AffPapa unveils new collaboration with P4P.Partners

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AffPapa unveils new collaboration with P4P.Partners

AffPapa is delighted to expand its operator directory with P4P.Partners, a people-oriented affiliate programme.

Boasting a team with more than a decade of experience in the evolving gambling sector, P4P.Partners is a leading affiliate programme. The company prides itself on its people-oriented nature, through which it strives to provide its affiliate partners with a set of standout offers and growth opportunities.

The affiliate programme represents two top-notch gambling brands, Spades Queen and One Dun, both of which provide their rapidly growing audiences with a set of leading experiences. This enables P4P.Partners to offer its affiliate partners a set of standout conversion and retention rates, making the firm an excellent partner for lots of affiliates.

Cernisovs Sergejs, Chief Executive Officer at P4P.Partners, stated:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with AffPapa, marking the beginning of an exciting and promising collaboration. AffPapa’s exceptional platform, which brings together operators and affiliates, holds tremendous potential to enhance our innovative brands and elevate experiences. This partnership represents a significant stride forward for P4P.Partners, as we aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships and achieve substantial success in the industry. We eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes that will arise from our collaboration with AffPapa.”

AffPapa’s Head of Commercials, Yeva Avagyan, said:

“As we seek to continually expand our directory with industry-leading firms, we are excited to announce our latest collaboration with P4P.Partners. Boasting a people-centric approach that differentiates them from the competition, P4P.Partners will be able to provide our affiliates with standout offers and solidify its leading position in the sector.”

This partnership between AffPapa and P4P.Partners will provide a set of exciting expansion opportunities for AffPapa’s registered affiliates, through which they can elevate their businesses and establish themselves as leaders in the sector. Make sure to register to take advantage of these opportunities.

— About AffPapa —

AffPapa is the ultimate iGaming directory connecting affiliates and operators for a fruitful partnership. With built-in features and services designed to help both parties navigate through the world of iGaming, AffPapa provides its partners with all the necessary content to deliver strong market performance, and boost overall brand recognition – all with the purpose of ending up on the winning path. The directory currently boasts over 1300 affiliates and 250+ top-tier operators. With the sole focus of connecting the industry, AffPapa also hosts AffPapa iGaming Awards and iGaming Club series of networking events. 

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