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About Syncspider

Freshworks offers a comprehensive CRM solution for commercial businesses with its Freshworks software suite. The company offers five products to users:

  • Customer support (opens in a new tab)
  • Sales (opens in a new tab)
  • Marketing (opens in a new tab)
  • HR (opens in a new tab)
  • IT (opens in a new tab)
Its features are sufficient to satisfy the needs of a solopreneur or small business on a tight budget. In addition, Freshworks has a swift setup time of around 48 hours. Competitor products, however, can take weeks or months to set up. Compared to competitors, Freshworks has a much smaller range of customization options than its competitors. As a result, users might sometimes have to make UI changes or create specific custom fields, especially in larger organizations.

Although Freshworks offers only a limited amount of customization, it's a well-rounded software suite for users in small to medium-sized businesses.

What Products Does Freshworks Provide?

Freshworks offers five different products, each of which has four price levels based on your needs and organization. The products support specific business needs, such as customer service, sales, marketing, human resource management, or information technology management.


Customer service across all channels is the focus of Freshdesk. All customer inquiries convert into one inbox from all channels, where they can be answered using its ticketing system. Ticket processing is automated and forwarded to the relevant agent, and depending on the type, tickets can be prioritized or not.


Using Freshsales as a CRM, users can maximize their sales teams' effectiveness. In addition to a visual sales pipeline, it's equipped with a system that automatically prioritizes and qualifies leads based on criteria. Moreover, it comes with configurable automation settings so that repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails to clients, can be automated.


The Freshmarketer CRM is a tool that helps to streamline and automate marketing activities. Using Freshmarketer, it's possible to:

  • Run email marketing campaigns
  • Optimize websites for maximum conversions
  • Communicate directly with customers via email and live chat


The Freshworks IT support CRM is known as Freshservice. In a nutshell, it's a CRM for optimizing support tickets, similar to Freshdesk. Its basic features are aggregating inquiries from multiple channels into one ticket inbox. In contrast, it's ITIL compliant, which means it's suitable for IT support, unlike Freshdesk, which is not. In addition, IT-specific functions can be added, such as incident management handling, change, problem, release management, and asset management, can also be added.


With Freshteam, users can create a paperless onboarding process, automate repetitive tasks such as resume screening, follow-up emails, and monitor employee time off with a system that tracks employee vacation time. Moreover, it can also aggregate information about employees into a single employee database. The CRM system is an easy-to-use interface for employees that enables them to request time off, browse internal job openings, and easily connect with other organization members within the system.

Awards Won:

  • 1. Freshdesk won two awards:
  • Best Software Product
  • Best Collaboration & Productivity Product
  • 2. Freshservice won the award for the Best IT Management Product
  • 3. Freshsales won the award for the best Sales Product
  • 4. Freshdesk Messaging won the award for the Best Analytics & AI Product
  • 5. Freshping won the award for the Best Software Product
  • 6. Freshteam won two awards:
  • Best Software Product
  • HR Product
  • 7. Freshstatus won two awards for the Best IT Management Product
  • Best Mid-Market Product