Introducing World AdTech Day: An industry-wide new observance

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Introducing World AdTech Day: An industry-wide new observance

World AdTech Day (#WorldAdTechDay) is poised to make its debut on March 27, 2024, marking a momentous occasion to appreciate the notable performance of adtech professionals worldwide. This very first celebration seeks to unite industry front-runners in acknowledging the pivotal role of adtech professionals in shaping the global advertising landscape.

What is World AdTech Day?

World AdTech Day represents the evolution of advertising technology into a multifaceted field entailing special professional skills. This celebration places emphasis on the essential role of adtech professionals, who facilitate fruitful cross-market interactions, develop easy-to-use digital products, and advocate for responsible online marketing practices.

How to engage in World AdTech Day?

Participation in World AdTech Day is simple and diverse, allowing individuals to engage in various activities or devise their own initiatives. Key ways to celebrate include:

  • Share insights and achievements related to adtech using the official #WorldAdTechDay hashtag.
  • Place the official celebration logo or badge on digital platforms and share content featuring adtech themes.
  • Arrange educational events such as workshops, webinars, or live streams to nurture adtech knowledge.
  • Foster professional connections by organizing adtech networking events.
  • Spotlight innovative adtech solutions and campaigns that have redefined the industry.

What is World AdTech Day’s origin?

World AdTech Day is spearheaded by Adsterra, a global advertising network that recognizes a decade of industry experience. The initiative stemmed from the need for a unifying event to honor the contributions of adtech professionals globally.

While Adsterra devised the celebration, it encourages individuals and organizations to host their own activities associated with World AdTech Day. The goal is to inspire widespread participation and empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to advancing the adtech industry.

Several influential leaders in the adtech market have already endorsed the observance: RichAds, CrackRevenue, Evadav, Keitaro, MyLead, Binom, Yellana, CPV Lab Pro, Bemob, TrafficShark, and others.

Join the celebration

As World AdTech Day approaches, mark your calendars and plan your input to this festive debut initiated for adtech enthusiasts worldwide. Together, let us ignite the adtech space and uphold the spirit of innovation and collaboration within the industry.

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