service to their users.

John Wright, CEO of Statsdrone, expressed his insights regarding MyAffiliates’ dominance in the iGaming industry, stating, “We know that MyAffiliates has an advanced platform for operators and is one of the reasons we know that MyAffiliates has become the most popular affiliate platform in iGaming. We hear from affiliates it is one of their preferred platforms to work with so for us it isn’t much of a surprise to see why operators choose MyAffiliates. In the last 6 months, we’ve noticed more MyAffiliates brands being requested on our platform, and I can’t see why that trend won’t continue.”

Clemence Dujardin, MyAffiliates Group CEO added: “As the leading affiliate marketing software in the iGaming industry, MyAffiliates remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower gaming operators to maximize their affiliate programs’ performance and ROI.”

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