[WATCH] “Marketing is telling the world that you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” Jochen Mebus on SiGMA TV

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[WATCH] “Marketing is telling the world that you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” Jochen Mebus on SiGMA TV

SiGMA’s Yanni Collins gets together with Jochen Mebus, Chief Revenue Officer at Textbroker, to discuss great new ways of increasing traffic without lifting a finger 

Textbroker is a content creation platform with a freelancer network of over 500,000 content providers, authors and editors, offering content services and translation among others. The company is involved in several sectors, with gaming being the largest one, and what attracts them to Textbroker according to Jochen Mebus, their Chief Revenue Officer, is the global reach they achieve through translation, since many companies need to ‘localise’ themselves, and to do so one needs people who are experts in a language and the culture around that language, which work hand in hand. 

Mebus starts to emphasizes on the current urgent need to localise and write content that is custom-made for certain countries, and he also poses the question of whether one should translate content or just rewrite it in some cases, simply because the region or country for which the translation is to be done would require a different tone of voice, for instance.

Watch the interview with Textbroker’s Jochen Mebus here: 

He went on to talk about how it has become necessary to be malleable as a company, and be ready to make changes saying how 

 I think you need the ability to act quickly on regulatory changes and that means, content wise you need to be able to make changes to the content you have, that you reduce the danger of being penalised and that you comply with all the things that are imposed on you as quickly as you can.’ 

He complimented this by saying how change in regulation usually involved laws on advertising. So if a company suddenly has to follow imposed regulations on something that was providing traffic for it, then content becomes the definite way to go which is why it has become so important.  

Returning to his earlier points about localisation, he addressed issues of having the right articles, the right length, the right depth on your website to be able to compete among other high-ranking business competitors. In reply to this Yanni Collins asked him about Textbroker’s approach to the US market, to which he restressed the issue of localisation, going from state to city levels. He also addressed the fact that for instance most online shops in the U.S are all in English, when the country is a country of immigrants in the end with a big portion of Spanish speakers, and so he suggested that this is an opportunity for the industry to do it differently and to put effort in creative an alternative approach to reaching out various demographics. 

Mebus concluded by saying how it is necessary to make use of the always growing content analytic technology that is around, helping one to study one’s efforts and to see what is generating traffic versus what is killing traffic. 

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