Adsterra offers up to $500 cashback for ad campaigns during its sports marathon

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Adsterra offers up to $500 cashback for ad campaigns during its sports marathon

Adsterra, a leading player in the digital advertising space, is making waves with its Sports Marathon initiative. This exciting event offers advertisers the opportunity to earn up to $500 cashback on their ad campaigns, adding an extra incentive to participate in the ongoing sports season.

The Adsterra Sports Marathon is open to all advertisers, both new and existing, and runs from 10 February to 10 March, 2024. The initiative is designed to encourage advertisers to tap into the potential of key markets including the USA, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, India, and South Africa.

Advertisers can choose to run their campaigns using either the Cost Per Mille (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing models, with prepayment required. Adsterra suggests that the best verticals to advertise during this period are iGaming, VPN, Utility, and Subscriptions, although advertisers are free to experiment with any other offers they believe will be successful.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, Adsterra advises advertisers to carefully study the sports events calendar and select the most captivating championships, matches, or competitions. By aligning their campaigns with these high-profile events, advertisers can attract fresh traffic and increase the visibility of their ads.

Participation in the Adsterra Sports Marathon requires registration. Only registered campaigns will be eligible for tracking and potential cashback rewards. This ensures that all participants have an equal opportunity to benefit from this unique initiative.


The official Adsterra blog offers practical tips for promoting CPA offers, monetizing a website, and enhancing traffic monetization with high-paying ads. The blog also provides updates on new ad formats, platform features, and advances in payment options.

Adsterra Sports Marathon presents a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to boost their campaigns, reach new audiences, and potentially earn significant cashback rewards. Don’t miss out on this exciting event – register today and take your advertising efforts to the next level.

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