Why are casinos without a Swedish licence becoming popular?

Maria Debrincat 3 years ago
Why are casinos without a Swedish licence becoming popular?

Casinos without a licence have grown exponentially in the

Swedish casino market, especially after introducing online casino limits

According to the latest reports the restrictions on online casinos, such as the 3-second rule, deposit limit, etc., were dated to end by July 2021. However, the Ministry of Finance has requested the extension of online casino restrictions until November 14.

The restrictions are meant to address the issue of gambling addiction at the hour of Covid-19. Perhaps, for many responsible gamblers, it seems like the government has been micromanaging how much money they can spend at online casinos. These restrictions on licensing, deposit limits, etc., have led players to find an easy path of gambling. Precisely, the restrictions on online casinos are contributing towards the major shift to casinos without a licence.

Gambling restrictions from 2019 till Covid-19

Swedish casinosIn 2019, the Swedish government came up with the new Swedish Gambling Act. The sole purpose of this act was to eradicate the situation of problem gamblers as the government saw a threat in the same.

According to the Swedish government, zero or low restrictions were leading people to the path of addiction. Hence, a 3-second rule, one bonus per casino, and various gambling limitations were imposed on a casino with a Swedish license to put a curb on the same.

Meanwhile, the Swedish government ascertained a possible risk of problem gambling due to Covid-19 and imposed few other restrictions. Under these policies, a person can’t deposit more than SEK 5,000 weekly along with other rules. The other rules remained unchanged as only one bonus is allowed per single person. Also, a 3-second rule stands firm.

These stringent rules don’t only hinder the playing capabilities of a person but lay an impact on the revenue streams as well. To bridge the uninterrupted gap between a Swedish player and his choice of gambling, casinos without license act as rescuers!

Are casinos without licences legal?

A casinos without a Swedish licence or as Swedes call it, ‘casino utan svensk licens’ and ‘casino utan licens’, is not a casino with no gambling license. Instead they come with a license of offshore authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao.

As per the government, any offshore casino shouldn’t directly advertise their casino to target Swedish players and offer payment options in SEK (Swedish currency).
Many casinos without a Swedish licence come with currency exchange payment options such as Neteller to avoid falling into the grey area. Therefore, no casino without a Swedish license jumps the line to become illegal and playing at these casinos is 100% legal.

So, the players who’ve been questing to play at zero or no restrictions casinos without a Swedish licence can easily play without having to worry about its legality. These casinos are entirely safe because they use high-end encryption technology. And one sometimes requires paying zero tax if the license is from European countries such as MGA.

Benefits of playing at a casino without a Swedish license

There are various advantages of playing at a casino without a Swedish license. According to the Swedish website Casinofox.se these are the main reasons why Swedes choose “casino utan licens”:

No weekly deposit limit

As everyone knows that the deposit limit at a casino with a license is SEK 5,000 (around €500), there is hardly any limit at a casino without a Swedish license. A high-roller will hardly prefer a casino with such a lower weekly deposit limit.

Also, a casino without a Swedish license gives you a higher edge as it doesn’t come with a deposit limit. There is a section called ‘responsible gambling,’ which allows you to self-exclude yourself in case of addiction. This ensures that no player experiences any situation like addiction without imposing stringent laws.

More than one bonus

In a casino with a Swedish license, you can only receive a single welcome bonus which shouldn’t go beyond SEK 100 (around €10). However, SEK 100 is the minimum bonus that you can receive at a casino without a Swedish license. There are various bonuses, including free spins, no deposit bonus, weekly bonus, VIP programs, insured bets, cashbacks, etc.

Larger range of games

You can find all types of roulette at a casino without a Swedish license, like American roulette, French roulette, etc. However, at a casino with a Swedish license, it becomes impossible to find various games. Players are often disappointed with the deck of games as compared to games at an unlicensed casino.

Easy registration process

The customer doesn’t have to submit various documents to just register at a no-account casino. The registration process is sometimes eliminated when played at a Pay N Play casino. You can directly pay via Trustly and start playing at the same time. Perhaps, this is not the scenario with a licensed casino.

The 3-second rule is ruled out

The 3-second rule was imposed to ensure that you are gambling at a single casino at any given point in time. In this rule, one must wait for 3 seconds at each spin at a slot game.

Similarly, in a casino without a Swedish license, no 3-second rule is levied. One can place a bet without having to wait and increase their chances of winning.

The 3-second rule was initiated to address the issue of problem gamblers. But it has disappointed many players as one can’t enjoy the slot games.

Highest security

With SSL and TLS encryption being in place, no player’s data is in the wrong hands. These encryptions secure your data and information so that no third-party website or app can get access to it! Almost all casinos without licences have 128-bit SSL encryption.

Is Covid-19 the reason behind unlicensed casinos’ popularity?

To an extent, yes, because the Swedish government has levied a temporary restriction on online casinos. Moreover, if seen from a larger picture, they’ve altered the existing gambling laws with new additions.

The gambling laws in Sweden were already leading to various losses in revenue streams. Also, since there were already restrictions on bonuses and others, players were more attracted to a no-account casino.

Covid-19 has just empowered and accelerated the growth of “casino utan svensk licens” in the country. However, they were bearing the fruits of higher revenue streams that casinos with licenses could access!

Final words

A casinos without a Swedish licence will grow 10X in the future, citing the current regulations in the gambling space. Though many countries have implemented various gambling laws, the result is superseding the decided outcome. In turn, the outcome is the exponential growth of casinos without a license in Sweden.

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