From Barcelona to Latin America: Alea’s journey of growth and innovation in 2023  

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From Barcelona to Latin America: Alea’s journey of growth and innovation in 2023  

2023 marked an exceptional year for Alea, a company that has seen significant growth and recognition within the online Gaming industry. Alexandre Tomic, the co-founder and CEO, drew attention to the company’s Latin culture, which has been instrumental in its successful development in Latin America. This cultural affinity, particularly the Spanish roots, has played a crucial role in establishing strong connections and partnerships in regions like Miami, Rio De Janeiro, and Mexico.  

“Quite frequently, customers approach us after experiencing a security breach. This imposes a massive liability on them and reflects a significant shift currently taking place in the industry.”

Alexandre Tomic, Co-Founder and CEO

Alexandre Tomic (pictured above), highlighted Alea’s evolution from a mere reseller of software to a vital technological partner. The company now provides secure APIs and aids in reverse integration, showcasing a strategic shift towards offering more comprehensive solutions to their customers. This move resonates well not only with operators but also with software providers who seek to focus on their core expertise in gaming rather than handling complex APIs and server-related tasks.  

Because of the specialties required in creating strong and reliable API integration, Alea is being contacted by an increasing number of software providers that ask to integrate Alea’s API. For these providers, integrating Alea’s API indicates to operators that the API is secure and can avoid breaches that could be exploited by hackers.  

Use of strong and reliable APIs

The increasing awareness among software providers regarding the importance of reliable APIs, as well as the potential consequences of security breaches, signifies a broader trend within the industry. Alexandre Tomic explained that “gambling is an industry where money is frequently paid out. It demands robust, reliable, and secure API integrations”. Therefore APIs need to be more secure, reliable and solid. He added that Alea, with its strategic positioning, appears poised to meet these crucial needs and capitalize on this trend.

Overall, Alexandre Tomic’s narrative reflects a dynamic and proactive approach to adaptation and growth within the gaming industry. Alea, under his leadership, is leveraging cultural affinity, technological expertise, and strategic partnerships to drive success in an evolving industry. 

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