What is Casino Etiquette | How to Behave at the Casino Table

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What is Casino Etiquette | How to Behave at the Casino Table

In the world of gambling, proper conduct and respect for others are essential for creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Casino etiquette encompasses many things, from maintaining a calm demeanor to treating fellow players and staff with courtesy and respect.

The Importance of Proper Casino Etiquette

Although you might think that casinos are places where anything goes, that’s not quite true. In fact, casinos have a set of unwritten rules that experienced gamblers should know. Because there’s usually a large amount of money in circulation at every casino table, a specific gambling etiquette needs to be followed if you want to fit in.

The popularity of online casinos has made players forget player etiquette. Therefore, following the tips below helps to ensure fair play, minimize conflicts, and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. And let’s be honest—you don’t want to be that person that makes everyone roll their eyes.

Key Elements of Casino Etiquette

There are tips you should follow to avoid awkward interactions. The next section focuses on the things you should do when playing any of the table games at a casino.

Dress Code

Different casinos have different casino rules when it comes to dress codes, so it’s essential to check that on time. Most casinos have more relaxed rules during the daytime, as many of them have pools you can enjoy if it’s sunny outside.

However, the nighttime is when you should be careful. It’s common knowledge that you should dress up, not down, for a night of exciting gambling, and casinos sometimes enforce this rule. Therefore, you should always ask a casino representative if your outfit is appropriate to avoid unpleasantries.

Smoking and Drinking

There’s nothing better than drinking scotch and smoking a cigarette while sitting at the table and waiting for the next card. Even though smoking is allowed in most casinos, you should think about other players. It’s best to ask everyone at the table if it’s okay to smoke. More often than not, you’ll get a positive answer.

When it comes to alcohol, don’t overdo it. Casinos might react if you cross the line. Even though most players enjoy a glass or two, nobody likes to sit next to a drunk person. The best thing is to be responsible and drink in moderation.

Know the Game

Even though millions of tourists visit Las Vegas and other cities known for gambling and nightlife, many of them are new to casino games. That’s why sitting at the table with someone who plays poker for the first time can be frustrating. Therefore, you need to be prepared if you plan on participating in any game.

Knowing the betting and gambling rules will ensure a smooth experience for everybody at the table. If you’re unsure of something, you can ask the dealer for help in between the rounds. Furthermore, if you know how to play a specific game, it’s more likely to win the game.

Respect and Tip the Dealer

The dealer is the person who ensures you have a good time. That’s why it’s vital to be nice to them and treat them with respect. Remember that the dealer is an employee at a casino, and any misunderstanding could lead to you being kicked out. In addition, knowing the principles of casino tipping etiquette is a good way to contribute to the overall atmosphere.

Manage Your Emotions

You need to keep in mind that players often lose at casino games, so it’s important to stay humble. If you happen to win, celebrate accordingly without angering anyone. On the other hand, don’t get mad when things don’t go your way. The wheel of fortune is always turning, and you shouldn’t be rude if you’re on a losing streak.

If you have difficulty controlling your emotions, a good tactic is to leave the table and come back once you’ve calmed down. Keeping your emotions in check is a sure way to maintain a positive atmosphere for everyone at the table.

Know Hand Signals

In card games like blackjack or poker, verbal communication is limited. Hand signals serve as a universal language understood by both players and dealers. By using hand signals, players can clearly indicate their intentions and decisions, ensuring there are no misunderstandings or mistakes.

Furthermore, using hand signals shows that you respect the protocol and casino blackjack etiquette. As a result, the gambling experience will be pleasant and smooth for everyone.

What Not to Do at the Casino Table

Now that you know how to behave at a casino, it’s time to discuss what not to do. Avoiding the following behaviors will keep you out of trouble, and you’ll be a person other people want to be around.

Don’t Invade Someone’s Personal Space

It’s crucial to be mindful of the physical boundaries at a casino. Each player deserves personal space to feel comfortable. If you keep invading other players’ privacy, they might think you’re trying to see their cards, which could result in you being banned from the casino.

Don’t Touch Other Players’ Chips

This is probably the worst mistake you can make at a land-based casino. You shouldn’t touch other players’ chips under any circumstances. Generally speaking, only the dealer can touch players’ chips.

Don’t Get Drunk

We’ve already touched on this earlier in the article, but it’s not advisable to get drunk while playing at a casino. While it might be fun for you, it might not be so enjoyable for the people around you. When you’re drunk, it’s harder to keep your emotions in check, so you might be overly happy or angry, depending on the situation. Therefore, it’s best to limit yourself to a couple of drinks before you ruin everybody’s night.

Don’t Use Your Phone

This is one of the most important unspoken rules of playing at a casino. It’s considered rude to use your phone while you’re at the table, as it slows down the game for other players if the dealer has to remind you it’s your turn. Furthermore, you can get in trouble if you use your phone too much.

One thing about casinos is that you’re always being watched. Therefore, casino staff might suspect that you’re using your phone to cheat the game. There are even apps that help with counting cards or predicting where the ball will land in roulette. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to avoid looking at your phone while playing.


Understanding and adhering to proper casino etiquette is essential for a positive and enjoyable gaming experience. By following the unwritten rules and guidelines, players can demonstrate a winning attitude and earn respect at the casino table. Proper casino poker etiquette involves maintaining a respectful distance, refraining from touching other players’ chips and treating dealers with respect.

It also includes managing emotions, knowing hand signals, and refraining from excessive alcohol consumption. Furthermore, players shouldn’t use their phones at the table to avoid any suspicion of cheating and stay focused on the game. By embracing proper player etiquette, individuals contribute to a pleasant atmosphere for everyone involved.


What are the casino guidelines on smoking?

Generally, casinos allow smoking inside. However, you should ask people around you if they are okay with you smoking before you do.

Should you tip your dealer?

Yes, It’s common and desirable to tip your dealer.

Is casino etiquette the same in all casinos?

Most of the general rules described are applicable to all casinos. However, some of them might differ in certain policies, such as a dress code.

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