Why do casino companies set up their digital teams in Belgrade with

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With over 650 employees and more than 8 years of experience, Remote Star’s team have established themselves as the leading outsourcing provider in Eastern Europe

  • Teams of experts in Design and creativity, Content producers and Campaign management
  • Fluent in 16 languages assisting entrepreneurs with growing their business

With over 650 employees and more than 8 years of experience, Remote Star’s team have established themselves as the leading outsourcing provider in Eastern Europe. Their teams have strong experience working with clients of all sizes, across various industries in multiple job positions, including customer service, marketing, sales and IT. brings outsourcing to a whole new level. They create a special team exclusively dedicated to the customer, so companies have their peace of mind and are not bothered with all the business procedures and protocols of managing the workforce remotely.

Entire company documentation and legal work, complete HR processes, project management, finance and payroll, real estate, IT set up, procurement and logistics are done by team of 70 people in HQ making sure global companies can take care of the big picture and not worry about workforce.

Marko Dubočanin, founder and CEO of, claims that entrepreneurs and companies save not only time but also an average of 62% of all costs compared to their local office.

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The world of games and gambling is constantly changing and evolving, and new technologies are coming quickly. As we all know, so many people entering the gaming and casino industry are looking for an efficient and innovative solution.

With the expansion of social media, digital marketing has become the gold standard when it comes to advertising. Hiring an external digital marketing team allows you to cast a wide net and reach people on different channels for a positive ROI.

We are living in an era of the experience-based marketplace. The methods of running a successful business have evolved. Customers expect not only quality products and services but also amazing experiences. Multiple studies have shown that customers are ready to pay more for better experiences. Many are willing to replace a company after having a poor customer experience.

Customer care service is not an easy position to work in and it requires a lot of patience and time. Direct interaction is a crucial factor in securing customer satisfaction and inspiring future cooperation. covers multiple languages, so you can have people speaking not only English but also Spanish, German, Italian, French and many others. We can provide 24-hour coverage, which means that there will be no missed calls and unanswered emails.

Because of that, many companies found a solution with, which has a unique approach, making sure that your outsourced teams operate as if they’re working with you in-house. All that is possible thanks to the top talent and executives who are leading the company.

So, if you’re thinking about setting up your business in Serbia, get in touch with

Not only will you have a more productive, motivated, and satisfied remote team working side by side and making their way towards the mutual goal, but you will see the beneficial influences everywhere. Your gains will rise, your customer base will expand, your churn rates will get lower, all of your KPI’s will show enhancements, and your long-term success will be within easy reach.

An effective way to continue moving your business forward while ensuring the right audience is being reached, on the right platform(s) and at the right time.


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