Denmark announces surge in gross gaming revenue for online and land based casinos

Lea Hogg 1 month ago
Denmark announces surge in gross gaming revenue for online and land based casinos

In February 2024, Denmark’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) saw a significant increase, reaching DKK 587 million ($83.7 million), marking an 18 percent rise from the previous year and a 7 percent increase from the preceding month. This surge in revenue is a positive sign for the Danish gambling industry, which had seen a decline in total gambling expenditure for two consecutive years.

Online casinos played a substantial role in this growth, accounting for 47 percent of the GGR at DKK 278 million, reflecting a 19 percent annual increase. Slot games dominated the online casino GGR, contributing 77 percent, followed by roulette and blackjack, each accounting for 7 percent, and bingo at 3 percent.

Sports betting also saw a significant increase, rising by 33 percent to DKK 178 million. Interestingly, the majority of wagers were placed on mobile devices, accounting for 70 percent of all bets. This shift towards mobile betting highlights the growing trend of on-the-go gambling, with only 14 percent of bets placed on PCs and 16 percent at land-based retail outlets.

The most popular day for sports betting was Saturday, while Thursday saw the highest value of online casino play, almost double that of other days.

Land-Based Casinos: Steady Growth

Land-based casinos also experienced growth, with the GGR increasing by 7 percent to DKK 32 million, translating to an average daily GGR of DKK 1.1 million. This steady growth indicates a continued interest in traditional casino gaming, despite the rise of online platforms.

In February alone, a total of 62 StopSpillet (StopGambling) conversations were held, with players making up 42 percent of these and 55 percent involving relatives. This highlights the importance of accessible responsible gaming charities and organizations, especially considering that 13 percent of players facing gambling-related harm reported having both debt and payday loans.

Interestingly, 71 percent of the relatives who reached out to StopSpillet were women, and 39 percent were partners, indicating the wider social impact of gambling-related issues.

With the recent upturn in GGR and the shift in betting habits, it seems the Danish gambling industry might be on the verge of a turnaround. However, the importance of responsible gaming measures remains paramount to ensure a sustainable and healthy gambling environment. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these trends develop in the coming months.

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