Amusnet’s Type S slot cabinets series to enter Asia following a world premiere in February 

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Amusnet’s Type S slot cabinets series to enter Asia following a world premiere in February 

The renowned international gaming provider Amusnet reached a significant milestone in its pursuit of gaming excellence. After developing a vast portfolio of 260+ casino games, available in 1500+ websites in 31 markets, the company entered a new casino vertical with the release of Type S slot cabinet series.  

This strategic development is a testament to innovation and growth, allowing the provider to offer a full range of gaming products and services, targeting a wider audience. The shift was followed by the new company slogan: “We Master Gaming” which amplifies the high level of expertise and solidifies its leading role in gaming globally.  

Cutting-edge slot cabinet design 

The Type S slot cabinet series is a unique offering of Amusnet, developed entirely in-house by a team of more than 100 professionals. It adheres to the highest standards of the global Land-based casino sector, ensuring a premium quality and exceptional gaming experience.  

The series, currently available in three variations – Type S 27, Type S 32, and Type S 50F – is powered by Amuser Plus, the company’s proprietary hardware platform. The Type S 27 and Type S 32 slot cabinets feature Full HD displays, while the Type S 50F cabinets are equipped with a high-quality 4K 50″ display. The entire product series boasts smart, dynamic LED lights, as well as a high-quality surround sound system.  

Award-winning game titles and special features 

In addition to the technical excellence mirrored by the specification of the Type S cabinets’ hardware and software solutions, the new product line features Amusnet’s award-winning titles, including 20 Golden Coins, Extra Crown, Fruits & Gold, and Cocktail Rush. The company’s well-known four-level bonus game, Jackpot Cards, is also available on its first-ever slot cabinets, along with the rest of the special features offered in Amusnet’s games, such as Free Spins, Buy Bonus, Pick Me Bonus, Symbol Upgrade, etc.  

Future expansion plans 

Amusnet has revealed plans to gradually incorporate its entire in-house portfolio of 260+ games into its Land-based slot cabinets, aiming to reach a broad audience of players worldwide and provide them with an exceptional gaming experience.  

The Head of Land-based Business Development at Amusnet, Borislav Marinov, has revealed that the sales of the Type S slot cabinets are scheduled to start in the summer of 2024. Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, and Serbia will be the first markets to be targeted, followed by Latin America and Asia. Mr Marinov comments: “The goal for 2024 regarding our Land-based vertical is to get our new products certified. Then, we plan to expand the slot cabinet line with a new model – a 50-inch curved screen version of the current model. We are also simultaneously working on other projects regarding different types of products.” 

About Amusnet 

Amusnet is a leading provider recognised for offering the best-performing products and innovative solutions in gaming globally. With over 260+ captivating slots, engaging table games, and an immersive Live Casino studio, our company drives sign-ups and revenue for 800+ operators and 1500+ websites in 31 markets. The latest addition to our diverse portfolio is the launch of our premium Land-based vertical in February 2024. Our team consists of 750+ industry professionals, and we continue to broaden our network of offices as we grow. 

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