An insider’s look into the B2B space with SOFTSWISS’s Yauheniya Matsiuk

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In an interview with SiGMA, SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator B2B Customer Support Team Lead Yauheniya Matsiuk, spoke to us about the firm’s work in the B2B space.

SiGMA: You have a lot of experience in support: before SOFTSWISS, you worked at Biglion and YandexGo. Could you please tell us about your career path and how you ended up at SOFTSWISS?

I started my career with Biglion where I learned the basic principles of support service and got my first experience in this area. After that, I joined YandexGo as a support specialist and worked with VIP clients. There I explored the structure of work more deeply and the peculiarities of communicating with clients. Over time I took on additional responsibilities such as working with the staff and improving the quality of service on projects with premium traffic.

Thanks to this, my work was noticed, and I was offered to be the head of a new team responsible for supporting functional tariff users. The team was only just appearing, so I had to work hard to build a working system. As a result, just six months later, I moved to the head of the content team, where I managed all the support service teams. And three months later, I was in charge of international support (Africa, Asia, and Europe).

After two years on the job, I realised that I would like to move forward. This desire led me to SOFTSWISS. I benefited greatly from the skills and experience I have gained over the years working with people at different levels and positions. Now I supervise a team of 26 people, which has grown significantly over the past year.

SiGMA: What is B2B customer support at the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator? How is its work organised?

The B2B Support and Operation team has grown more than eightfold since March 2020. To speed up the workflow without losing quality, we split it into four teams. The Customer Support Team takes care of customer issues that arise in the game process (such as checking the player for fraud, game problems, bugs, etc.). The Game Aggregator Setup Team is responsible for enabling new games for casinos. This team collects the necessary documentation, communicates with the game providers and makes technical changes. The Game Release Team adds games to our system on the fly, so customers can always get the latest content from our partners! And finally, the Game Aggregator Partner Portal (GAPP) is the newest part of our team, which is just gaining momentum. Its main task is to always be in touch with our partners – the game providers.

SiGMA: What is the B2B Customer Support Team Lead at the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator responsible for?

Our team started with three people. My task was to build a training system and work as quickly and efficiently as possible. In just the first month, we had an initial training plan for newbies and improved handling rates. Now, this system has been brought almost to an ideal state. Thanks to our clearly defined algorithms, continuous training of employees and shift schedules, our clients know that they can count on our help 24/7. My task is to adapt our algorithms to the constantly changing circumstances, without losing quality and speed.

SiGMA: What problems do clients most often address you with?

Most often, they ask us to check the result of the round. Since the back office launched, SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator clients can now check this on their own, but they still need to contact us if they need more details about the game round. Most often clients request to check the outcome of the game round due to problems with the internet connection. In this case, the game session can be interrupted and the result of the round is unknown for the player or the casino. The second most frequent request has to do with game-related bugs that can impede game launch or interfere with gameplay.

SiGMA: How long does it usually take from a support request to a full resolution? What does this process look like within the team?

It is not always possible to solve the issue on our side. Quite often, we need help from partners or colleagues outside the team. In this case, it may take longer to resolve the issue. Right now, the average amount of time from request to resolution is 16 hours. However, we are constantly working to reduce the waiting time and provide our clients with the fastest support! Therefore, each new request is processed in no more than 40 minutes. This is the time frame in which we see the request from the client and deal with it. If we can answer the client’s question ourselves, it is during this time that the issue is resolved. Our 24-hour support allows us to do this at any time of the day or night.

SiGMA: Have you ever encountered unsolvable issues?

Not unsolvable, but, of course, sometimes there are complex technical problems that require the involvement of several teams, for example, when we need the help of software developers. However, we often deal with situations that we can handle ourselves. In this matter, we rely on clear instructions, a well-developed knowledge base and a training system. We always do our best to constantly improve our employees’ competence to help our clients with their questions as quickly as possible.

SiGMA: Share your plans for the future. What direction will the Game Aggregator’s B2B support go in?

Over the past year, our team has grown considerably. This has required a process revision and a high degree of organisation. Our goal now is to maintain the level of service we’ve achieved so far without stopping in our development.

First, we strive to improve the support service level: reduce the number of errors, speed up their resolution, etc. Of course, we will grow in quantity as well, because the workload is growing and we have to expand our staff to cope with it promptly. Our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality service, which would satisfy their needs even before they arise. We will do our best to achieve this goal.

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