Top 6 innovative startups battle for SiGMA Eurasia Pitch trophy

Matthew Calleja 1 year ago
Top 6 innovative startups battle for SiGMA Eurasia Pitch trophy

SiGMA Group created the SiGMA Pitch Competition to offer budding start-ups a platform to attain widespread recognition and success. Returning once again to the SiGMA Eurasia Summit in Dubai, the SiGMA Pitch Competition is providing over 100 start-ups with highly coveted space on the expo floor. The Pitch Competition proper is set to be held on the 15th of March, at the Main Stage from 15:25 to 16:35.

This unparalleled opportunity presents each start-up with premium networking prospects and maximized visibility to some of the most prominent investors and venture capitalists in the region. The top competitors will have the opportunity to pitch their projects live on stage in front of a panel of leading industry experts.

Our top 6 competing start-ups


Giftees is a unique marketplace platform that connects people seeking gifts with local retailers. Their mission is to redefine how we offer gifts to each other and bring people closer together in meaningful connections. Giftees has set its sights on becoming the first global gifting platform in the world, with the aim of fostering more personal and intimate relationships between people through the art of gift-giving.

What’s more, Giftees is easy to scale. By selling products directly from retailers such as coffee shops, bakeries, accessory stores, and wineries, the company can create an easy onboarding app and advertise the service in new areas, making it just as easy to operate in one country as it is in 20. We believe Giftees has the potential to revolutionize the gifting industry and bring about a new era of personalized and heartfelt gift-giving.


YO!FUTURE aims to empower young individuals to choose their path among the many possible ones and get all the necessary knowledge and skills to become the best student in university and land the job of their dreams. With the help of AI, the app sets goals for the users and guides them through various skill paths where they can improve their abilities by taking affiliate courses and learn professional information from articles and books.

This app is a game-changer in the education industry, as it provides a personalized approach to career development and helps students achieve their goals with ease. Get ready to change the future of education with this app!


Introducing ViewIT, a game-changer in the real estate industry. They are revolutionizing the way people buy and rent properties by introducing an app that provides an innovative solution to the problem of fake listings and time-consuming property viewings. ViewIT is like TikTok for the real estate industry, allowing real estate agents to conduct video tours of listings that are then geotagged, providing 100% verified location information.

ViewIT is miles ahead of the competition because none of them have a mobile listing solution or host 100% video. So, if you are tired of wasting your precious time with fake listings and inefficient viewings, then ViewIT is the company for you!


Monok leverages the gig-economy and uses a team of expert journalists to edit and refine articles to ensure the highest quality content. With a focus on automation, the app is the only provider to offer Automated News generation that utilizes AI and humans throughout the entire pipeline. This means that content is not only cost-effective but also delivered at lightning speed.

Monok also offers branded tweets, YouTube videos, and photo collages to elevate your content and maximize brand exposure. Social media integration is also a key feature, with LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms fully integrated. Additionally, the app has its own dedicated WordPress plugin for easy integration into existing workflows. With a complete subscription system, Monok offers a one-stop-shop for content marketing needs, delivering content that is significantly cheaper than any other fully-human news provider.

Virtual Sports Chain (VSC)

Introducing Virtual Sports Chain, or VSC, a revolutionary platform offering a new way to engage with sports and trading. With VSC, users can trade sportsmen with VSCoin, the platform’s own cryptocurrency, while benefitting from price fluctuations based on athletes’ personal performances during games. This unique concept is an evolution of sports games and includes metrics and algorithms that do not exist on any other product on the market.

VSC is not only a game, but also a sport stock market, offering an entirely new way to experience the world of sports. This is an exciting opportunity for sports enthusiasts and investors alike, as VSC is a game-changer in the sports trading and gaming industry.


Gambl is the innovative blockchain platform for the gaming industry. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the way sportsbook and casino services are offered by creating a secure, transparent and decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology. It offers a variety of benefits to both operators and players, including the elimination of payment provider fees, increased automation, and full self-custody of funds for players.

With smart contract technology, bets are placed on-chain at the time of placement, and automatically resolved when the result is processed, independent of the operator. Gambl also includes provisions for affiliates and regulators, making it an attractive option for traditional industry adoption.

Should you have any questions, or would like to get in touch about competing in a future Pitch Competition, please contact Ali.

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