UAE’s Big Ticket raffle set to resume in June

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 1 month ago
UAE’s Big Ticket raffle set to resume in June

Abu Dhabi’s popular raffle draw, Big Ticket, will return to action following a temporary suspension, with the next live draw scheduled for June 3. This comes after UAE lottery providers like Mahzooz and Emirates Draw had been ordered to suspend their operations starting January 1, 2024. Both Mahzooz and Emirates Draw had complied with the regulatory directive from the GCGRA, both taking to social media, describing the pause as an industry-wide mandate consistent with the Regulators’ new role to create a well-regulated gaming environment in the United Arab Emirates.

Setting a new direction following 30 years of success

During the operational pause, Big Ticket was in a position to evaluate its readiness to align with the evolving regulatory framework established by the GCGRA, aimed at ensuring a secure and regulated commercial gaming sector in the country.

With over thirty years of operation, Big Ticket has been a favourite among UAE residents, bringing hope for some and an integral part of life for others. The practice of pooling resources among expats to purchase tickets collectively has been a common phenomenon, with groups ranging from 4 to 40 individuals participating. In an effort to reinvigorate interest, Big Ticket is offering participants a chance to win a guaranteed sum of Dh10 million for the upcoming draw in June, with a buy 2 get 3 promotion on tickets.

Big Ticket announces its return in June.

The regulatory landscape in the UAE is undergoing a transformation, as the government moves towards a consolidated approach with only one national lottery operator authorized by the GCGRA. While Mahzooz and Emirates Draw have completed their license applications for the national lottery, the question of whether Big Ticket will assume this role exclusively or if other operators will be permitted to coexist remains unanswered.

The recent suspension of lottery operations highlights a notable shift in the UAE’s stance on gambling, traditionally prohibited by local laws. The new licensing framework and the establishment of the GCGRA indicate a strategic move towards regulating the gaming industry, underlining the government’s commitment to a structured and controlled gaming environment.

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