Wicked Games: Unveiling a new era at SiGMA Asia 

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Wicked Games: Unveiling a new era at SiGMA Asia 

At SiGMA Asia, Wicked Games will showcase a series of exciting announcements and attractions. As the studio transitions from a third-party game production house to a stand-alone, direct-to-operator game provider, attendees are invited to explore their latest innovations and dynamic new brand identity.

Debut of Ten New Games

SiGMA Asia is the perfect stage for Wicked Games to launch their first ten games tailored for the Asian market. This diverse portfolio includes standard lines and ways slots, along with innovative Crash games, designed to engage a wide range of players. These offerings lay the foundation for Wicked Games’ entry into the Asian market and set the stage for an exciting future, with upcoming releases also targeting European and LATAM players.

Darryl Manning, CEO at Wicked Games, explains, “Our initial focus was on Asia, crafting the first five games to resonate with classic Asian themes and mechanics. We selected proven successful models like the Hold’em spin games that have evolved to cater to an Asian market transitioning towards Mega Ways and more intricate game styles. We aimed to capture the essence of the best-performing math models of the past decade first.”

Karl von Brockdorff, Head of Brand at Wicked Games, elaborates on the strategic vision of the company, “Our new brand emphasises straightforward, user-friendly products. We prioritise games that are fun, easy to pick up, and difficult to put down. While future releases will introduce more complexity, with elaborate and tongue-in-cheek themes, our core remains on creating accessible, captivating experiences that cater to a wide audience.”

Darryl Manning concludes, “In upcoming games, we plan to incorporate popular mechanics such as Ante bets and bonus buys, expanding our library of features to evolve alongside our maturing audience. Our goal is to continue growing and adapting to meet the changing preferences of our players.”

Wicked Games Asia booth D602
Visit Wicked Games during SiGMA Asia at booth D602 on the second floor of the SMX Convention Centre in Manila.

A Snooker spectacle: Teasing future innovations 

Visitors to the Wicked Games stand can enjoy watching snooker trickshot champion Deng Guoqiang perform trick shots while sipping on a selection of delicious cocktails. This entertaining demonstration hints at Wicked Games’ upcoming snooker-themed crash game ‘Ballbreaker’, set to be released later this year. The game will feature realistic graphics, full 3D gameplay, and exciting crash mechanics, combining the thrill of snooker with fast-paced betting action.

Opening of a cutting-edge live studio in Armenia 

Testimony to its commitment to quality and innovation, Wicked Games is also excited to announce the release of their state-of-the-art live studio in Armenia. This new facility will enhance the brand’s ability to deliver top-notch live dealer game streaming to clients around the globe. With an end-of year date earmarked for the launch, Wicked Games has ensured ease-of-use, with partners able to access the live studio through their Wicked Games integration. Additionally, Wicked Games will also provide the option for operators to offer the live studio as a fully branded experience to their players, using the operators’ chosen colours and branding.

Insights from Darryl Manning at SiGMA Asia

Darryl Manning will be delivering a presentation on “Mapping the Future of Asian iGaming: Conquering Unfamiliar Waters and Cultivating Expansion” at SiGMA Asia. His session aims to explore the unique challenges encountered within the Asian iGaming sector and unveil effective strategies for promoting its growth. Manning, based on his extensive experience, will discuss how Wicked Games’ innovative approaches, market differentiation strategies, and adaptability to local preferences can propel advancement and address obstacles in the ever-expanding Asian iGaming market.

Emphasising the popularity of Asian-themed games across different regions, Manning will draw on his expertise, which lies in classic Aristocrat-style land-based games that have significantly influenced the Asian slot industry, both in physical casinos and online platforms. 

Exclusive Affiliate Retreat in El Nido 

To further foster community and engagement, Wicked Games will host an exclusive affiliate retreat at a 5-star resort in El Nido, following the SIGMA Asia event in Manila. This retreat aims to build stronger partnerships and offer a unique, enjoyable experience in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. After the hustle and bustle of the Sigma Asia show, attendees can look forward to excellent networking opportunities in a relaxed, scenic atmosphere over two days.

Connect with us: Sales enquiries 

For those interested in exploring business opportunities, James Davies, Chief Commercial Officer, will be available to discuss sales enquiries. He looks forward to connecting with potential partners and clients to explore collaborative ventures. Email: – [email protected]

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