UK Gambling Commission’s strategic vision 2024-2027

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 2 months ago
UK Gambling Commission’s strategic vision 2024-2027

The Gambling Commission’s Corporate Strategy for 2024 to 2027 is a comprehensive plan designed to guide the regulation of the gambling industry in Great Britain over the next three years. The strategy is a response to the evolving nature of gambling, particularly in the digital age and the changes brought about by the global pandemic. It aims to ensure that gambling remains fair, safe, and free from crime, while also addressing the significant reforms outlined in the Government’s White Paper on gambling reform.

Data-driven regulation enhancements

A key aspect of the strategy is the commitment to using data and analytics to enhance the effectiveness of gambling regulation. The Commission plans to invest in data storage and analysis capabilities, as well as in the development of its personnel, to improve decision-making processes and operational performance. This will involve updating current systems to allow for more effective data use, which will lead to better outcomes for consumers, the public, and licensees.

Stakeholder engagement and consultations

The strategy also emphasizes the importance of public and licensee engagement through clear and open consultations, ensuring that all parties can contribute to discussions on regulatory changes. The Commission will measure progress through feedback and insights, maintaining sound financial management and adhering to Government and Treasury guidelines.

The Commission recognises its workforce as its most valuable asset and intends to enhance engagement and organizational effectiveness. This will involve attracting and retaining diverse and talented individuals, developing leadership skills, and embedding inclusion in the workplace. Progress will be tracked using various indicators, including surveys and diversity representation.

To deepen its understanding of the gambling market and consumer behaviour, the Commission will collect operator data more regularly and conduct high-quality consumer research. This will enable the Commission to provide authoritative advice and statistics on gambling in Great Britain and ensure that interventions are well-targeted and evidence-based.

Five key focus areas

The strategy outlines five areas of focus, which include improving regulatory data use, enhancing communication with licensees and the public, and ensuring the successful operation of the National Lottery. Progress will be measured against operational performance indicators and through qualitative and quantitative measures, such as the implementation of the licensee’s bid and the levels of returns to good causes.

Cross-cutting enablers such as a strong governance framework, automation of systems, and a digital-first approach will support the Commission’s work. The Commission will also review how it communicates requirements and guidance to ensure clarity and compliance.

In summary, the Gambling Commission’s strategy is ambitious and multifaceted, aiming to adapt to the changing gambling landscape and improve regulation through better use of data, stakeholder engagement, and a focus on its workforce. The Commission is committed to transparency and will report on its progress annually, demonstrating improvements and adapting its approach as necessary to achieve its goal of a gambling industry that is fairer, safer, and crime-free.

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