10 Biggest Gambling Cities in the World

If you ask 100 people where you can find many casinos, the vast majority will say Las Vegas. Gambling has been synonymous with the city since the first casinos opened there, but is it one of the biggest gambling cities in the world?

The answer to that question will depend on what metric you’re using to decide what makes a city the “biggest.” Are we looking at the city’s physical size? What is the annual turnover of each city? How many visitors travel there?


Biggest Gambling Cities in the World

Now, I’ll provide essential information about famous gambling cities in the world.


1. Macau, China

Only one casino city has a chance to replace Las Vegas as the best casino city in the world, and that’s Macau. Namely, it’s similar to Hong Kong in that it’s a special administrative region of China and therefore operates differently than the mainland. The City of Macau is the Monte Carlo of the Orient, with casinos bringing in huge revenue.

You might think Macau can’t compete with Las Vegas at first glance since it only has forty-one casinos, which is fewer than the Strip alone. However, seven of the twenty biggest casinos in the world are in Macau, and casinos contribute more than 50% of the city’s overall economy, so we shouldn’t write it off entirely.

There are seven hotels on the list of the twenty largest in the world:

  • Venetian Macao
  • City of Dreams Resort
  • Casino Ponte 16
  • MGM Grand Macao
  • Sands Macao
  • Starworld Hotel & Casino
  • Wynn Macau

Five hotels are bigger than any Las Vegas casino, but only Starworld Hotel & Casino and Wynn Macau are smaller than Vegas’ largest casino, the MGM Grand.

While Las Vegas certainly attracts its fair share of high-end gamblers, Macau is more geared toward attracting high-rollers. That’s why the city dwarfs Vegas’ gaming revenue, even though fewer people visit the city each year than the city Elvis described as a “bright light city.”


2. Las Vegas, USA

When people think of Las Vegas, they immediately think of gambling. The famous metropolis is home to some of the world’s largest gambling resorts, such as MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, and Bellagio.

Las Vegas still has some of the most famous gambling establishments and caters to the needs of many people despite recessions. Besides gambling, tourists can also visit attractions such as The Fountains of Bellagio, Park Theater, and The Mob Museum.

Additionally, Las Vegas ranks highly on this list because it’s the biggest gambling city with a large number of casinos. Based on the number of casinos at the time of writing, here is how the areas break down:

  • The Las Vegas Strip — 51 casinos.
  • Boulder Strip — 42 casinos.
  • Downtown Las Vegas — 26 casinos.
  • North Las Vegas — 17 casinos.
  • Sands Macao
  • Starworld Hotel & Casino
  • Wynn Macau

What exactly qualifies as a casino, in your opinion? For example, does a local bar with a couple of video poker machines and a slot machine qualify as a casino? According to the Nevada Gaming Commission, businesses with more than fifteen slot machines or one with table games are eligible for “unrestricted gaming licenses.”

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3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is considered by many to be the ideal luxury vacation destination. It’s the best place to gamble, and it’s difficult to find a place more glamorous and sophisticated than Monaco. The city attracts some of the wealthiest people in the world every year for fun and enjoyment.

A unique gambling experience awaits you in Monte Carlo, one of the world’s smallest countries and the leading gambling cities in Europe. So far, the city has several iconic casinos, but, without a doubt, the Monte Carlo Casino is a must-see.


4. Marina Bay, Singapore

As Singapore climbs the economic ladder, it’s becoming one of the most important countries in Asia. Gambling in the country is still developing, but it has already become a significant revenue generator.

Although casinos haven’t been legal for a long time, Marina Bay Sands is already the world’s largest gambling resort. In addition to its 2500 rooms, Marina Bay Sands has a Universal theme park and several swimming pools.


5. London, United Kingdom

London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Thus, it offers a wide range of content, from history and art museums to massive entertainment venues.

A unique British gambling experience is available to gamblers in London because the UK has some of the most sophisticated gambling laws in the world.

There are over 20 casinos in London, but none are as spectacular or impressive as the Empire Casino. This British casino has 55,000 square feet of world-class restaurants, bars, and an exclusive VIP Dragon Lunge that await loyal and highest-paying guests.


6. Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas is an ideal destination for all United States citizens, considering they’re only a half-hour flight away.

If you’re tired of the daily routines of life and want to relax and soak up the sun, the Bahamas is the perfect destination for you. Additionally, the city has some of the most famous casinos in the world, besides having stunning beaches if you’re a gambling enthusiast. Places to visit when traveling to the Bahamas are Paradise Island and Nassau.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the world’s top poker destinations. In the past, the city hosted the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.


7. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

The city will always be considered the poorer brother of Las Vegas because of its ties to organized crime. However, it’s where East Coast Americans go to have a flutter without having to travel across the country. As a result, it has lost its glitz and glamour, not to mention coming third in terms of sheer numbers on this list.

As of writing this article, only ten casinos are open in Atlantic City, spread out somewhat unevenly across the area.

Therefore, Atlantic City’s casinos are comparable to those in Las Vegas and Macau regarding square footage. Among the largest casinos in Vegas, the MGM Grand, for example, has 171,500 square feet of gaming space, slightly bigger than some in New Jersey. However, to accommodate the twenty-seven million people who visit the city each year, the casinos need to be fairly large.


8. Paris, France

Even if you don’t think of casinos when you think of Paris, the city of lights offers plenty of surprises because the gambling scene is alive and well. The Casino Cercle Haussman, located near the Opera Garnier in the heart of Paris, is one of the best places to gamble in the city. The casino has 25 tables for Blackjack, Punto Banco, Baccarat, and various poker games. Enjoy a thrilling night of high stakes at Aviation Club de France, one of France’s oldest casinos, which opened in 1907. By day, discover the beautiful monuments of Paris and play at some dazzling casinos by night.


9. Sydney, Australia

A few hidden gems in Sydney allow travelers to combine gambling and traveling seamlessly, despite the city’s iconic places being cultural focal points, like The Opera House.

Sydney’s The Star is a resort complex with a hotel, spa, and casino. Every year, it draws tens of thousands of tourists and gamblers, making it one of the hottest spots to travel to and have a blast. Star Entertainment, the company that owns the property, provides two gaming floors. Hotspots such as the “Inner Sanctum” are accessible by invitation only and are open to international guests that are patrons of the establishment.


10. San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s capital and largest city, San Jose, is also one of the world’s largest gambling cities. Casinos in San Jose are well-known for their variety and affordability.

There are many famous theaters and museums worldwide, including The National Theater of Costa Rica, The Melico Salazar Theater, and The Museum of Costa Rican Art.

People have fun gambling, but sports betting is also very popular. If you’re interested in watching sports matches or reading the news about the tallest soccer player, you’ll love them.

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What are the world’s best and biggest gambling cities?

You can find what you need in terms of casinos in many incredible gambling destinations around the world. In some of them, dozens of fully-fledged resorts aim to attract punters from around the globe. Every destination is unique, from Las Vegas to Macau to Monaco.

Why do these gambling cities deserve praise?

Many of the world’s biggest gambling cities are known as casino Meccas due to the abundance of venues. There are thousands of slot machines and table games at these casinos. Combining all-inclusive resorts with five-star service is why the reputation exists in the first place.

Why is it worth visiting the famous gambling cities around the world?

Gambling and traveling at the same time have undeniable perks. First, it’s a great way to visit famous gambling cities, check out their casino scene, and even win extra money. Then, you can enrich your memory with more exciting adventures abroad while discovering a new part of the world.

Are there things to be respectful of when gambling in other cities?

Always be aware of local customs and traditions for gambling and sightseeing abroad. Something accepted and perceived as normal in your hometown may not be universally applicable. Therefore, it’s important to respect the culture and tolerate any differences.

Is there an ultimate gambling destination?

Most people who aren’t as committed to gambling would include Las Vegas, among the biggest gambling cities in the world if they were asked. However, other destinations, such as Macau, are consistently gaining popularity and challenging Sin City’s dominance.