Super Bowl Prop Bets: How and Where To Find Value in 2023

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Super Bowl Prop Bets: How and Where To Find Value in 2023

Super Bowl fun prop bets are an unusual way to add spice to the big game. Super Bowl prop bets, for those unfamiliar, are wagers on any specific occurrence during the game.

But while betting on the winner of the Super Bowl is a popular option, another type of wager can add some extra excitement to your viewing experience – the player prop market. Super Bowl Player Props are wagers on individual players’ performances in specific categories and are a great way to make the game more entertaining.

Super Bowl prop bets are a fun way to participate in the game, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for something to keep you entertained. You don’t have to be a football whiz to participate in them. To make a forecast, you must consider what could happen throughout one game. Furthermore, the costs are low, and the return for a successful NFL player prop bets is substantial. The game is also an excellent chance for sportsbooks to offer Super Bowl-related bonuses.

Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

Experienced Super Bowl prop bettors look for value everywhere, even in the most exotic offers. The national anthem’s duration and the Gatorade shower’s color are examples of such details, and even coin toss props have been available for quite some time.
Super Bowl LVII also features Rihanna during the Halftime Show. You can guess the first and the last song, the number of total songs performed, her hair and dress color, and who will join her on stage.
For example, Umbrella is the song most likely to be performed. But the payoff is minimal, with –5000 odds. So, if you believe she’ll perform this song, you can try with Jay-Z appearing on stage with her. Those odds are –200.

Super Bowl Betting: 2023 Super Bowl Odds

You can bet on the game itself. The Eagles are –1.5-point favorites against the spread with –110 odds. You can also pick the teams on the MoneyLine, Chiefs at +105 and Eagles at -125.
During the preseason, you could’ve picked the Chiefs at +1000, the Eagles at +2000, and even at +2500 at some betting establishments.

Best Super Bowl Player Prop Bets

Before delving into individual lines, exotic player props, and the best Super Bowl player props, here is a simple Super Bowl prop bet list of the most common player props. Quarterbacks touch the ball on practically all offensive plays, so those player props are the most attractive. Super Bowl Player Passing Props include:

  • Quarterback passing yards over/under
  • QB touchdown passes over/under
  • QB pass completions O/U
  • QB pass attempts O/Us
  • First completion over/under
  • Will QB record an INT during Super Bowl
  • Race between quarterbacks to 200 or 250 yards
  • Combined passing and rushing yards by QB
  • Alternate passing TDs and alt passing yards
  • The exact number of passing TDs

Over/under and totals for players’ rushing yards, rushing attempts and rushing touchdowns are the most popular rushing props. Taking Jalen Hurts 40+ rushing yards at -245 is a good bet. There is also a race to 10, 25, and 50 rushing yards.
Common Super Bowl props for receivers include receiving yards, receptions, and the player to record a first or longest reception. Marquez Valdes-Scantling had a solid playoff run, so if you think that will continue, take 50+ yards at +164.
Total points scored by the kicker is a typical example of a kicking prop, while defensive contributions like tackles, sacks, and interceptions are standard examples of defensive props. Frank Clark has one sack in each of the two Super Bowls he played, so if he repeats that, you can get +124.

Same-game parlay

If you follow the NFL, you know what players are prominently featured in teams’ offenses. So, if you think the Chiefs will win, you’re banking on Mahomes and Kelce having a big game.
On the other hand, if you prefer the Eagles, you should look into Jalen Hurts to go over rushing yards or to score a rushing touchdown. Sportsbooks today give excellent odds for these types of bets.

Live Betting Player Props

Although the game has begun, betting on player props is still possible. Super Bowl live betting approach involves keeping an eye out for developing circumstances to locate extra value on player props as the game progresses. Sadly, injuries are a part of this equation. So, if a starting offensive skill player suffers an injury, you can find value by reacting quickly. NFL is a complex business, and the next-man-up mentality is at the core of it.

Best Super Bowl MVP Prop Bets

The best MVP chances always go to the winning QB. Sportsbooks know this, so both QBs are given +120 odds for Hurts and +135 for Mahomes. If you want to play it safe, you can always go with the Quarterback.
Depending on who you think will win, you can try other long shots. These are the best Super Bowl MVP odds:

  • Travis Kelce +1600
  • AJ Brown +1800
  • Miles Sanders +2500
  • Chris Jones +5000

You can also take the field against both Quarterbacks at +260, or just bet on Mahomes and Hurts, so you don’t have to worry about the game’s outcome. Those odds are -380.

Best Super Bowl Team Prop Bets

One of the most exciting Props includes 1st Drive Result. Both teams are highly efficient offensively, but nerves could be an issue. That’s why Field Goal Attempt odds look nice at +430. If you don’t think the pressure will make an impact, an offensive touchdown can bring you +260. Other options are a punt at +105 or any different outcome of the first drive at +500.
You can find other intriguing game props with team totals. The team with more time of possession in the game seems likelier to be Philly, regardless of the result, so that you can get that at -144. Chiefs, you can get at +116.
The line for total net offensive yards is 739.5, so to hit the over, you’re hoping for steady yard accumulation or one team’s offensive explosion. Total points are always a good bet, but look at the alternates: over 46.5 at -199 odds seems safe.

Crossover props

Even though the Super Bowl is a huge player props betting event, it is not the only game played on Sunday. Additionally, there will be other sporting events. Crossover props at legit sportsbooks let you combine wagers from both categories.
Some common proposition bets that span sports are as follows:

  • The Super Bowl champion and the winner of any other soccer, NBA or NHL game
  • Over/under player props for NBA stars against individual Super Bowl props, such as Jalen Hurts’ passing yards. The night before the Super Bowl, the NBA has 11 scheduled games.
  • Total points/goals scored in both the Super Bowl and another game that day, such as two Premier League games.

You can bet totals between players. For example, Ja Morant vs. Travis Kelce: total points, rebounds, and assists the young point guard will get against the Boston Celtics versus Kelce’s first-half receiving yards.

Unlikely Super Bowl prop bets

Super Bowl Props 101 is to avoid rare occurrences. There were only nine safeties in Super Bowl history. The last one came in Super Bowl XLVIII nine years ago.
Another bet to avoid is opening kickoff return touchdown. That happened once when the best returner in NFL history, Devin Hester, scored for the Bears against the Colts in Super Bowl XLI.
What is even less likely is the Super Bowl MVP being on the losing team. Chuck Howley is the only player to receive that honor after Super Bowl V.
So, if you’re looking to pick a Super Bowl MVP, you can easily parlay it with the Super Bowl winner to increase your return.

Super Bowl Props Betting Strategy – Tips and Tricks

While the spread and total are where most sharp bettors put their money, prop bets are a fun way to keep you interested in the Super Bowl Sunday game. Additionally, winning enhances the excitement considerably. Therefore, let’s discuss the fundamentals for crafting a winning Super Bowl props approach.

Watch your bankroll

  • Hunt the best lines. Betting on anything, especially player props, necessitates access to various sportsbooks and the ability to compare the odds between books.
  • One of the things to consider when trying to handicap a player prop is how often a player has hit that figure. You might look at a player’s favorable matchup and solid projection and conclude that betting on the over is a no-brainer. Looking at the frequency, though, can give a different image.
  • But matchups do matter, to some degree. Analyze the top and bottom five numbers and seek opportunities there. The projected edge is lower if a team’s measures are closer to the average.
  • Prioritize prop value over the type of prop. When comparing props, those with only two options, like over/under or yes/no, tend to favor bettors, while those with more tend to have higher vig.

Remember that the Super Bowl is one of the year’s most extraordinary sports betting events and that the odds shift rapidly in response to heavy action and early wagers. You will have to do window browsing online and move quickly when you see something promising.
Lines change rapidly. Player props aren’t as liquid as sides or totals, and when they’re getting too much movement, they might suddenly even be withdrawn from the market. Also, lines are at their most pliable right after they’ve been released, so if you don’t jump on them right away, someone else probably will. As lines shift in response to wagers, the market becomes more liquid and productive.

Favorite NFL Super Bowl Props

To sum up, use all the info provided in the guide part of this article. However, to help you out, here are some of the more popular player prop bets available and the logic behind them:

  • Kenneth Gainwellover 11.5 receiving yards: Gainwell stepped up in two Eagles playoff games. Primarily used as a runner, Gainwell got 160 yards on 26 carries, but he also had three catches for 35 yards. So, we need one or two check-downs by Hurst to collect on -115 odds. Gainwell carries the best Super Bowl over/under yards prop bets. Even rushing yards over at 19.5 yards is promising.
  • Travis Kelce: Super Bowl Anytime Touchdown Scorer -135 odds: Kelce is the best tight end in the league. Even if the Eagles deploy double coverage, Kelce and Mahomes always find open space on extended plays out of the pocket.
  • Parlay Travis Kelce Anytime Touchdown Scorer bet with 85+ receiving yards, and Isiah Pacheco 55+ Rushing Yards – +500

Fun Super Bowl Prop Picks

You can find value even in some more fun bets. Philly special is still on everyone’s mind. So, if you think the Eagles will do something like that again, or you believe Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who is also no stranger to trick plays, will call a similar play – you can bet any non-QB to have 1+ pass TD at +2200
You can also consider +1200 odds for any QB to have a reception, but keep in mind that Patrick Mahomes is still carrying an ankle injury, so this is primarily a bet on Jalen Hurts’ athleticism.
The efficiency of both offenses is already mentioned, so whoever wins the toss and gets the ball can score first and hold on to that lead. So, think about parlaying both teams to win the coin toss and the game – it’s +300 for the Chiefs and +250 for the Eagles.
Here are some more picks that qualify as fun Super Bowl prop bets:

  • Any Offensive Lineman to Score 1+ Rec TD at +3500
  • Patrick Mahomes First Player to Reach 25+ Rushing Yards in +2000
  • Jalen Hurts to have 30+ rushing yards in both halves +650
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling First Chiefs Player to Reach 25+ Receiving Yards +550

Super Bowl LVII and Fun Facts

  • Super Bowl LVII will be held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.
  • Fox will air Super Bowl LVII, and Kevin Burkhardt and former NFL tight end Greg Olsen will debut as game announcers.
  • Both franchises are relatively recent Super Bowl champions. The Eagles defeated the Patriots to win their first Super Bowl in 2018, and the Chiefs beat the 49ers to win their second Lombardi Trophy in 2020.

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Super Bowl Prop Bets FAQ

What are some fun bets for the Super Bowl?

You can make exotic prop bets for Super Bowl 57, including National Anthem Prop Bets, Coin Toss Prop Bets, Halftime Prop Bets, TV Broadcast Prop Bets, Commercial Prop Bets, and Cross-Sport Prop Bets.

How do Super Bowl prop bets work?

Bets on something other than the winner or the total points scored are known as props. Prop bets can be placed any time before, during, or after the game. They can be placed on virtually any aspect of a game.

What are the most popular Super Bowl bets?

How many Super Bowl prop bets are there?

From the more traditional props, such as QB passing yards, to the more outlandish postgame Super Bowl 57 prop bets, like the color of the coach’s Gatorade shower, there are hundreds of potential Super Bowl Prop Bets.

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