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TaDa Gaming’s Medusa has masterfully incorporated myth into gameplay. Each symbol and background element is crafted to immerse you in the world of Greek mythology, with Medusa herself making a striking appearance. We were particularly impressed by the features, providing unexpected twists and turns we look for in a slot game. The modified paytable, offering bigger winnings than typical slots is something you don’t come across often. 

Medusa Exudes Antiquity Eloquently

The game’s palette is a harmonious blend of dark, mysterious tones and vibrant colors, creating an intriguing and captivating visual experience. We were excited to see that the graphics are exceptionally detailed, with symbols that showcase the richness of Greek mythology. Each icon is crafted with precision, adding depth and character to the reels. The animations in this game burst into life with every win.

This effect is even more pronounced during bonus rounds, where animations truly pop. When you collect the Medusa symbols, you get to see her appearance transform. The final touch is the music that accompanies you with uplifting beats. 

The Fundamentals of Spinning Reels in Medusa 

The Medusa slot game is not just about its stunning visuals and thematic depth; it’s equally impressive when it comes to game mechanics, offering players a wide range of betting options and opportunities for winning. 

The game accommodates all types of players, from casual enthusiasts to high rollers. The minimum bet starts at 0.1, making it ideal for those who prefer to play it safe or are new to online slots. The game also caters to those looking for high stakes, offering a maximum bet of 100. 

You’ll find an impressive 243 paylines, providing a multitude of ways to win. This extensive number of paylines significantly increases the chances of landing a winning combination on any given spin. Furthermore, during free rounds, the opportunities for winning are amplified.

Another critical aspect of the Medusa slot game is its low to medium volatility, which means that players can expect to win more frequently, although the wins might be on the modest side. We were able to get winning combinations more frequently than usual, which was quite enjoyable.  

Finally, we were pleased to see that the return to player (RTP) percentage is an impressive 97%. This high RTP rate indicates the game’s generosity, suggesting that players have a better chance of winning back a portion of their bets over time.

How to Play the Medusa Slot Game 

Medusa is one of the few games that offer more complex and less predictable gameplay, which is perfect for thrill-seekers. The basic idea stays the same—get three or more symbols of the same kind on one of the 243 paylines to receive winnings. However, with its special features like extra bet and bonus rounds, the payout becomes a bit more tricky to calculate. Certain symbols have special amounts waiting for you if the extra bet feature is on. Since we will discuss the special features in the following section, let’s focus on the basic paytable below: 

3 4 5
Queens, aces, and kings 0.05x 0.1x 0.2x
Potions 0.15x 0.3x 1x
Medusa emblems 0.1x 0.2x 0.4x
Special Medusa emblems 0.2x 0.4x 1.5x
Pegasus 0.1x 0.2x 0.4x
Special pegasus 0.3x 0.6x 2x
Warriors 0.1x 0.2x 0.4x
Special warriors 0.4x 0.8x 2.5x
Medusas 0.1x 0.2x 0.4x
Special Medusas 0.5x 1x 3x

Unique Extra Features in Medusa

You’ll quickly notice that special features in this slot differ quite a bit from other slot machines online. It’s the sheer multitude of features, including free spins, multipliers, and special rounds, that make it stand out. We are amazed by how detailed the bonus rounds are, as they have multiple mechanics to look out for. That’s why we’ll break it down for you and help you understand all the nuances of the bonus round. 

Bonus Rounds

When you land six or more red gems anywhere on the reels, the bonus rounds begin. These gems aren’t just ordinary symbols because each bears a number representing its value, unlocking the door to two choices—step-by-step or free spin.

Opting for the step-by-step bonus offers six free spins. During these spins, the reels will only display gems or the red Medusa symbol. The game introduces a trio of gem colors, each with unique properties:

  • Green gems: Their value equals the total winnings of all red gems at the time they appear.
  • Yellow gems: These carry a number equal to the sum of all other gems present on the reels.
  • Red Medusa symbol: This elusive symbol adds a random number to the total winnings value of other gems.

An exciting element in the step-by-step option is the +1 free spin symbol, granting an additional spin. The ultimate goal? Cover all 15 reel spots with symbols, which doubles the total winning number.

The free spin option offers a more traditional route with eight free spins. In this mode, lower-value symbols, such as queens, kings, aces, and gems, are absent. The red Medusa symbol plays a pivotal role, providing a scatter win point, an extra spin, and remaining on the reels. Accumulating at least eight red Medusas doubles your total winnings at the end.

Extra Bet

Located in the bottom left corner, the extra bet feature elevates the game. Activating it replaces higher-paying symbols with special versions, increasing potential winnings. Be careful, though; your bet size increases by 50%. Also, this feature grants two additional free spins in bonus rounds.


Wild symbols, essential in the base game, improve your chances of winning without entering the bonus rounds. They can substitute for any other symbol in a payline, except the gems, playing a crucial role in forming winning combinations during the base game.

If you’re still confused by how these special features work, we recommend trying the Medusa slot demo. That way, you’ll be prepared to play for real money.

Medusa Slot Breaks the Mold 

Medusa is a rare gem at real money casinos, offering a unique and compelling experience that goes beyond the standard slot format. Its intricate design, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the sheer number of special features set it apart from other slots. Whether you’re a fan of Greek mythology or simply looking for a game with a twist, Medusa is sure to captivate and entertain.