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Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid

About Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid

CoinsPaid is a leader in crypto payment services for the iGaming industry. It helps 500+ online casinos and betting sites accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with more than 1B turnover in 2020. CoinsPaid is the whole ecosystem of services like crypto processing under the brand, OTC desk & exchange, business wallet, B2C wallet with own B2C users interested in gambling, and white label solution. Moreover, we are constantly improving our approach in delivering the best-personalized services to our clients. Why, the flagship product brand of the CoinsPaid ecosystem, specialises in providing crypto payment solutions for the B2B industry. With extensive experience in iGaming, possesses in-depth knowledge of the associated legislation and ensures businesses can accept cryptocurrencies legally.  With a track record and trust in the field, offers a reliable and secure payment solution. Merchants benefit from reduced processing costs, improved checkout experience, and top-notch security of transactions.  The collaborative approach and commitment to shared results make a valuable partner for businesses seeking seamless cryptocurrency acceptance and industry-specific expertise. WITH CRYPTOPROCESSING BY COINSPAID MERCHANTS RECEIVE:
  • EU-licenced crypto provider effectively tackles the growing challenges of fraud and money laundering in the B2B industry. As an EU-licensed entity, it ensures full compliance with necessary requirements, enabling businesses to navigate these challenges and contribute to a safer financial environment.
  • The utmost security
This is achieved through industry-leading encryption practices and regular security audits. Own blockchain nodes enable faster transactions, improved scalability, and enhanced stability. By integrating 2 risk-scoring systems, detects suspicious transactions and combats illegal activities. 
  • Multi-asset support
The platform supports over 20 top cryptocurrencies along with 40+ fiat currencies. This allows merchants to swiftly convert crypto info fiat with further withdrawal to directly to a bank account. By collaborating with liquidity providers, ensures competitive exchange rates and fast transaction execution. 
  • Improved transaction speed
The platform attains this by utilising its own blockchain nodes. Moreover, the partnership with GAP 600 offers rapid transaction confirmation, while eliminating the need for multiple confirmations and reducing the risk of double spending.
  • Global expansion opportunities
Merchants can optimize costs and improve the checkout experience simultaneously. By being able to accept crypto payments from anywhere in the world, companies can expand their global presence and connect with new users.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that offer valuable insights into customer behavior, payment trends, and other relevant data. This information empowers merchants to make informed decisions, optimise their strategies, and drive growth.